Doll Dressmakers and Sources...

Always in Progress...adding more info as we go!

Valentine, our Dolltown stylist, is putting together the variety of styles and sources for this page.


Thank goodness I have a team to help me with Hiya Dolly! I'd never get it all done myself. (What?)

Dressmakers and Companies

who provide for a variety of dolls...


On eBay wndyfnp

Purple Swirl

LD white sweater

Doll Sources by height/kind

10" Tonner Patsy, Linda McCall, Berdine Creedy

Namesake Dolls on eBay

Lots of patterns and colors for simple dresses and boleros

I have ordered lots of the basics from Kathy Groulx at TKCT Crafts


Iplehouse bjd clothes are very well made. I don't have a KID or JID size but ordered anyway for my (approximate) 10" dolls

14" Betsy and Barbara McCall

11" Agnes Dreary

Tonner itself!

11" Berenguer

12' Tiny Shawl Dancer

12" Barbies

A local Barbie Dressmaker... Let me find her name...


If you want to see fabulous Barbie couture, be sure to visit April's Blog, Fashion Doll Stylist

You can't buy it, BUT she has tutorials on how to make some of her designs. Great stuff!

14" Disney Toddler

The Disney Toddler Princesses can wear the pretty sundresses of the Little Darlings!

16" Ellowynes

17" BJD

eBay clothes for 1/4 bjd's


And Iplehouse for quality clothes

18" Dolls



(Kimberley is about 16")

22" American Glamour

This is a beautiful lined dress from eBay jadepennicreation


And there are beautiful Tonner clothes for this 22" doll!

24" Iplehouse SID

24" Iplehouse EID

Little Darlings

Several favorites here!

All on eBay...

Red and Green plaid dress from calicocloset

White cardigan from randonne2012

Blue snowflake dress from tkctcrafts

Plaid jumper outfit from kalendesigns

Tights from wendyfnp

All boots in this photo  from bsskid

Carol Pringle's very cute themed outfits!

We chose the rodeo outfits...


Check Carol's clothes for Little Darlings and other sizes on her Flickr page.

Contact Carol:

Nataliya's beautiful knit dresses! I got a bundle from her shop on eBay.

Dresses and those adorable net skirts...


Admired on Pinterest for months and months!!

Lovely source!

Linda at amgirliam on eBay


Variety of cute styles!

Love this kilt set!

And sweaters on the way! Yay!

TKCT Crafts

Kathy Groulx


I love love love these basic dresses from Kathy!

Wonderful basics from Pachom Suesewan

eBay pachom10


Also chomdesigns


See more Pachom...

Pretty full-skirted dresses from Joyce at 



Several sizes, lots of patterns!

Several pieces from France, My Little Love



More items from My Little Love...

Wonderful Worlds

This eBay store helped dress Dolltown. We call these tshirt knit outfits our yoga clothes.

Namesake Dolls on eBay

Lots of patterns and colors for simple dresses and boleros

Tonner's Betsy McCall

Calico Closet!

Very cute outfits, often with a prop, like a clipboard or a tennis racket

I really wanted to get sweater dresses! So when I found this adorable dress I took the plunge and bought four. One left for Australia with Lula...

Fifi from France makes these, and they are available on eBay at fifi7057

Fifi has some cute items on there right now!

Tomi Jane makes the most exquisite clothes. And we are so lucky to have several here in Dolltown...



Flickr... Tomi Jane


 And Tomi has a shop on Etsy, dolltimes, but not sure when she posts!

Randonne sweaters

Erin Green

Here is a beautiful dress from Erin Green's shop on ebay: Darling Lil' Bee.
Erin makes a variety of styles, using both lovely and cute patterns. She recently set up a web page to show off her work and make it available to those with dolls to dress. Darling Lil' Bee Diminutive Doll Designs 
~ a webstore with clothing, shoes and wigs for Dianna Effner's Little Darling dolls
We have several of Erin's dresses here in Dolltown! 
The latest is a Christmas dress. Beautiful!


 Alison Austin's creative creations...

This fall outfit is so cute, and made up of several creative pieces.

Love the soft boots!


Here's Tink in a Monique Roxy wig...




Paola Reina outfits...


This coat came on a Paola Reina Amigas doll

Here are the little jumpers featured Nov 28 from Kalen at kalendesigns.


Made from fine wale corduroy, the purple jumper set is perfect for fall and winter, with its hat and cream stockings. It also includes a puffed sleeve blouse that will be great all spring and summer.


sveta1904 on eBay






Linda at amgirliam


Fall outfit coming!

Carolyn Gebert's pretty doll clothes are at Kooky Kardinal on Etsy.

Carolyn sews for AG's, Kidz n Cats, and other sized dolls.

If we are lucky we'll see more for Little Darlings. I love this little blue outfit from Carolyn!

I would just LOVE to have one of her short sets!

Bright and colorful!


Maggie and Kate Create


What cute outfits Maggie and Kate create! I love the colors they put together for their versatile clothes!


Tink is wearing a summer froggy outfit...and it took us weeks to get her out of it!

Shoes and Accessories

Monique wigs and shoes from Dotti Gesford


Dotti has a Flickr page showing some of the wig styles... Cute!



Really cute boots...


Wish List...

Maggie and Kate Create

Doll Fashion Gallery

Tomi Jane!

Doll Dressmaker/Designer Rock Star!

In my humble opinion...


I just had to pop in a photo here, with Pearl in a beautiful spring dress in the middle of our northern winter...

Because it just arrived!


And I had to see it on one of my own little dollies.


And as soon as it's on, Pearl poses just like a Tomi Jane Little Darling! Well, almost.


More story in my newsletter this week...Jan 21.

Like, why am I so excited?

And how did I get ahold of it?

And can you believe I have 2 of them?

Update: 4!  2 Sets


Check out Tomi Jane's Flickr pages for a wonderful experience...if you are a doll fashion aficionado like I am.