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Piano Time...Vikka in the Schoolroom!

Vikka slips into the schoolroom between classes....

Nobody knows that she is an accomplished piano player, except Chantal, who has caught her playing before.

Chantal is hoping they can play a duet some day.


The Children at School...

The children came in waves...

While the Little Darlings were off on a fieldtrip, these girls gathered for a lesson!

The younger girls had a Math class, with an abacus and other manipulatives.

What a variety of dolls!

A Heartstrings, a Fancy Nancy, a Helen Kish, a Tiny Shawl Dancer, a Berenguer, and a Heidi Plusczok...

Then a Tonner Linda McCall, a Berdine Creedy, and a Tonner Patsy!

All is well until the Trio of Cuties arrive, beginning with Vera wiping off the Math class slogan and printing the word "fun".

Hey, good printing for a young learner.

But Vera! Get down from that chair!

Hearing a commotion in the classroom, Priscilla came in to check what was going on.

The little ones spilled the blocks and covered her with clothes peg counters...

Priscilla took charge and demanded a clean up!

"Smarten Up!", I think she said to them...

Uley and Bobby arrived, very late, and sent the girls off to their next lesson...

And their buddies returned to tell them what they had missed in Math class.

"Isn't it recess yet?", the boys asked.


The Boys Show Up at School, Finally!

Well, the girls have already had several classes in the Schoolroom.


The boys have been out on separate fieldtrips...

(There is no gender divide here in Dolltown.

But there are natural differences that we notice we are catering to.


Just like when I put lego and blocks in front of my own girls as babies and toddlers. And gave dolls and stuffies to our boy...

My kids just crawled across the room and settled in to the other toys. And our boy asked for Tonka trucks and Transformers. And our girls asked for Barbies and Little Ponies. (Well, and Shera!)


But since I have ended up with adult kids who cross easily across traditional gender lines in a way I am personally proud of as a natural feminist (equal is equal) I fall comfortably into boy/girl divides when these dolls come out... It's fun.

And we have lots of variety in our dollies and stories!)

Now the boys are getting busy with the counting blocks, chalk and books!

No sign of a teacher in sight!

We believe in self discovery here in Dolltown. And personal discipline.

These kids keep each other in line. Hahahahaha


And then Chantal and Xennia on the Fall Path

Xennia was lingering on the Fall Path, visiting with Big Frog and the little duck.

After Chantal returned from her Fall Day outing with Jiyoon, she joined Xennia.


After their meet-up, Chantal walked Xennia to the Dolltown Daycare to spend time with the little ones.

Chantal then headed to the Schoolroom. She's heard the boys are there. Maybe her good friend Douglas will be there!



Awww, so sweet! Dolls supporting each other...

Well, Jiyoon was pretty sad when Maggie left for London with Tasya. Maggie and Jiyoon have been hanging out for months. 


After Maggie left, BFF's Chantal and Faith decided to take her out for an afternoon in the autumn sun. 

The three hopped into the car when I headed over to Jackie's.


They spent time on the deck, balancing courageously on the ledge. I did my best to take a few photos without freaking out.

(The 4 inch ledge meant there was a high possibility of face plants to the deck floor. But even more frightening was the drop on the other side to a rocky cliff angling down to the river.)


But the stability of these girls, and the lightning reflexes I have developed, meant the girls got their photos taken with this beautiful background on this sunny fall day...


Now in that last photo, the girls are secured in a metal stand with three circles that Aunt Jackie brought out when she saw these girls balancing on the ledge...


 Thanks, Auntie Jackie! 


In this photo, you can see the ledge the girls were on in the background (and it's not the first time the Little Darlings have had photos here...)



Maggie is off to the UK!

Our Little Darling, Maggie is off to London, England. 

She is going for an extended stay with daughter, Tasya.


It was a sudden decision. 

We barely had time to find her extra clothes and a soft silk scarf to wrap up in.


After her Dolltown goodbyes, she was tucked away in a rolling bag and the two flew off, on their way to Vancouver Island for Thanksgiving with family before heading to Tasya's London home.

I learned the next day Maggie's bag had missed a connection and she spent the night on her own.


Tasya was stressed, knowing Maggie was by herself in a strange city and they wouldn't be united for a day.


I understand Maggie actually said, "Chill, Tasya! I'll see you tomorrow. But first,  a little Vancouver sightseeing without you."


Where would a doll go, I wonder?

We won't know until she Skypes...

Dianna Effner Little Darling Maggie, Geri Uribe's Abigail
 Dianna Effner Little Darling Maggie, Geri Uribe's Abigail

Once again (shades of Lula persuading Lani) it took a little effort to convince Tasya.

But Maggie is a smart little thing, and dressed just like Tasya, wearing flats, carrying a rope for climbing, and tying her hair in a top knot (which Tasya does when she gets serious about something).

Tasya talked to Maggie about what she might face if she moved to London for a while.

Do you have climbing walls? Maggie asked slyly, knowing Tasya teaches climbing.

Done deal. Pack a bag! Throw in the rope!


Then, it was time to say goodbye.

First, Miley and Lula.

Lula has just returned from spending months with daughter, Lani, in Melbourne, Australia.

Lula gave Maggie out for spiders, get under a light cloth when it gets hot, windy, and too sunny.

And ask for some babies from the Salvation Army store if you get lonely.

Thanks, Maggie said. 

Next Maggie said goodbye to the girls in the Schoolroom.

The girls had mixed feelings...excitement, curiosity, sadness.


"You are so lucky!" "Yes, I can't wait."

"Where will you go to school?" "Home schooled!"

"You'll get to have lots of fish and chips!" "Yes, and bangers and mash!"

(Uh about fresh tomatoes and balsamic vinegar, Maggie?)

"When will you be home, Maggie?" "Maybe not til next summer!"

"Ohhh Maggie! We will miss you!" "I will Skype..."

Of course, Maggie said goodbye to her BFF Jiyoon before leaving for the months long trip...

Jiyoon was excited for Maggie. She has done a little traveling herself and thinks it's a good thing.

She said to Maggie... it gives you more ideas and insight into how other dolls live around the world,

and fosters open mindedness, which is a good thing.

Well, I had actually just said that to Jiyoon before Maggie came to see her.

Because she was crying about Maggie leaving.

My little monologue almost cheered her right up, so she was able to say, "Go ahead!" and mean it.

Our beloved little Maggie. 

An independent spirit.

I think the promise of living with a cat was enticing. Even after she was told it was...a skittish cat, with claws.

Maggie might look so sweet, but she has an independent and courageous spirit.

And she thinks she is smart enough to outwit a mere cat. And she thinks she can climb faster.

Okay, I am going to quit thinking about all that for a while.

I've heard stories about Tasya's cat in her London flat.

This will be one time I advise an aunty it's okay to keep a Little Darling in a drawer...

(But take her out every day for a chat, and a hug! )



Tink, Xennia and Big Frog, on the Fall Path

Well, go figure!

Tink and Xennia spent lots of their summer hunting for frogs.

It became a bit of a thing...

Dolltown has creeks, meadows, lakesides.

No frogs.

And then, just when they were distracted by school start, look what (or who) showed up on the Fall Path !

The girls were heading home after their first day of school...


Tink said, "I love frogs!"

Xennia said, "I didn't know frogs were so big!"

Big Frog said, "I think I will fish again here near the Fall Path! Nice kids!"


Little Darlings...Coco Fixes Birdy's Wardrobe Malfunction. Sweet!


Iplehouse BJD's...a few 2015 Fall photos

Throwback Thursday!

Random Iplehouse bjd photos from last October...

Some photos that are NOT Little Darlings! They got ALL the attention this week.


A couple of these were used in stories.

Most didn't make it on to the site!

I take a lot of photos...

I am reviewing photos that have not been used and making decisions...display? or archive?

It's fun to go back and see the work from a year ago! 



On the Fall Path...

No homework! The girls make their way home from school...

Okay! Now there is another batch of Little Darlings coming down the Fall Path.

But a visitor joins them...  Nothing sinister!

But Tink and Xennia spent all summer in a fruitless (or frogless) search.

And now, who shows up?

Stay tuned...


Little Darlings First Day of School!

The Little Darlings love the first day of school... Why?

Because it starts in October, not September when they are still running around in shorts.

Because they get to dress up in school clothes...and shoes, after a summer of barefeet!

And because they get to choose anything they want to do (within reason) for the day!

Read books, play with dice, sort and build with matchstick blocks, learn time, write on the chalkboard....


We notice the boys haven't shown up yet. Different rules for boys?

Or still scrambling for fall clothes?


Lula and Evie were already in the classroom early, when Teacher Sky was there playing the piano.

And they show up later to join the rest of the girls.


Pottery Owl has joined the girls in the classroom. See it, on the right? Great learning symbol!

And honoring the old aunty who made it years ago, who isn't with us anymore...


These Girls Are Early...

Evie and Lula arrive early to school.

Teacher Sky is warming up for the morning singing.

She tells the girls to read while they wait for the other children...


First Day of School Photo Shoot

Hey! Our plaid kilt skirt girls are on their way to the Schoolroom and who do they find?


A Talking Head, who at tScout was close by waiting for her photos when this adorable outfit arrived from Linda at amgirliam on eBay.





Lucky girl!he moment has nothing to say... Look! His head is empty!

But we hear his agent is preparing to fill his head with ideas!


But it's a distraction... 

Come on girls! On your way!

You don't want to be late for your photo shoot...


You'll notice Scout is not wearing the dress she was given at Jiyoon's. You didn't notice?

In Dolltown we go clothes shopping for the new school year! Like everyone does.


But we have so many kids that new clothes means ONE OUTFIT! share! And this one is from Linda at amgirliam on eBay.


Here we go! In the Schoolroom...

 Purple plaid skirt, Lovely knitted sweater, yellow tights...and a beret! We love this outfit! Lots of versatility! It even came with these bright green shoes that go so well with Scout's teal green eyes! 




The plaid skirts and white shirts outfits are Betsy McCall clothes. 

And Jiyoon is wearing a bjd outfit that just doesn't fit our Iplehouse JID girls.

Their loss, but a gain for our Little Darlings!


Maggie is wearing a never worn tan, brown, and grey dress from Pachom.

It was picked with Maggie in mind, but will be shared like all of our clothes!

And Rosa, in red, wears a ruffled bjd skirt (as Coco, Pearl and Birdy do below) and a pretty sweater from France that traveled all the way to Australia with Lula last year!


Little curly haired Birdy has on the frog sweater from our cute Maggie and Kate Create shorts outfit!

And Zoey gets to wear our adorable "I love ABC" outfit from Calico Closet!

(Lula's Skeleton outfit comes from the same talented shop.)

Pearl wears another sweater from France...

Xennia and Tink both wear dotted basic dresses from Pachom Suesuwan.

And Evie below wears one from Kathy at TKCTCrafts on eBay.

And this copper sweater was the first in Dolltown...very cute!

How cute are these clothes on the always pretty Little Darlings!

I'll post more sources for these cute outfits...but not until these girls actually start their at-school learning.


Dolls at school!

 That'll give me time to post some more useful information...I hope. 


Next...Lula and Evie hang out in the schoolroom before class starts.

Stay tuned!


Little Darlings, clothes mix ups and mystery solved...

For our Get Ready for School shoot, all the Little Darlings were lined up and their outfits were chosen.

Ahead of time so the chaos of excited little girls didn't distract us too much...


But there were immediate problems today because Scout's dress had been scooped by Quilla for a day or two.

And Tink had grabbed Rosa's red sweater when she had to get busy looking for Lula's baby...


So there were a few stops and starts.


Okay! Let's get busy here.


The action moves quickly so I think I'll tell the story as I go!

Maggie on the left, and Jiyoon on the right were hosting a Get Ready For School day, in Jiyoon's new Playroom.

Rosa, Scout, and Evie arrived to find their outfits. Scout, the long haired redhead, couldn't find her dress.

There it is on Quilla, who heard about the mix up.


Evie found her sweater and shoes, she's almost ready!

Scout got her little turquoise patterned dress from Quilla.

And Maggie found Quilla's orange dress for her 1st school day.

Thanks, Maggie!

Okay, Scout was ready, dressed in her outfit.

Rosa found her red skirt. But asked, "Where's my sweater?"

So Evie and Quilla left to find Tink, last seen wearing the red sweater.

Tink and Xennia showed up right away!

And Tink handed the sweater over to Rosa...

Scout found the sweater for Tink's outfit.

And Rosa and Tink both got their school outfits on...

Then Evie showed up again.

"Guess what, girls!", she said.

It's Lula! With her lost New Zealand baby!

The girls crowd around....

See Evie giving Xennia a hug?

...Because it was Xennia and Tink who found Lula's baby.

They said they found her under a cabbage!

(We have our niggling doubts, but at least the baby is back with Lula. And I'm off the hook.)

Scout gave Tink a hug, happy that she solved the lost baby mystery.

And Lula told the girls all about the adventure.

Xennia got to hold the baby, while Tink fluffed her hair fondly.

And in the background, Jiyoon began looking for something special for Lula...

See her on the left? Looking in the drawer?

Look what Jiyoon found!

The socks that go with Lula's little skeleton outfit!

(Now if only I could find that guitar so easily!)

There! Everybody's dressed!

Lula wanted to take Found Baby back to his brothers and sisters. (There's seven altogether!)

Xennia, of course, wanted to carry him. 

That baby is sure comfortable with Xennia...

Almost as if he is used to her looking after him.

(Under a cabbage? Really?)

Bye girls!

Pack your lunches! School day!

Way to go, Jiyoon and Maggie!

All the Little Darlings are dressed and ready for school.

You have done a fine job moving them along.

And you got to be there when Lula brought Lost Baby! (now Found Baby!)



Now, can you see the girls lying there on their backs!

They are taking a moment to relax and enjoy the sky light...or sky painting, on the ceiling of the pretty Playroom.


Whew! That is kind of like a sports broadcast!

Hope you all made it through the story!


Next...School Time! Excited!

Stay tuned!


Tink and Xennia Found Lula's Baby!

Now, first of all, you are not going to understand this blog post without a little background.

Click here for a short back story.

One of Lula's seven New Zealand babies went missing recently during Terri's End-of-Summer Shindig.

Several days have gone by and it hasn't shown up...

Lula expressed her exasperation to me (ouch) and we doubled down on our search.

Which meant that Tink and Xennia switched from hunting for frogs (in school clothes!) to hunting for Lula's baby.


And, success! Lost baby found!

(Thank goodness!)

What a wonderful end to the search!


Tink and Xenna...where did you find Lost Baby?


Under a cabbage? 

Under what cabbage? 

We don't have cabbages here.

What made you say that? 

Where did you really find him?

You two haven't...been hiding him yourselves, have you?


Oh never mind.

Don't answer that.

Cabbage it is...


We don't want any more trouble.

He's here safe in the arms of Lula...

That's all that's important now.


Now Tink, they need you at Jiyoon's Playroom.

They say you have Rosa's red sweater?

Off you go!