Dolltown December 2018

Conner in Detroit, Christmas 2018

Little Darling doll in Detroit

Conner and her Detroit friends say hi!


Dolltown's Little Darling, Conner, was sent to the Fashion Doll Stylist's Design School for Girls, in Detroit.


This is Conner's 2nd Christmas there, and she is loving it! Conner checks in to say hi to her Dolltown friends... 


Thanks, April! It is so fun to see Conner's life there at the Design School. We can see she is in the thick of the action with all the gorgeous Fashion Dolls!


And Conner has her own buddies! A diverse group of April's family dolls.


Our girls here are pouring over the pics...

Little Darling doll in Detroit

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Little Kish and Iplehouse Violet at Christmas

Our Kish, from beloved doll designer Helen Kish,

came to the Magic Library at Christmas time with her little friends.


After her friends left Kish stays to admire the decorations and imagines she is Clara in the ballet The Nutcracker.


Pretty Iplehouse Violet comes to see the tree and visit with Pink Nutcracker and the other Christmas characters.


And spends a sweet moment with little Kish.


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Dolltown Little Girls

Dolltown Little Girl Dolls

The Dolltown little girls are from a variety of doll designers!


Collecting this bunch was a lot of fun!

As Dolltown was opening its doors to gather friends, I was pouring over eBay and other sources on the Internet. What a blessing that is when you live in a place that has only a couple of shelves of dolls to choose from.

And I was on the lookout for dolls from some of the beloved doll designers.

As I unpacked these girls, when they showed up in their designer boxes, I was able to see for myself why these doll artists have such a following.


So let's show them off here...more photos to show the different characteristics of these little girl dolls. 

I love them all, and each for her own appealing qualities.

Dolltown Little Girls Dolls
Dolltown Little Girl Dolls

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Dolltown Little Girls Christmas 2019

Dolltown Little Girls Christmas 2019

It's Whoopi!

Whoopi arrived in Dolltown after an extended hunt in the doll world for more diversity.


In Dolltown we have lots of diversity in doll shapes, skin colors, materials, eye sizes, expressions... But still we noticed that, just like in the community around us, we have more of some than others.


This is a Berenguer doll. I have 3 very cute baby Berenguers, from a hunt for Dolltown babies, but I had never run across older girls like Whoopi here. 


We all fell in love with this girl, even if she does have trouble tilting her head to look at others. Not much down or up head motion. But almost a smile! That is very good. We like smilers in Dolltown...


But let's see who is coming to keep Whoopi company. There is quite a bunch of little girls...

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Little Darlings and Their Boy Friends....

Little Darlings and Their Boy Friends

Everyone knows that Badger has a big crush on Scout.

Scout finds Badger useful to her schemes of saving the world, or the saving the earth, or stopping poverty, or whichever cause is topmost on her mind.


It's hard to keep up with Scout and her good deeds. So I am thankful that she has bff's to help her. Lula and Evie are gogetters.


And Badger is very good at taking direction, with a smile on his face!


He has brought Scout a gift. Scout finds his gifts useful...usually trading them in for foodbank items for the local foodbank. Just down the street from Dolltown! And she gets Badger to help her pack them... I admire Scout.

Little Darlings and Their Boy Friends
Little Darlings and Their Boy Friends

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Happy Holiday from Dolltown!

Iplehouse BJD Violet wishes Happy Holiday!

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday!


Christmas and the Little Darlings 2018

Christmas and the Little Darlings 2019
Priscilla, Anna Zoey, and bjd Violet

The Dolltown Little Darlings are ready for the Christmas festivities, dressed in their sparkles, ruffles, red and green.


Ribbons, lace and friendship...


Everyone shares in Dolltown, and this year it is Anna Zoey's turn to wear this classic Christmas dress.


Priscilla and beautiful BJD Violet approve. And now Priscilla is on her way to the Community Center, where other Dolltowners have gathered for a Christmas Feast.

And Violet gets to come back to the Main Hall, to greet visitors...


Let's see all the Little Darlings, before they go...

Christmas and the Little Darlings 2019
Christmas and the Little Darlings 2019

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It's Christmas! Time to Set the Scene!

The Little Darlings are getting dressed, donning their Christmas best.


We are setting up the Magic Library...the tree, lights and decorations, Christmas Angel Teddy, Little Tree Top Angel, and Pink Sparkle Nutcracker, new to Dolltown.


And a Golden Gift Box... (What could be in it? Even I don't know. It's a Christmas gift.)


Priscilla and beautiful bjd, Violet, come by for scene testing. Thanks!

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