The Iples Halloween Photoshoot

The Characters...

Lee is like a father to the smaller dolls and bjd's.

Or he is like an uncle....just becasue of his size.

He is definitely like a partner to Asa, the only other bjd giant in Dolltown. 

Although if another pretty giant arrived, who knows?

Asa is like a mother to the bjds, especially Spiro and Silver. And Airus.

And the dollies in Dolltown love her and are looking forward to an invite again to her special Dolltown Abbey golden room with the circle window. The special tea she serves makes them feel so warm, and good.

Daniel and Violet look like brother and sister. That's what happens with dolls. What look like family resemblances are really factory resemblances.

Get a bjd in Normal Skin, painted by the same hands, and suddenly you get family portraits when there is really no familial relationship.

How can there be? They are dolls!

But for our purposes the Iples are like a family...even Jack, whose story has been told here in the pages of Hiya Dolly.

You can see him here, on the left, in a dark cape.

Made in another factory, in another country, but adopted as one of their own....

Get ready!

Tania, Cordelia and Boris are not in the photoshoot, although officially Iples. Because they are from different tribes they didn't participate in the "family" portrait. 

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