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Hiya Dolly Blog

The Little Darlings Are Finally on Their Way to School!

We did it! Look at Lula, Evie, and Scout!

All the Little Darlings are dressed for school days. And they are on the Forest Path, making their way to the schoolroom!


We gathered school clothes and laid them out for all to choose. Plaids, pleats, button shirts, corduroy, cardigans...I felt positively nostalgic! Not a pair of jeans in sight!


But my cooing over the classic outfits encouraged some of the girls to reach way back in time for school clothes. One might say western settler school wear...


Scroll down and you'll see what I mean. Xennia, you look adorable, but a nice flare skirt and t-shirt would have been fine!

Buddies, these three are first, looking to get the best seats.

Can anyone say competitive?

Pearl and Anna Zoey nab the school-themed outfits.

They are all in...

Sweet classics on Chantal and Fig.

Pink plaid! Nice touch!

Tink and Xennia in outfits from another time.

Downright adorable.

Xennia, you know you can't wear your pretty hat in class, right?

And Jiyoon and Maggie finally got to wear the rodeo outfits,

usually in high demand in the fall around this neck of the woods.

Of course, Birdy sits down with the brass geese. 

And buddy Rosa joins her...

Little Indira and her kind friend Em, both wearing fall purples.


We got them this far!

Keep going girls! Don't stop now!


It took me so long to convince the kids to get back to school this fall, I had to get creative...

Our schoolroom has been set up in the Magic Library this year.

That convinced the kids!

They love that room, and will agree even to fraction lessons happening,

if they can hang out in the Magic Library.


As you can see, we are ready!

But before we leave the Forest Path, the boys arrived just as the girls were leaving...


Little Darling Witches!

The Dolltown Little Darlings loved getting dressed up for Halloween!

But only two could wear witch hats...because that's all we have!

We have twice as many as other years because we chose one new Halloween outfit this year. 

Indira here is wearing that outfit, made by Bev Beese,

who lives only a couple of hundred kilometres from us here in Dolltown.

Thanks Bev! So cute!

And silver haired Em is wearing our other witch outfit that came on a pretty little Paola Reina Amigas. Two little witches!

Skeleton loves witches!

So, before the Halloween dress ups were put away for the year, all the rest of our girls pulled on Bev's new hat, a very well made fine-wale corduroy witch hat.

Oh yes girls, you all look fine!

(Not scary though, too cute!)

Evie Stevie Sinclair adopted her two extra names.

Stevie for a likable character on TV (likable to some),

and Sinclair for the famous Canadian soccer player, Christine Sinclair...


Pretty Chantal, never scary.

Always heard humming or singing, right now it's "Season of the Witch".

Now that's an old 60's song some of you will remember.

You've been digging through our old song books, eh Chantal?

Scout can be a little scary...

Everybody snaps to when Scout asks for something, even me!

How does that even work?!

Oh, you want to send the extra Halloween treats to needy children, Scout? Okay, we'll get right on it.

Lula Star doesn't believe in witches, but still loves to dress up!

Lula is too scientific to believe in witches.

She does make exceptions for witch characters passing through Dolltown, thank goodness.

But I think she's just being polite.

Anna Zoey here researched witches on Google, along with study buddy Pearl.

And she has been sharing some stories.

She tells us, "There are witches in all cultures. They are just called different names." Who knew!

Bright Pearl! Half dressed for school. She can't wait!

And Uley! What are you doing here, Uley? A boy witch!

(He likes to be where the action is!)

Brown eyed Maggie says she believes Tasya's cat is a witch. A bad witch.

Maggie had to be put on a top shelf while living in London in a flat with witch cat Lhasa.

(Maggie says, "I would meow at Lhasa, when Tasya went to work. Lhasa would screech like a witch, but couldn't reach me.")

Jiyoon looks good in black with her glossy bob.

She really knows how to put an outfit together. 

Living in the boonies of BC doesn't hold her back!

"You can be creative wherever you are!", she says.

Fig thinks we should start a TV show (well, she says a You Tube show. Kids these days!) about kids with special powers, like witches have.... What would your special power be, Fig? 

Besides being a change up artist...

(Your periwinkle eyes always give you away, Fig.)

It's possible that Rosa is a witch, we hope a good witch.

Funny things happen when she is around. And she makes potions...

Dear Birdy...she could persuade bad little witches to be good. 

(Maybe that's why Birdy is bff's with little possible-witch Rosa!)


With the witch hat on, Xennia ran around shouting "Boo" at all the dolls.

Then the babies showed up, and she changed her tune...

"Don't scare the babies!" she whispered.

Tink loves dressing up!

But she also loves to share...

So, Tink called Violet Raven over, who had been watching the Little Darlings from the sidelines.

We might just leave the action here. Violet said she'd like to keep the hat for a while. (Why?)


And with that, our Halloween fun was over!

Come on girls! School time!

I have been calling that cheerfully since September. 

Will my call work this time? Stay tuned....


It's Halloween 2018 in Dolltown!

Every year in Dolltown, we celebrate some way!


This year the Dolltowners are at a dance at the Community Center. Fun!


But we wanted to spend a little time at the Dark Tree, a favorite on Halloween.


And bring our new Little Darlings to see how spooky it can be here in Dolltown.


Tink and Xennia wanted to come and show them...


Will Raven swoop in?



And Magic Barbie, who has heard that Em is magic (word travels fast in Dolltown), comes to meet her at the Dark Tree. Now they are deep in conversation.


Happy Halloween, everyone!

Now, let's get back to the dancing!

Let's do the time warp again!


The Black Raven

The girls think they have seen the black raven again. Well, we followed a raven-like shadow to the Dark Tree, and sure enough, just as we thought....

Just as we thought...Raven Violet.

Our Iplehouse from Dolltown Abbey, across the meadow.

We always see her on Halloween!

Can't wait to tell the kids.


Dolltown School begins! Well, not yet...

Sky, our Dolltown teacher has given up on waiting for the children to come to school. She has gone to them!


She convinced young Uley to pack some books out to the Forest Path, where she knows the children have been hanging out. 


Sky appeals to Pearl and Anna Zoey, avid readers, but then a couple of the boys arrive. Then more girls...and teacher Sky and helper Uley pack up the books. 

Back to the schoolroom!

The kids will make it there soon! 

I assure you!

Well, after Halloween, anyway.



Chris and Will arrive with talk of things they have seen up the Forest Path.

The Halloween Tree, pumpkins, a black cat...

Rosa and Birdy arrive with more stories..."We think we saw the black raven!

Now, if Sky and Uley had brought Halloween books, these kids might have stopped for a while.

But all they can think about is the fun coming up,

and as you can see, the girls are getting in the mood with October orange.

And what do you see, Rosa? We've heard talk of the black raven...



October, and on the Forest Path, Again!

Well , the Dolltown kids have changed for October. Maybe that's why the "cavalry" was so ineffective in gathering the children for schooltime!


The guards and the rest of the rescue crew arrived back "empty handed" so to speak. And said the Forest Path was empty. So back they came, thinking the kids had made their way to school. No! No one!


I suppose the kids were changing into October colours, imagining it's like camouflage, and back they went to the Forest Path. 


The rescue crew lost interest and took off fishing. They are as bad as the kids!

Uley has a school bag! That's promising!

And he has heard the kids are returning to the Forest path.

First, Maggie and Jiyoon!

Dixon, Owen, and Douglas have joined Maggie and Jiyoon.


They are checking what the girls are doing, before they head back to school.

No way are they showing up at school if the girls are out "learning" in the outdoors!



Call out the Guards!

Thank goodness! The cavalry has arrived, so to  speak.

It's time those children got back here and started their school classes!

I have had to ask for help, as the children are not coming when I call them.

Well, I've been distracted myself...

But TIME is passing! And there are lessons to be learned!

The Dolltown Guards are here, of course, very reliable.

But Wiz is here, too.

And Ike! He's a Monster High guy, I think.

And Eddie, who can see in the dark.

And Ernie, a tracker.

This is a little more serious than I had thought of...

It looks like a rescue operation!

Even Magic Barbie has joined us!

Okay, that's good! She can get an overhead perspective...

And can be persuasive, if needed!


Just get those kids back! Tell them to get back in time for recess!

(I also know how to be persuasive!)


Dolltown School...Outdoors

First, the girls had to get changed from their beach outing in early September. Their last hurrah before we buckle down to schoolwork. Text books, maps, maths...

Get out the plaid skirts and oxfords!

Evie! What a cute bathing suit! All blinged out! Time for school clothes! Corduroy jumpers...

Wait! Those are jeans, Scout!

What are you up to, Lula Star?

What do you mean, you are going for a hike up the Forest Path?

It's a school day! Fieldtrip?

Just once I'd like to start school, inside the schoolroom, in September, in Dolltown...

Well, these two, Chantal and Fig, are ready for a hike, too.


The Little Darlings here just want to show off their bags, lunch bags, totes, purses...

They feel so grown up!  So prepared...

Off for a trip down the forest path.

It's a learning trip they tell me, so I'll let them go.


But who's following? Scout! it's Badger, or Badge as you call him fondly...

Be nice, Scout! Take him with you!

He'll just mope around if you leave him behind!

Atta girl! Where Scout goes, Badger is sure to follow...


Now, I am off to find some children who can be tempted into a schoolroom.


Priscilla and the Girls Are Off to the Beach, Too!

Look, it's Priscilla, with her happy little right-side-up dolly!

Priscilla has volunteered again to be the Dolltown lifeguard for the day! Thanks Priscilla!

The little girls have all been promised a day at our swimming beach, after an outing to the Ocean Beach, which is too wild to swim! The girls want to wade, splash, dig in the sand...

And they are excited about the new bus in Dolltown. 

It will be their first ride!

Oh my gosh! The bus is back! To take Miss Priscillla and the little girls to the beach!

Maybe I'll have a little time...the kids don't need me there to take photos!

I can get school ready! It's September!

Have fun kids! When you get time!

(That should make it an especially long beach outing. 

Maybe time for tea, myself!)


The Girls at the Dolltown Bus Stop. What?!

Here's Pearl and Anna Zoey...

Waiting at the "Bus Stop"...


Now, I would think, if anyone would know about if there was a bus route in Dolltown, it would be me.


Anna Zoey! Pearl! Where did you hear there was a bus taking you to the Beach? Why don't I know about it?


I'm confused.


I have to watch and see what happens.




Jiyoon and Maggie join Pearl and Anna Zoey. All these bare feet!

It's Em, with Indira! Our new girls.

And just as Chantal and Fig arrive we hear a noisy vehicle approaching...

And then look what pulled up...

It is a Dolltown Bus!

An acquisition? A donation? A mystery!


And when it drove away the girls were gone. 


I am flabbergasted! 

Maybe I am happy...if the kids can get to the beach for a swim!


But I can hear more kids on their way. Now what? You missed the bus!

Thanks Owl...a boat for the kids to play with?

Tink and Xennia are happy! Beach toy!

Birdy and Rosa want to go to the beach for a swim too!

Scout and Evie arrive with a ring buoy. Scout is all about safety...

And Lula brings her New Zealand babies!

We all know they love a swim. It was last year at the beach that we met these little travelers!

What is everybody looking at?

The bus showed up again!


And took the girls!

And the toys, bouys, and babies!


This is giving the kids a whole new level of independence. Do I like it?

Time will tell...


Well, we heard the kids wanted a sunny day at the beach again, so look who shows up!

And if Douglas is here, the boys have probably already found their own way to the swimming beach. Where the girls are...


Little Darling Em Arrives...

Em arrives in Dolltown...


When we popped in to eBay, on the trail of the Tomi Jane dresses, of course we saw any and all Little Darling dolls looking to trade places. 


I don't go on eBay when I am "not in the market". And I did my Dolltown creation collection several years back. So, I'm not. In the market.


However, I do have several someday ideas and I am always on the lookout for smilers. Characters in basic happy mode!

I paused over this smile. and the fact that this little Darling is handpainted by Canadian April Norton. April is an internationally known and loved Doll designer, creator, and painter. Face ups...


I have followed April and her work for years. Each doll painter has a signature, and April's dolls have the sweetest expressions. Endearing.


The smile, the expression, the silvery hair...

The thought...who would she be in Dolltown?


Welcome to Dolltown.... Indira takes a liking to this friendly looking dolly. 


Double the happiness when Birdie joins Em.

And quadruple with all the LD smilers... Birdy, Em, Chantal, and Tink.

Now, off you go to get ready for swimming, girls! Happy times...


I am Em...Em is for Magic. That's what she says.

Hey, I'll have to tell Magic Barbie!  Maybe kindred spirits?



Wait! Tomi Janes Arrived!

Good news and bad news!


First the good news...

After months of abstinence, I followed a link to eBay, from a Facebook doll group.

There I discovered an unusual occurrence...Tomi Jane dresses. Several of them were posted for bids.


I 'watched" several, left, pondered, returned.

And ordered two favorites that I had seen often, when I would peruse Tomi's Flickr pages. scrolling through her years of impeccable sewing accomplishments. 


Beauty! And we are thankful to gather two more Tomi Jane beauties to our dolly closets.

The Tomi Jane package arrived when the girls were at the Ocean Beach.

We gave a heads up to Pearl and Anna Zoey, as their photo shoot here was done first.


We brought them to the Dolltown Tree to open the package.

Tomi Jane always includes a lovely note.

The girls are good readers and there isn't a word they don't know!

Even patronage? I'm impressed!

Choices! A pretty tea dress full of patterns.

And a simple white sundress with periwinkle accents.


Perfect. Because that's how Tomi Jane rolls...

Very, very, very special.


So, the bad news...

Tomi Jane says she is done with Little Darling doll dressmaking.

So these outfits are happily added to our select Dolltown Tomi Jane dresses.

Sadly, too. As a Little Darling era of new Tom Jane collections to look forward to, has ended.


But let's not stay sad!

Scanning eBay pages led to another discovery...


Priscilla and Her Doll

Well! Priscilla was quite offended by the little girls noticing and chatting about her treatment of her own little doll. Carrying it willy nilly, upside down.

We find it hard to believe that Priscilla doesn't get it, that she might think how she treats her doll doesn't matter because it's...a doll. Priscilla herself is treated so well, considering...well, considering Priscilla's grumpiness. I think we do a great job of treating Priscilla really nicely.

Okay, she has to have a talking-to sometimes because she can be rude, discriminatory, picky, pessimistic, judgmental, stubborn, and...rude. But we all love her! And we show it! She gets politeness, hugs, ice cream, gifts! Why, even the little doll was a gift. Wasn't it? I am forgetting...

Priscilla takes a minute, after the Ocean outing, at the Dolltown Tree.


Looks like a doll inspection. 

I can usually hear dolls talking, but...silence.

Is she talking to you, Priscillla? Listen!

I could swear that little doll has lots to say to Priscilla!

And Priscilla is holding her so gently!


Well done, Priscilla! Your little dolly looks positively happy!

Now would it hurt you to crack a smile?

(I guess that's unfair. Priscilla is a porcelain.)


Now, all the children were told they could go to a real swimming beach.

And I hear they are congregating at the bus stop. (Bus stop?)

Stay tuned. We will get all our summer photos posted!


Miley and the Boys, at the Ocean

Miley is enjoying her time off as Dolltown journalist. Holiday!

She has brought a book and a hot cup of tea to the oceanside. Her peace and quiet doesn't last long...

It's Uley! He's happy to see Miley because he knows he's not allowed near the Ocean by himself.

Miley's okay with that! Book reading! Together!

But then Chris arrives. And Douglas, and Dixon.

And Will, and Owen...

The boys are restless. They didn't come to read tea time stories.

They heard the girls were here. They are looking for the girls.

Hey, that was ages ago! Where are you getting your info?

The boys mill about, as if lingering will bring the girls back.

Then they are gone. 

For once, Miley has no idea what is going on in Dolltown.

She was hoping for some downtime.

Now what, Miley? Back to your book?

You look a little...stunned.


Relax, I've got this. 

I told the boys I saw the girls back in Dolltown. 

And if any other Dolltowners approach, I'll head them off at the pass, so to speak.

(I love to think I've got control here in Dolltown...)


Little Girls at the Beach, with Priscilla!


Hey, Priscilla and the little girls!


What a picture of camaraderie! The girls really do get along... We do our best to keep them so busy they don't have time for spats. And of course we model kind words and generosity. We do!


The girls see Priscilla as a fun companion, despite her always-there grumpy look (and let's face it, seriously pessimistic and judgmental attitude). Kudos to the children!


And Priscilla was the one who offered to look after the kids' safety so they could come to the beach. 

I was a little busy...

First, we'll set the scene.

We said we wanted a little sun....and look who showed up! Hey thanks, Sunny!

A chair for Priscilla, so she doesn't walk away in a huff (like she often does).

And Priscilla arrives with...a ring buoy! Way to go, Priscilla! I guess she noticed the Ellowyne lifeguards did NOT bring the "proper" safety devices. That's probably why she offered! Teach those Ellowyne girls a lesson! I want to say, "Whatever." At least she is here.

Priscilla also arrives with a little doll she was given, months ago (Christmas?). Phoebe and Fancy Nancy have noticed that Priscilla carries her willy-nilly. And today, the poor little dolly is upside down! You'd think Priscilla would have more empathy, being a doll herself. Nobody would dare carry Priscilla upside down!

Now, enjoy the photos of our Dolltown little children ocean beach fun. And today, for now, all girls!

Here come Kish and Oiya, both sporting ginger pigtails.

And Lilac Moon, in her lilac shoes, greets her little buddies, Vera and Gabby.

Gabby plays with the ring buoy. Lucky girl! Priscilla has a hard time saying no to Gabby. 

And what's in the pail, girls? They are afraid to look in case there is a scary sea creature under the polka dots!


Shasta and Whoopi, our oldest little girls, arrive to play at the beach.

The shoes are coming off, Priscilla! keep an eye out!

Next step is wading, then you know what can happen! A child could be swept right out to sea!

Gabby crowns Shasta, our tallest little child. "Queen Shasta!", Gabby says.

Okay, that got Priscilla's attention!

And she has firmly reclaimed the ring buoy, muttering about " responsibility."


Remember girls! Promises to go to a little beach soon, where you can actually swim! 

(Okay, it's a bribe for the girls to stay out of the big waves at this ocean beach!)


Lifeguard Ellowynes Off Duty

Hey girls! 

It's the Ellowyne girls. Well, three of them!


And I was wondering to April, Fashion Doll Stylist, what was in Bandy's bling bag by her side.


Well, now the girls have finished their lifeguard duties, they are back by the seashore in their chairs. 


And, sure enough, they did bring refreshments! Lucky the little girls are gone! That's not lemonade!

Okay girls! Is it time to head home? 

Or are those footsteps I hear? You have company coming?

Hopefully, responsible company!

Well, I have to go put the girls to bed, so you are on your own. Stay out of the waves.

I need lifeguards for the lifeguards!



Little Darlings at the Beach

Here they are! All the Dolltown Darlings this summer.

We headed to this ocean beach late in the afternoon. The lifeguards are on hand, even though there will be no swimming. The tides...

We came in sundresses and sandals to get the point across. And we made sure Tink didn't sneak on a bathing suit underneath. And, to make it easier to stay out of the water, I promised we would go to the swimming hole near Dolltown. Soon. Okay, tomorrow. :)

The sandals came off for the most part, but that's understandable.

Back: Evie, Lula, Scout

Centre: Indira, Anna Zoey, Pearl, Birdy, Rosa, Chantal, Fig

Front: Jiyoon, Maggie, Tink, Xennia


I brought them to the beach to play, and for sundress photos, in two's and threes, so they it would be easy to keep an eye on them...

(Although, all of us know that Little Darlings are generally well behaved.)

First up, Anna Zoey and her study buddy Pearl. In the first two sundresses that arrived in Dolltown three years ago. These two have worn these sundresses before! They like habits, consistency!

Next, Fig with her big Joyce Matthew blue eyes! And Chantal, her sweet friend. They are thrilled to wear sundresses and come to the beach. 

What's up Jiyoon? You look sad! Here's your friend Maggie!

And no worries, Maggie is not going anywhere...

She's decided to stay in Dolltown to play with all her friends.

Here's Rosa and Birdy wearing almost matching sundresses from Pachom Suesewan.

They love the hot pink!

And Indira joins them in a very sweet two piece outfit...

Look at these two cuties, Tink and Xennia, in their colorways two piecers. I should have taken a photo of the matching bloomer shorts underneath!

Evie Stevie arrives first, then Scout with her long red locks, then wavy haired Lula. This little vintage Mexican sun hat is a hit! We need more! 

We made it through the whole afternoon without one Little Darling getting caught by those waves! (I'm sure the promise of real swimming helped a lot. "Tomorrow is another day.")


And we did make use of the brush and comb the Ellowyne girls brought when they arrived for lifeguard duty. Thanks girls! (They are siting on a bench nearby absorbed in gossip since our time here is done.)


Ellowynes as Lifeguards!

These Dolltown Ellowynes offered to oversee the children at the beach.



And they said they would come prepared. But brushes? combs? Of course! They are fashion dolls! 

We were thinking sun screen, life-jackets, and ring buoys, girls! But, thanks! Glad you are here.

Here they come. First, the Little Darlings in buddy pairs...

You're on, Ellowynes!


Little Darlings in the Garden!

But first, catch up...

Maggie's home!


Dolltown's Little Darling Maggie traveled to London last year with our daughter Tasya. Maggie lived in a small flat with Tasya and her cat, Lhasa.

Maggie had to be kept out of Lhasa's reach for the months she lived in London. Maggie looked like a play toy to the scratchy cat. 


When Tasya returned for a visit, she brought Maggie home to her Dolltown friends.   And Maggie arrived with her own cat! Not as scratchy as princess Lhasa!


This photo shows Maggie in a grad cap. She has been wearing it since Tasya's own graduation. There was a celebration, with Maggie participating from a high shelf...


All the girls were happy to see Maggie, but none more than Jiyoon. Jiyoon and Maggie had formed a special bond and both talked for hours after Maggie emerged from the travel bag...


Jiyoon, Indira, and Maggie

Jiyoon and Indira were already dressed for the garden when Maggie arrived, so they waiting patiently in the garden for their Little Darling friends to join them!

Especially for Maggie, Jiyoon's bff...

Here she is! Ellowyne Taffy brought her to the garden after she changed out of her London blacks. Maggie didn't seem to mind choosing a colourful sundress from the pile the LD's laid out for her. 

It didn't take long for these two to disappear with their friend Indira. They all wanted to see what the cat would do in a big garden to explore. (There was no garden to play in at their home in London, just windows to look out of.) I don't think we'll see these girls for a while...

Rosa and Birdy

Rosa and Birdy watch the birds in the garden while two settle nearby them. Birdy has heard that we live in the bird watching capital of Canada. Now, I don't know if that's true, but I know Birdy and her friends watch the birds in the garden all the time- Robins, Chickadees, Mourning Doves, Crows, Stellar's Jays. Sparkle birds, sequin birds, bird brooches and charms, birds in cages... And birds of all kinds are are drawn to Birdy and bff Rosa. Look at these pretty ones! 

Tink and Xennia

Tink and Xennia come to the garden and are thrilled to find a bunch of little birdhouses. And as Xennia and Tink often do with anything around them, they overturned all of them. Why? They wanted to find the little birdies inside them. But they didn't find any.

(My guess is  the little birds heard they were coming, flew out, and are hiding in the bushes. What? These girls would only love you up, kiss you, ruffle your little feathers, attach you to their hair-do's as ornaments... That's what they did to the little trolls! Who wouldn't want that?)

Pearl and Anna Zoey

Here's Pearl and Anna Zoey! These two are always sorry when school ends as they are voracious learners. They actually set themselves up a summer school program, choosing their own lessons. Like dreams, rocks and minerals... They have brought out a variety of books to the garden to help them set up their self-directed learning for the weeks ahead. Way to go, girls!

Evie, Scout, and Lula

I thought this trio would show up ready to garden, check the flower spray for dangerous chemicals, plant some vegetable seeds to help supply food for the food bank. Either that or embark on a tree climbing expedition, hunting for risky pests (even in their pretty dresses). But today these three are also into the books, because Lula is on a mission. It's Jasper's 1st birthday soon, and Lula has decided they must all learn songs and rhymes for him. "We want to make him laugh.", said this serious bunch. Go for it, girls!

Fig and Chantal...and Indira again

Fig and Chantal meet up in the garden, and Indira joins them, bringing a pretty lantern she found in the flowers. A lantern! Then two lanterns! They plan... a night garden visit, maybe during the full moon. Light the lanterns, sing some songs, maybe put on a play. Maybe A Midsummer Night's Dream! Wouldn't that be fun! Invite the  boys! And the little girls! Maybe the BJD's would come down from Dolltown Abbey!  Wow, girls, active imaginations! From a pink lantern to a community production of Shakespeare! Dream on...

Jiyoon and Maggie are back

Where did you girls find that? That's Shuswap Jim's painting! And I thought it was out in the Dolltown Doll Studio.... But that's all the way across the garden! And it was up on a hook! How...? Nevermind. Jiyoon is showing Maggie the details, talking about the way the little leaves have been painted. And how the trees are overlapped over the clouds so it looks like 3D. And how each tree has it's own shadow, so you can imagine where the sun would be... Phew! Jiyoon! You have been paying attention in your art classes! 

Sweet... All of them. 


My mind is whirling with imaginings of a Dolltown Midsummer Night's Dream!

But get practical...there's weeding, berry picking, prep for company... And is it true that baby Jasper might be coming? We'd all have children's songs and nursery rhymes to learn! Not Shakespeare!


Time for Some Garden Play! Come On, Little Darlings!

Jiyoon's the early bird today. The sun is shining, the flowers are out....


The Little Darlings are finding their shoes and toys, ready for some garden play.

In the meantime, Indira and Fig make it in to the garden. 

Fig finds Jack getting a little fresh air too! A little mingling...


But it's time for play, isn't it? Surely the other girls are ready?

We'll go check...


Tonner Ellowynes in the Garden

The Tonner Ellowynes have been discontinued. Robert Tonner has carried on to other doll design projects. Ethereal creatures made with 3D printers (Go ahead, research on Google and prove me wrong... What? That was just a rumour? Sorry, I've been too busy to pursue real facts. I'll leave that to the really retired.)


We have all four Ellowyne sculpts in Dolltown. The three here are, from left, an Amber, a Lizette, and an Ellowyne. 


Of course we give them their own names here, so we can distinguish them from each other. 


Taffy, in the middle, had a few more photos, from different angles, against the cedar hedge.

I am fascinated. Not a knowledgeable photographer, but very taken with photos. And photos of dolls. I pour over others' doll photos. And I have enough dolls here in Dolltown to satisfy a a pleasurable curiosity. 

I find the Ellowynes to be very beautiful, and this Lizette, our Taffy, looks amazing in several looks, wigs, clothes...


Tree Climbing - Uley in the Garden

It was a long winter and Uley wanted to get some fresh air in the garden.


The plum tree is a favorite climbing tree, especially with a hanging basket of Million Bells to fall into.


It won't be long now until the others join him!

Look at that hair!

We'll leave Uley dreaming in the flowers while the sun shines.

No worries, we have the sun/shade ratio calculated carefully and figure he's got 3 minutes tops before the heavy shade of the roof protects his sensitive dolly skin. I give the impression of freedom for the outside doll adventures but do keep a close eye on risks.


I just don't want to talk about the three (3!) girls falling down into the dirt in a recent garden photo shoot, from their perch on a shelf. Shocked me into hustling everyone inside for...well, a few days. Gave me time to pick the cedar out of their perfect locks, and brush their eyes with a soft paintbrush.


Little Darlings Get Ready for Spring

That sun is a little warm for shoes and tights!

The Little Darlings get ready for spring. Birdy and Rosa get it started.

Little Gabby is already shoeless....

Well, that's a start girls! But I've got spring clothes sorted!

How cute is this? Lay them out, match them up...


Little Darlings Spring 2018

It's Little Darling Doll Pearl!


Our Little Darlings all wanted a photo shoot before they changed for the warm spring days. 


The girls are wearing knit wear from a variety of sources including colourful dresses from Nataliya.