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More Little Darlings in Spring Outfits!

Spring Celebration in Dolltown!


Some of the Little Darlings have come and gone already. 

But no one has found the little birdy Gossamer tucked in the china Easter Egg!

Tink is thrilled with her special Easter Egg dress, and accessorized with the biggest fascinator she could find in the bow basket.

Tink hears a tweet, tweet.

She tracks the sound down to the yellow Easter Egg.

What's inside, Tink?

The little robin!

Look, Xennia!

Tink and Xennia share a lot.

And Xennia loves babies.

Is that a baby robin, Xennia?

Tink is happy to free the birdy.

She wants to go tell her friends about her good deed...

Xennia spots a pretty bonnet!

Yes, go ahead Xennia!

You can put the bonnet on!

Xennia loves this bonnet.

She traveled all the way to Dolltown in it!

It has a feather and flowers!

And is very pretty inside...

No, sorry Xennia.

Today you have to put it back on the bonnet stand!

Go see your friends!

Anna Zoey wears a beautiful, classic checkered dress.

And of course, her bff Pearl got one too.

Very stylish! 

Love the belt and flower accessories!

Off goes Anna Zoey, but Pearl lingers.

Oh, look what Pearl has spotted! The bonnet!

Yes, Pearl, of course you can try it on.

Hi Lula Star!

You've borrowed bjd clothes and you're wearing FDS's shoes. Too cool.

Showing up natty Easter Bunny!

Lula's best bud Scout is wearing a hair ornament! 

Out of her comfort zone!

How do I tell these girls they are the same height?

Who's taller? Depends on your shoes!

Or hmmm, did Scout wear the bow so she would appear taller?

So competitive!

And speaking of competitive, here's the third of this intrepid trio.

Evie, wearing a pair of boots with spats. Someone told her they'd make her run faster!

(Maybe it was me.) Brand new boots, thanks to Maggie!

Ready for action, even in dresses.

See ya, Lula! Going so soon?

I think she heard the call for the Easter Egg hunt.

The what?


You too, Scout?

Just us, Evie?

Scout tells Evie she better go quick...

Thanks, Easter Bunny!

Atta girl, Scout. Gratitude is good!

(That is some head of red you have, Scout!)


Spring Outfits for Little Darlings!


Our Little Darling early bird is ready for her friends to arrive! Easter Bunny is excited to see all the girls in their special spring clothes!


This year they are meeting up at the Picnic Fence. The bushes are leafed and flowers are out. The Easter Bunny has brought some treats in the tins. Little robin has joined the party.


Birdy loves that! An early robin friend!

Who's next?


It's Rosa!

Birdy and bff Rosa

Indira and bff Gossamer

Sweet bonnet, Gossamer!

What are you up to with little robin?

A robin hiding inside a china egg?


Chantal and bff Fig

Maggie and bff Jiyoon

Okay. That's enough photos for now!

Time to get some more of the girls!


Just as we are leaving, though, Jiyoon thinks she hears a birdy chirping.

(Hmmm yes, that robin is still in the yellow china egg.

Who will find it?)

Stay tuned...


Clothes Designer...Chris Miller

The very-well-known-in-the-doll-world Chris Miller is a creative and accomplished clothes designer. And she collects the fabrics and laces and makes the clothes herself. Beautiful!


I am looking forward to writing about Chris's past in the doll world and my own Chris Miller dolls.


But for now, let's focus on Chris's new clothing creations for a variety of dolls, including our Little Darlings.


We were excited to get these three pretty spring outfits for our girls. Fig and Chantal are on hand for the box opening.


We had to get this outfit. This summer we have a bee show, and the girls like to get involved!

And the kitty ensemble? Amazing...

There are so many parts to each!

The girls keep unpacking!

And look!

An outfit for the little girls!

Lucky Vera gets to unpack that one, and try it on...

Chantal shows her kitty dress, with the leggings and adorable soft shoes.

Fig's dress has a scattering of...honey jars!

And fabric shoes with a touch of embroidery...

And each outfit has a pinafore!

Perfect for baking or painting, or gardening...

Or just because they are cute!

And, each has a romper!

Bees, ribbons, stripes, polka many elements to take delight in!


The Little Darlings help Vera, our sweet Linda McCall.

Then, Chantal and Fig go to show our new Chris Miller outfits to their friends.

And Vera shows off her bloomers!

Leggings and a matching hair bow....

I love getting our Dolltowners such versatile, beautiful, and well made outfits!

Thank you, Chris!


Chris Miller has adorable outfits right now on eBay...crissie3


You're Not Alone...Cards, Candy, and Cookies

Little Darling friends, Tink and Xennia, were first on the scene when a package arrived from a special doll friend.


When times are tough, friends send candy and cookies.


Earlier this month my husband of thirty years passed away, after a long period of compromised health.


So, I am without a great companion by my side. Gordie, a smart guy who entered into discussions of doll collection, doll collectors, doll history, doll stories with the same attention and thought that he brought to other favorite interests- cooking, literature, sports, ethics, humor.


I miss him, and I'll miss his input....


I am very grateful to all my doll friends, my doll groups on social media, my doll contacts over the last 5 years for all the delight and warmth I have received. The doll community is a warm community and restful in its own way. The doll world is a pleasant distraction. Great focus on beauty, fun, curiosity, and creativity. 


At the moment, my doll focus gives me enjoyment I need at this time. So, thank you to all my doll people. Thanks for your reach outs to me from all over. I appreciate every virtual hug and kind word.

And thank you April FDS, for keeping my love of dolls, photography, and storytelling alive when I wavered and Dolltown got quiet for a while.


For now we are good. 


Especially with a package to open from Auntie April!

Tink and Xennia are all in...

It's a small package, but not to Tink and Xennia!

"It could be an elephant." says Tink.

"What's better than an elephant?" asks Tink.

The girls make quick work of the packaging...

Aw, a card for me! 

Yummm. French caramel toffees! Easy to unwrap!

And soft enough to stick on your thumbs! Way to go, Xennia!

Tink wants in to the cookies.

Lula arrives on the scene.

"What are you too doing! Where did you get all the candy?"

"Will you help us open the cookies?" says Tink.

Yes! Of course Lula can do that! She's a whiz at stuff!

But after eating a toffee, Lula goes to alert the other girls. Candy in the house...

Pearl surveys the Tinkless scene.

"What did I tell you." says Lula.


Now, I heard that Tink and Xennia had to go to the First Aid Room for some Eno.

And Pearl and Lula each ate a whole cookie while they cleaned up.

Everyone else got pieces of toffees and crumbs of cookies.

And they still all say, "Thank you Auntie April!"



Birdy Gets a Spring Outfit from Maggie and Kate Create!

Spring? It's January!


But Little Darling Birdy got a wonderful surprise!


A beautiful spring outfit from Maggie and Kate Create, a doll clothes design duo on everybody's wish list. Well, ours anyway!


When Maggie posts that they have new outfits available, I go to check. But the outfits are usually already sold! This time not only was my timing perfect, but the outfit was perfect for Birdy! I did not hesitate...


And here it is. Birdy gets to try it on, even though it's January and there's still snow on the ground outside!

Some of the girls are still wearing their Christmas dresses. 

All the decorations are put away.

But there isn't enough snow to get dressed for a Snow Day.


I call Birdy to see the box opened... Exciting!

Boots, too! The girls love boots and look at these colors!

Yellow is Birdy's favorite color...

Yellow boots, yellow flower on the hat, and even yellow tissue!

Birdy unwraps a bright yellow sweater.

And one of Maggie and Kate's iconic layered skirts...

And leggings and a pendant!

Happy girl!

Looking good, Birdy! Don't forget the hat!

A complete outfit from head to toe!

Wait till the other girls see it!

Of course they'll all want to share.

But for now, with Birdy's soft teal eyes, and her love of bright yellow, it's perfect for her... 


Thanks, Maggie and Kate! From all of us!


Christmas Dresses for the Iple BJD's!

New dresses!


Surprise! We got the three Iple girls the prettiest lace dresses for Christmas!


Were they happy? Oh yes!


When I hunted through their clothes for Christmas dress up, there was so little I had to borrow from the Ellowynes and from the Little Darlings!


The Iplehouse JID girls have been borrowing clothes, and wearing the same thing for ages. 


I have looked for bjd clothes now and then, and have not found styles I like, that fit my girls.


So I got in touch with a dress designer I have admired for years, Jodie Joseph.

Her lace dresses for the pretty Ellowynes have been on my wish list for a long time. Then I noticed her doll line had branched out...

Less than two weeks after initial contact, these gorgeous jewel toned dresses showed up in our post box....

But first, let's look at what these girls went through during the Christmas season, from scrounging for clothes, to hair makeovers, to make up brush ups.


Violet helped the Little Darlings get ready before Christmas. Now, we love sockwear, but for Christmas? Violet Raven has a socktube around her midriff. Christamsy, Violet!

Tights made for Crissy, 2 coats from the Disney Toddlers (pretty nice actually!). And Odelle is wearing a beautiful brown Iplehouse coat, from their site when they still have a few JID clothes to choose from...

We love this black Yuri wig on Violet, but the other two...

Tania Aira has gone through so many looks. This one we do like, but it never stay put...

Cordelia Odelle has never settled on a look...

This Ellowyne red do was close, but...

I'm in love with this long platinum look on Aira. I think this is the one for wearing with the pretty dresses coming.

And after trying all the unattached Ellowyne girs' wigs, there was an inspired switch up. We'll show you our Ello another day, but this is a keeper for Odelle!

Thanks to the Ellowynes' beautiful wardrobe, we found some pretty clothes to keep the girls happy over Christmas! That Christmas dress is a stunner on Odelle!

One of the amazing Ello designers from eBay...

Just find a nice red ribbon to snug up that small Iple waist.

From Christmasy, to some fun finds at a local store for the girls to try on, we waited...

And the surprise dresses arrived.

On a dark snowy night, they arrived in time to lift our spirits.

The girls were over the moon...dresses actually made to order. Just for them!

Violet Raven

Tania Aira

And Cordelia first a beautiful teal, then an ivory lace.



Our thanks go out to Jodie from Jodie Creations, for her creative and beautiful work.

And for our wonderful collaboration in bringing these ideas to reality!

Look at the smiles on these faces! Well, imagine...


Little Darling Friends...Christmas 2019


Christmas 2019, the Little Darling friends!


Let's get some photos in Lee's Library, all decorated for the festivities!


Aira has brought all the girls to Dolltown Abbey for the parties.


While they are hanging up their coats and putting their party shoes on, Aira has a short rest in Lee's library, all decorated by the other Iple girls, and Vikka.

And ready for photos!


Nice, eh Aira?


Birdy, the early bird, ready first again!

And not far behind, Rosa...

Birdy is so glad she has such a BFF in Rosa!

Let's see some more good Little Darling friends in Dolltown!

And I will take lots of photos while you girls all look so Christmas lovely!

BFF's Lula, Scout, and Evie

Lula Star



BFF's Chantal and Fig



BFF's Anna Zoey and Pearl


Anna Zoey

BFF's Indira and Gossamer



BFF's Tink and Xennia



BFF's Jiyoon and Maggie



Dolltown Little Darlings 2019

All friends! Fun!


Now when does the Christmas Party start?


Lee's Library for the Dolltown Christmas Parties!!

And the news? The surprise? The unexpected?


Iple Lee offered up his private library to the Dolltowners for Christmas parties!



It is a surprise to be invited there, for Christmas, for celebration, for crowds of Dolltowners - because Lee just doesn't do that....

(The children have only been to the library once, I think? Unless they have snuck in while visiting the other Iples at Dolltown Abbey! Better not! I tell them!)


This is a no-go zone! Lee's man-cave. Only Monster High Catrine DeMew comes and goes from there as she pleases, and only because she is...very quiet.

.And, well, his library is very small!

I'm not sure how we will all fit in!


But don't look a gift horse in the mouth, as they say...


Part of what is surprising is, we didn't even know Lee was back in Dolltown! We haven't seen him for months, it seems! He's always away on business. At least that's what the Iples all tell us. Asa is, of course, in charge. (Although we haven't seen her in ages either, come to think of it! Maybe now!)

Lee asked Vikka to spread the news, and is encouraging more decorations!

He even provided a beautiful tree...

Off Vikka went to let the Dolltowners know...

Lee had no intention to stay himself. 

He fills the room! There would be no space.

He stays long enough to fill the candy dome.

And Catrine, who had been sleeping behind his chair, asked for a lift to some other quiet space.

It's not long before Vikka is back, with Violet, Odelle, and some decorations they have gathered from Dolltown Abbey attic.

And Sparkle Nutcracker arrives, to take up his station, along with Little Buddy Sparkle.

The girls get busy. It's almost time for the festivities to begin!

Way to go girls!

Once again, you have done a wonderful job of prepping fun for everyone else!

Vikka, you too. Always a help. Always at the ready...


Maybe you could go tell Aira and the Little Darlings that the library is ready for photos?

Thank you so much!


Dolltowners in the Winter Park!

Look who's out and about in the Winter Park!

It's Kasma the Clown and friends...


Sparkle Nutcracker and his little buddy have spread the news.


They are on their way to Dolltown Abbey, for a very special occasion!


And everyone who's here is excited! 


Is it true, that Iple Lee has opened up his very-private-library for Christmas celebrations?


What has come over him?

And how will we all fit?

Bunny, with his big ears, was nearby when Sparkle Nutcracker got the word he was needed and to head up to the Iple's home, Dolltown Abbey.  Bunny whispered to Jazz Cat...

...and Valentine... 

...and Kasma the Clown...

...and Crone, who was resting in the corner...

Little Buddy Sparkle got the word too...

And together with Sparkle Nutcracker, got ready to head across the wintery meadow.

We are needed!


"We want to come too!", said all the Dolltowners.


I have got to head up to Dolltown Abbey and see what's going on for myself....


The Iplehouse Girls in Dolltown

Our Iple girls are meeting up in the City Park for a little downtime.

They have been helping the Dolltown children all year!

Hosting our Easter party, looking after the girls at the beach in the summer, setting up the Christmas dress up in the Playroom...


I am thankful for the help! I have been pretty busy this year and the children like to stay busy having fun!


I have an idea of how to show my gratitude to these pretty Iple girls. Excited! More on that later...


Violet waits for her friends in the chilly park...

These girls borrowed warm clothes from the Little Darlings and our Disney Toddlers.

And found some Sasha doll tights!

Tania Aira joins Violet on the park bench, and they shares stories of the childrens' dress up fun.

Cordelia Odelle arrives with a report that all the little girls are ready for photos.

And Vikka arrives with surprising news!

There is a new plan for the setting of the Christmas photo shoot,

and it is completely unexpected!

Okay girls! Better get the the room ready!

Violet and Vikka disappear.

Then Odelle heads off muttering about decorations in the attic, and just Aira was left on the park bench.

What's next, Aira? Maybe you could check the Little Darlings?


The Little Darlings Are All Christmas Dressed!

Well, we have to get you three out of your Halloween and school clothes.

Jiyoon and Maggie will show you what's available now, after all the choices.

Evie and Scout have found their dresses.

And Lula looks like she's eyeing the pretty red and gold dress at the top of the dress form!

Yes! She's got it!

It's a pretty Erin Green dress that the girls here at Christmas time.

Let's see how it looks!

Splendid, girls!

Lula Star, you look beautiful!

All of you do!

Let's get moving...

Jiyoon looks at the Playroom floor.

Lots to clean up, girls!

I'll call for help so you and Maggie can get ready yourselves. You look like you need a pretty ribbon. Maggie too!

The rest of the girls are waiting!

When the Playroom is cleaned up, and the Library decorated we will almost be ready!


The girls, of course, will have their photos taken before the parties begin!

So, a hair brushing here, a fancy ribbon there...

Still so much to do!

Dolltown at Christmas, fun!


Fig and Chantal Visit the Art Gallery

While the rest of the girls were getting all dolled up in Christmasy dresses, Fig and Chantal slipped out with me to do a shift at our Arts Gallery.


In the satin bag they went and didn't pop their heads out until we were in the festive gallery...


Here's an artsy photo of the girls with our new "portrait" setting on our phone camera.


And you can see why the girls are clamoring to see the Gallery...this year the colors of our special winter show are pink, white and gold!


The girls found bead jewelry, pink trees, quilted winter bags, and paintings of bears. 


They found their favorite colors in watercolor paintings and felted scarves!

Look! Birds in tree quilts, and creature angel tree toppers! Fig and Chantal couldn't wait to get back and share what they saw at the gallery!

The girls found the bird basket that Birdy told them about! But instead of little white birds there were red birds, and red and black, and brown! And they were all very noisy!

And look who they found in the felted wool!

Gossamer, standing as still as a doll can!

Where did she come from, and how long has she been here? It's a mystery...

And what a pretty dress she got to wear!

The three little girls shared all their stories about their gallery adventures with Violet when they returned home. But Gossamer wouldn't tell her secret, how she got to the gallery all by herself...


Little Darlings Dress for Christmas

Violet, one of our Iple girls, is setting up the Playroom for the Little Darlings!

Red dresses, green, and snowflake blue, fill the room. Dresses with poinsettias and plaids and tights with polka dots and stripes are ready for the girls on their way to the Playroom.


Good job, Violet! And such a pretty tree! You and the other Iple girls, Aira and Odelle, have done a fine job! All year the three of you have been helping all the little children in Dolltown! From our Easter Party, to beach party, to Christmas party...hey, there's a pattern here! You girls are all about parties, eh?


Well Violet, I think you and your helpful friends will be rewarded...

We have gathered the sweetest collection of Christmas dresses.

The Little Darling world is filled with such talented dress designers!

I don't dare look at Ebay or Etsy at this time of year!

It's all I can do to Love the photos of other pretty LD's in my fav dolly groups.

Something might be for sale! Move along!


Violet is showing me a white sweater she thinks might fit her.

The Iple girls don't have many clothes at all, poor things. 

Go ahead, Vi! The little girls won't mind.

You've been so good to them!

And speaking of little girls, here's Maggie and Jiyoon, ready to help all their friends find something that suits them!

And it looks like Violet has found something Christmasy and pretty for you two!

The girls take a minute to explore the Playroom.

Maggie notices the beautiful red Christmas dress with golden bow,


high on the dress form at the back.

They admire the Christmas tree.

And check all the choices Violet has laid out.


Jiyoon and Maggie put on their simple Christmas dresses.

And say thank you to Violet for all her work.


Way to go, girls. Such little darlings!

Get sorted, girls!

Here come your friends!


Indira, Anna Zoey, and Pearl show up...

Anna Zoey dons a pretty Erin Green dress with a red trim.

Pearl gets to wear Nataliya's cream knit dress. Love it!

We'll find a ribbon for you, Pearl!


And those two are gone, leaving Indira, still hunting.

Next it's Chantal and Fig, fresh from the path to the Playroom.

It doesn't take long for them to find their Christmas dresses, and they are gone.

And in come our trio Evie, Scout and Lula!

Still in school clothes, Halloween party clothes!

This should be fun!

Gossamer comes to help her bff Indira, still going through choices on the carpet.

Gossamer, still in her Halloween blacks, has to find something special too!


Okay girls! You are your own for a while!

I have to go, it's time for another Art Gallery shift.

I'll leave these girls to their perusing and choosing.


Come back to see what's next!

It won't be long!


Birdy Visits the Arts Gallery!

Birdy's ready for Christmas!

So our little early bird got to visit our Pop Up Gift Shop at our little local Art Gallery!


While the rest of the girls were meeting up on their way to to get Christmas ready, Birdy was lucky to get popped in our satin dolly travel bag and taken to the old Courthouse.


And there she enjoyed silk flowers, winter photos, a deluxe bird house, shell wreaths, and the best of all...


Little white felt birds!



She doesn't know it, but one of those little birds is coming home to Dolltown!

A Christmas memory gift for Birdy and the girls!


November Little Darling Meet Up!

Fig is waiting for her friends.

They are on their way to Dolltown Abbey and this is a favorite stop near the cozy farmhouse. 


We like it as a meet up place because we have Dolltowners staying at the farm, peeking out the window to make sure the children are safe and no one runs off into the snowy woods after a bunny or a fox.


But all the girls are on a mission...

Christmas dresses!


Jiyoon has invited her bff Maggie, and Fig here, Chantal, Pearl, Anna Zoey, and the other Little Darlings to get dressed up for Christmas time.


And this meet up place is half way to the Iples home, Dolltown Abbey, where Jiyoon will lead her friends to her Playroom...


Where is everybody, Fig?


First to meet up are Maggie and Jiyoon!

The girls have been busy at school, studying their dictionaries and atlases, spinning their globes...

And here's Chantal, just finished her singing lessons.

Fig greets her bff...

They all talk about their favorite Christmas songs while they wait.

Joy to the World! Jingle Bells! 

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Fig and Chantal are going to perform one of the favorites in a Christmas Concert!

Better get those pretty dresses on!

Vikka arrives to hurry up Jiyoon and Maggie,

so they can get the Christmas dresses ready in the Playroom.

Vikka says the Iple girls have laid out the choices!



Fig and bff Chantal wave to their buddies, and wait for who's next.

It's Anna Zoey and Pearl!

They've come straight from school too! Math and music classes...

The girls are all learning to read music at school.


There's lots of chat with music expert Chantal about 4/4 time, quarter notes and half notes.

Anna Zoey is amazed at how mathematical music is!

 Who knew, she says!

Fig, Chantal, Anna Zoey, and Pearl wait together for more Little Darlings to join them on the path.


Should we wait too?

Or should we follow Jiyoon and Maggie to the Playroom, to see the Christmas dresses?


Halloween Sleepover in the Big House

These two Little Darlings came back with me from the school classroom party.

In witch hats and spider web dresses! 

When it was time to give out Halloween treats at our door, they were there to cheer me on...

Gossamer loves dressing up as a witch. She says she is a wiccan. What?

And Rosa is friendly to spiders, being a little gardener...

Thanks, Gossamer!

Now get some sleep!

Tomorrow is November!


Happy Halloween!

Everyone is arriving!

Time to dim the lights and hand out candy!


Have a safe night, everyone!


Get ready for the Halloween Party! At School!

Oh the excitement!

Clear the schoolroom!

The Little Darlings get to plan a Halloween party for all their friends. 


Now what is needed for a good Halloween Party? The girls write it up on the empty classroom chalkboard...


Let the party planning begin!



Here we go! The list...

Decorations, food, costumes, candy, and invite guests!

These girls have the decorating on the go.

Maggie, Chantal, Birdy, and Pearl with our Halloween sparkle tree of course.

And pumpkins, ribbons, hats and fall garlands...

Anna Zoey brings candy baskets and our big spider. Ew, we love him.

And Lula and Scout arrive with Skeleton,

a must for a Halloween party.

Invited guest? Or decoration? Leave him to the decorators!

Lula and Scout leave to find the candy.

And Xennia and Tink show up early, decorated themselves!

Bony down there, Skeleton?

Nothing like a soft dolly lap to cradle a bare skull...

Looks good, girls!

Looks party ready! 


Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Dolltown's Lula Star, saying Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!


School Time in Dolltown!

School time in Dolltown!


The Little Darlings are all dressed for school in their pleats, plaids, and cozy knits.


They've been busy with all their classes and now it's Fall.


And it's Canadian Thanksgiving, so the girls are talking about what they are thankful for!


First of course, harvest, yummy food, forest paths...


Here's Maggie with a beautiful autumn leaf!

"I love Fall! I am thankful for all the pretty trees!", says Maggie.

"Let's all share!", says Birdy.

"I am thankful for my friends at school!"

"Thinking...", says Anna Zoey.

"I am thankful for school!" says Pearl.

"I am thankful for singing club." says Chantal.

"I am thankful for nice teachers", says Indira.

"I am thankful for art class!", says Jiyoon.

"And let's all be thankful for Thanksgiving!"



Lovely. But we are missing some of the girls!


Where are they?


Tree Climbing with Indira and Gossamer

Gossamer and Indira take part in a Dolltown tradition, tree climbing in the garden!


A favorite tree to tackle is the apple tree with baskets and leather work hanging from the branches...


Many of the Dolltowners have climbed this tree because it has structures close by to scramble up to raech the many branches.


The two Little Darlings in their jeans and sweaters embark on the adventure!


Hold on tight, girls!

We don't want ANY scratches!

Hang on!

What! A moose?

A moose in a basket in a tree?

Now there's something you don't see very often!

The girls were VERY excited to see a moose up in the apple tree!

So, they ran in to tell me all about it!


So sweet. Of course, it was me who put the surprise in the tree basket for the girls to find!

Now they'll go back to the other Little Darlings to recount the story. Fun!

Now, I better get that moose down before it starts to rain!


Dolltowner Girls at the Beach!

First of all, let's see what happened to our lifeguards...


Catrine and Drac did much better as the safety crew for the Little Darlings day at the beach than we could have imagined!


Talk about earning their keep! Who knew they could be so useful.

 They usually sleep all day, and rise as the sun goes down! (So we don't see much of them.)


They've been up for hours!


After the little girls left the beach, these two explored the charms of the sandy beach, something they had never experienced!

Jade J'adore arrives and the gossiping begins...

Let's take this opportunity to take a few photos!

2012 Monster High Catrine DeMew...took refuge in Dolltown early on!

Arriving in a pack of stick thin dolls, we believe this is a Monster High Draculaura...


Literally bought at our local grocery store, 2012 Bratzillaz Jade J'adore.

These girls just got livelier as the sun went down....

The next day, the beach was deserted until Owl showed up.

(She arrived in the bag of dolls with Draculaura, but we have never discovered what kind of doll she is. Anyone?)

A crowd of girls arrived, ready for a day of play and swimming...

1968 Ideal Toy Corporation Crissy

1980's Tomy Kimberley

Paola Reina Les Amigas Liu, our Ling

Paola Reina Les Amigas Dasha, our Kwilla

Paola Reina Les Amigas (little witch), our Undeen

Thanks to the big girls, Crissy and Kimberley, for looking after the little Amigas!

Such fun, to have these girls come out for a fun day in the sun!


Meanwhile, the other children are getting ready for school...


Little Darling Beach Day, Part Two!

We found the missing Little Darling bff's!


Now we can have some swimming fun, with our Monster High Lifeguards keeping all the girls safe! 


Where were the missing girls?

Well, we discovered Xennia and Tink up to mischief!

We caught them earlier in the summer at the top of our garden chiminea!



The first time, they were sent to their room, and given a lecture about safety and the dangers of dolly scrapes, scratches, and broken limbs. 

But here they were again, at the base of the chiminea, ready to climb!


Fun overrides safety with these two...

After a talking to, I picked them up by the scruffs of their little necks and brought them back to the beach...

 For more fun!

But under the watchful eyes of our two MH Lifeguards...

And all the rest of our Little Darlings!

And we picked up Gossamer and bff Indira, waving to passersby in the front yard...

How nice! How friendly!

But now they must get a lecture, on the dangers of abduction!

Later though. 

For now, Scout, with the long red hair, is checking out Gossamer,

with her silvery long locks.

They bond, chatting about tangles, and the best hairties for silky hair.

This is Gossamer's first Beach Day in Dolltown.

The girls share memories of last year's day at the Ocean Beach!

Then Lula says, "Time for a swim!"

Go for it, girls!

The Monster High lifeguards are back at their station.

Xennia and Tink are with us, where they should be.

And everyone plays in the warm summer sun...

See MH Catrina DeMew chatting with...her bff?

They have a little time because all the Little Darlings are playing nicely!


Uh oh!

Aira has arrived. And that means our Beach Day is done!

"Time to get ready for school!", Aira says.

I can't say the Little Darlings ran to get their school garb on, but Aira did manage to get them back to our studio, with all the sand brushed off their feet.


And I have their fall plaids laid out...


Now, back to our previous story to add the girls' names!


Little Darling Beach Day!

Birdy and bff Rosa are ready for our Beach Day!


Just in the nick of time before school starts! The girls have been playing in the garden, running through sprinklers, making mud pies in the garden, climbing the trees to get to the bird houses, shaking down the plums and pears.

But finally we packed up ready for a whole beach day.


Of course that means "photos first"...


So here's the Little Darlings, ready for some beach fun.



Anna Zoey


Tink and Xennia






Lula Star


Okay! We are going to stop here for now.

Two reasons!

Where did Tink and Xennia go in such a hurry? They didn't even stay for their own photos! I'm suspicious!

Also, where are Gossamer and Indira? 

Nowhere to be found!

I hope someone's watching over them!

Gotta go and leave these girls in the skinny hands of our Monster High Life Guards!


"We'll lifeguard for you!", said the Intrepid Trio.


Ummm, thanks!


Get Ready for the Dolltown Beach Day!

Almost ready for the Dolltown Beach Day!


Our Monster High girls have volunteered to be the Lifeguards....



They are as thin as a twig!

They can't stand the sun!

How did this happen?

Who was in charge of getting our volunteers for the day?


I have got to ask how they ended up as our life saving unit for kids bigger than they are.

And did they take the course?

Aira arrives to explain.

Once again Aira is taking charge of a Dolltown event!

I am so impressed with our Iples, getting all involved.

You mean it was you, Aira, who recruited the Monster Highs?


Birdy comes to check if it's Beach Time!

Yep, Birdy! Go get the girls! 

We'll wait!

Beautiful day... Lots of sun...

Aira goes to help the girls,

but doesn't notice little Lilac Moon's hug was a little...bare.

Lilac Moon! Where's your clothes?

You'll get a sunburn in all the wrong places!

Lucky Catrine is quick on her feet, and saves the day.

Well, that's a good start, Monster High girls!

Here they come!

It's Birdy and buddy Rosa!

We love our new bathing suits! These lucky girls got to wear them first!

Now we are all excited to get this photoshoot going!

Uh oh. Looks like we've lost the Lifeguards!

They heard us saying, "Photoshoot before swimming!".

I think they've gone to finish their favorite Monster High Movie...


Birdy and Rosa! Where are the rest of your Little Darling buddies?

Coming? Good!

Stay tuned for lots of little Darlings!