Dolltown March 2019

Meet Ups at the Dolltown Bridge

Oh good!

The little girls are back.


The Dolltown Bridge is a great meet up place for the children. The little girls are greeting the Little Darling friends who are passing through. 


They've heard Tink is on her way. So we've woken Xennia to come meet up with her buddy.


And we are expecting Birdy and Rosa to show up from their trip to the garden.

And they are going to gather the Little Darlings for a very special time up at the Dolltown Abbey meadow.



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Meanwhile, Birdy, Rosa and Xennia...

Birdy and Rosa are in the garden...


While the rest of the Little Darlings are ready for meet ups at the Dolltown Bridge, these bff's are on a reconnaissance mission.


The Dolltown children have been invited to the Dolltown Abbey Meadow to celebrate Spring...


That means bright baskets, bunnies, flowers, chocolate eggs! 


Birdy and Rosa have dressed for the occasion_ Birdy in an Easter Egg dress, and Rosa with flowers on her sunny sweater.


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Now the Little Darlings at the Bridge

It's the Intrepid Trio!


Little Darlings Scout, Evie, and Lula join the little girls on the Dolltown Bridge. This meet up place usually means adventures lie ahead!


And this adventurous trio have donned jeans and runners. 


So, I wonder what these three are up to, and where they are going!


And who else is coming to the Bridge?

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Oiya and Friends on the Bridge

Here's Oiya in her jeans and favorite checked shirt!

And with little friends Fancy Nancy and Phoebe, she is the first to arrive at a favorite destination, the Dolltown  Bridge. Many meet ups happen here...

Even Gabby and Priscilla!


Today, the girls are waiting for more friends, ready for outdoor adventures.

Phoebe in her cap hat, and Fancy Nancy with a back pack...

I wonder what's in that back pack?


Heidi Plusczok
Fancy Nancy

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