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 On this Hiya Dolly site, almost all my blog posts start on my Home page, then are archived in months.  (Presently behind!)

Now there is a Blog page, with the blogs in categories...


Some posts only end up on my page, The Others. I allow myself more focus on the adult bjd's there.


I also sort my posts to show up on the different pages, so the Home page is varied in topic, but you can narrow your reading focus if you want to, like posts on The Little Darlings, or Fashion posts.


My posts are varied, but all of them give a little info about what I am up to. And offer up a little history about my own doll process, what is going on here in Dolltown, and what I have learned from others. I allow myself to jump around, to reach back for photo shoots I did in another season and to talk about different dolls that arrived at different times.


But mostly my blog posts are current, and give an insight into Dolltown today...

Going back to older posts just might help give a little context to stories I tell today.

So feel free to peruse and add comments to older posts!

2015 Blog Posts

Hiya Dolly Site started March 2015...

Blog started June 2015...

June 2015

On Doll Collections...

Doll Collecting

July 2015

Choosing a Doll For Your Collection

Doll Scales and Sizes

Sticking to a...Summer Wardrobe

Suzy Ireland, Master Quilter

Is it Just Me...Car Rides?

Dolls...72 Hour Survival Pack List

I'm Going To The Wall

Ode to Tomi Jane, Doll Dressmaker...

Some of My Dolls Are Psychic

August 2015

Danny Choo's Mirai...

Dolls Are Like Pets, Sort Of

The Lines Are Blurring

My dress Has Pretty Flowers

Pachom Photo Shoot

New Doll From Togo, Africa

My Dolls All Have Names

It's All About The Wigs

Paola Reina Dolls From Spain

Wishes for Bows

Pants for the Boys

September 2015

Pants for the boys


A silent baby photo story

Change their eyes

Waiting for Noddy

Dianna Effner Little Darlings

eBay Rescues

Yes, I Do Have Barbies

Ana's Alphabet Book A to Z

October 2015

The Porcelains



Rain Or Gold

Louie Fisher, Business Doll

Boys in The Library

Catrine Demew  is at Dolltown Abbey

How Did Dolltown Begin?

Little Darlings... Library

Waiting for Lee

LD's At the Pumpkin Patch


October 2015 Cont'd

Meet at The Fall Tree


The Children Gathering

The Iples Photo Shoot

Lee Gives Miley...Cape

Zoey...as The Witch


Also check The Others Blog for more of the bjd's Halloween


 November 2015

Doll Fashion

Ana and Tink on a Trip

Doll Romance

Christmas Play...What?

Today We Remember

Lula Off to Australia

Winter Clothes, World Events

Ana...to Eve

Dolltown Community Dolls

Doll Dressmakers

December 2015

Little Darlings Christmas Dress Up

The BJD's 1st Christmas! 

Christmas with Mercy...lovely!

Will gets a Makeover

Brian Takes a Shine to Scout

The Children at Christmas

Dickens Gets a Change of Clothes

December 2015 Contd

Books at Christmas, With Dolls!

 Lula Has An Instagram Page!

 Scout Recruits Brian, er, Badger

Christmas Shopping

Terri Lees in the Winter Park


Happy New Year, Everyone!

2016 Blog Posts

January 2016

 Into the Year 2016, Dollings

Hi! I'm Faith

Snow Day in Dolltown

Little Ones' Snow Day

Marionette Don Quixote

Ellowynes in the Ballroom

Getting to Know Pearl

February 2016

Silent Ballroom Dance Story

Tonner Men Fashion

Ernie Welcomes New Arrivals

First Nations Ernie's Family

Get Dressed for the Valentine's Party!

The Accessories Wall

Dolltown Babies! 

Barbies in Dolltown

Children in the Pink Room

Little Darling Makeovers

March 2016

Uley, Oiya, and the Birdhouse

Tink, Makeover Again

Dolls Visit

Ellowynes in the City

Gabby Learns to Take Selfies

LD Twinzy Spring Dresses

Body Change for Ellowynes

Last Spring, the Terri Lees

April 2016

Priscilla to the Talking Room

Dolls Babysitting

Look Who Has Arrived!

Greet the Originals

Asa's Room

Asa Plans her Open House

Asa and Kasma Clown

Asa and the LD's

Rest Time for Asa

Will and Conner Meet Up

Two Dolly Match Ups

Jester Jim and Don Quixote

The Boys Visit Asa

Tomi Jane Bid on eBay

May 2016

Gabby and the Girls with Asa

What Has Asa Done to Priscilla?

Little Girls Returning

One Last Change, Asa

Asa and the Community

June 2016

LD's at the Garden Store

Tonner Men Waiting

Pop Up Shop

Terra and Friends

City Girl and Country Girl

World Doll Day

Ellowynes Meet Up

Penny for Maggie's Thoughts

Meanwhile, the Boys...

Tink, Xennia...

Ballet Recital

Lula Star in Australia

Okay Girls, I need Help!

July 2016

Canada Day

Play On, Chantal!

Shopping With Evie!

Everyone is Read...Stage

Dolltown Awards Begin

Dolltown Awards

Surprise Awards

Meanwhile, Leau...Errands

Dolltown Awards is Done!

But Wait! That's a Sasha!

Uh Oh, What's Happened to Birdy?

Prepare the Ice Cream Party!

Dolltown Ice Cream Party Begins!

Ice Cream Party, Part Two

Miley and Ballerina

Dolltown Children and Ice Cream

Vera in the Garden

Tonner Linda McCall, our Vera