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Fashion in Dolltown...

Doll collecting!

For some, that means once you have a doll, pristine and new (or even second hand), that means all you have to do is find a dark space with no dust.

No dress changes.

No accommodating seasonal weather.

No photo adventure shoots requiring jeans and a Tshirt....


But for some of us, collecting dolls means that almost every doll gets clothes, clothes for spring, summer, fall, and winter.

At least for those of us in four season climates.


And the dolls need some special outfits, like for Halloween or party time, or exploring or traveling!


The Doll Fashion Pages are dedicated to the clothing and accessories that make the Dolls here in Dolltown action ready. And there's a whole page of a fashion shoot showing Montreal's Pachom's versatile and pretty basics.

And the wigs! Part of fashion, for sure!

There's some catching up to do. I have to research my sources. And we have already had many photo shoots.


But a few favorites have been featured already. And I will include photos of outfits to help me focus my searches....


If you are a dolly dressmaker, especially those of you who sell on eBay and Etsy,

and you see an outfit here, unidentified, and you know it's yours, drop me a line!




Ana and Tink on a Trip to Salt Spring Island

How lucky are these two dollies!

They were invited on a trip to Salt Spring Island, off the coast of beautiful BC. Aunt Jacalyn was on a jaunt and decided she could handle a troop of dollies. Well, four. Barbie and Matt got to go too. But that's another story!

It was very exciting for Ana and Tink. They saw sights like the Pacific Ocean for the first time....

And they met lots of Auntie Jackie's relatives who treated them to cakes, sodas, and hot dogs.

No wonder they look so happy in Aunty's photos! 

And the capper was a plane ride at the Abbotsford Airport.  The girls loved it so much they begged Auntie for an airplane to bring home to Dolltown!  What!! 

Aunt Jacalyn used her negotiating skills and got a plane for a song when she convinced the owner they didn't need the pilot. The dolls figured out how to fly it themselves.

Turn this knob, pull this lever...

You can imagine that was a big hit when they returned to Dolltown! Dolltown has its own plane now.

 Now THAT is a successful doll trip!


Ana and Tink fly their own plane!


Doll Romance...what's up with that?

Here are all four dollies hanging onto the dashboard on the drive through the mountains!

Well, Matt heard that Aunt Jacalyn was taking along a brand new out-of-the-box Barbie on her trip to Salt Spring Island. And new Barbie has two dogs. Matt loves dogs. So he snuck into Ana and Tink's dolly bag....

By the time Auntie Jackie discovered the stowaway it was too late. They were on the road. (From the bag, Tink's little voice...Auntie Jackie, can we come out now? Please? There might be a moose beside the road!) So, Matt got to come out of the bag not long after their departure.

And sure enough, there was a pretty blonde to keep company. And dogs to play with. Matt got to enjoy the drive through the mountains, the ferry ride, walks along the beach. And a memorable campfire evening after Ana and Tink had gone to bed.

These photos below are very dark!

Matt and Barbie seemed to be moving

farther away from the light.

"Where are you two?" Aunt Jacalyn had to call. 

The humans paid little attention to the dolls at the campfire. They had their own fun happening. And, after all, the little ones were in bed.

And Barbies are adult dolls.  They can make their own choices. Well, up to a point. (Exactly how did Matt get into that bag?)

Never mind that Matt has a girl at home that he is fond of.

He wanted an adventure.

Nobody talks much about the morals of dolls. Dolls seem to go by their own rules. Sometimes even avoiding the standards that their own humans go by.

Doll owners can become a little confused.  (And ask questions like...Did I leave those dolls naked again? I thought I dressed them!)

But however the doll morals issue plays out, we do know that Matt and Playtime Barbie, as he discovered her name was, enjoyed their island holiday immensely.

And we also know that Matt has been doing a lot of texting since he got home, with a smile lingering around his doll mouth.

And he asks, when I go out to the Doll Studio, where he lives in his basket, if Aunt Jacalyn and her dolly and dogs are coming by...

What's it to ya? I say, a little shortly. Checking the expression of our own pretty blonde Barbie beside him.

I am a little confused...

I want my dolls to be happy.

Sometimes that means sorting out my personal moral compass,

and checking if it, in any meaningful way, applies to Dolls.

And...which dolls?

(No, not Witch Dolls! Don't further muddy the muddy water. We are struggling here.)

I'll let you know when I have resolved this moral issue.

And in the meantime I'd better go and check The Others.

Now THERE'S a group that dances to the beat of a different drummer, morals wise.

It's all I can do to keep up.

We are talking having to dress dolls Every Morning.

I'm just saying....


Christmas play...what?!

Tink, Tink, Tink...

What are we going to do with you?


You got to wear Alison's fabulous Fall outfit first.

Someone said you looked like an elf.

Then someone said we should have elves in the Christmas play. 

And here you are, ready.


You are going back to school to study Time, Calendars, and the concept of Waiting.


And change into your school clothes so another dolly can try on that outfit!


Thank you Alison Austin! We love this mix of felt, cotton, leather, beads, and decorative metal closures!


You make. We play!

One of Tink's favorite pastimes...




Today we remember...

It's November 11 today.


We stop and think about all the people, creatures, land...past and present...involved in conflict.


And peace.


Take care of each other...


What a comfort dolls are to little children during scary times. Dolls help...


Lula is off to Australia...

Well, Lula convinced Lani to take her to Australia...

It all started back in October, on the infamous trip to Vancouver, when Lani was packing up her apartment ready to move to Australia to be with her Tasmanian, Fin.  And Lula was there to help.

Lula still didn't have an answer when Lani arrived for a last visit.

By this time, Owen, who is very fond of Lula, adventure, and wild things, was hoping he could tag along.

With only a day left before Lani's departure, Lula and Owen gathered some traveling clothes and settled in beside the front door.

Well, Lula had a few clothes ready. Owen had an empty backpack and the clothes he was in...

Lani looked sadly at them and said...I just don't have the room.

Lula and Owen were crestfallen.

Then Lani said, well maybe one...

And Lula knew she was in.

Owen would have to wait for his own adventure.

He gave Lula his backpack to take with her...

Scout is put out.

Or she's really sad.

It's hard to tell with Scout.


We hope to hear of Lula's adventures in the "outback" of Melbourne soon...

Oh Lula, I hope they homeschool you a little.

Start with geography. Get a map.

All of us at Dolltown want to wish Lula, and Lani, best wishes on their Great Adventure!

Stay in touch!


Winter Clothes...and World Events

Well, we have had our first snow here and it was time to get some warm clothes on...

The girls met at the park for a walk in the new snow.

Even little Gabby got to come along!


Scout and Eve are wearing two new and very cute knit dresses from a doll dressmaker from France.

After the flurry of Lula and Lani's departure, I noticed a little bonus gift tucked in with the dresses. A tiny Eiffel tower necklace.

I sad about the events in Paris.

And a little reminder even in the doll world...

I love Little Darling sweater dresses.

3 Comments Eve


As herself- Ana, the UFDC Shared Passions 2014 Convention doll.

She was my 1st Little Darling and I just love her. But once Zoey arrived, Ana's prototype, it freed me up to experiment.

Ana was the star of my new eBook, published on Amazon in late September:

Ana's Alphabet Book A to Z

Ana's gone...for now.

Ana has changed into's a makeover!!

So, a "new" doll has arrived.

 For now, Eve has just slipped comfortably into the photo scenes.


Dolltown's story is that Ana is away on an Assignment.

But Ana was pretty popular and the girls will miss her.

And then Lula moved to Melbourne. That's two dolls gone in one week!

Call in the counsellors!


Thanks to Sharon From Spain's advice, I added extra eyelashes and filled in and softened her eyebrows.

I gently pried off her glued on wig and popped on a soft Jojo wig, then trimmed it to a blunt bob. 

I used sharpened watercolor pencils as Sharon suggested, for eyelashes and eyebrows. A little change makes a big difference!

And I will order some Judikins Diamond Glaze soon, for Ana/Eve's eyes...

More After...

I  love this different look.

I call this little character Eve.

She'll stay for a while so keep an eye out for her!

And she can switch back to Ana with just a wig change so stay alert!


Dolltown Community Dolls...

We had a photo shoot at the Community Center.

These dolls were happy to get out of their baskets and see a little action. 

We wanted profile pics for the dolls' resumes. We like to keep their curriculum vitae updated to give the dollies the best chance for the best assignments and roles.... 

I'd love to introduce you to all these characters.

BUT! I am completely distracted with a new fix for the Hiya Dolly website.

Disqus comments!

Will I have success installing the codes?

We'll see...

So, in the meantime, enjoy imagining what roles these dolls would play...what would they be saying?

Leave a comment and tell me! lol


Doll Dressmakers

A new-to-us dolly dressmaker, Kalen, has been added to our Favorites List of fashion choices.


 These two warm jumper outfits arrived  from her the other day, just before I changed my Little Darlings into their Christmas dresses. 


It was hard to take these adorable clothes off and switch them out for some red and greens, holly and snowflake themed clothes. And I lOVE Christmas dresses.


But it's a long winter here so the fine wale purple corduroy and the brushed cotton plaid jumpers will be in use again when the holidays are over.


Kalen's eBay store, kalendesigns, was the source for these jumpers. The little tshirt, puffed sleeve blouse, stylish hat and handy cream stockings were a part of the sets. I was happy with the price and combined shipping!


Thanks, Kalen!

As soon as I cash in my Stevia soda cans I'll be back to Kalen's shop!