As herself- Ana, the UFDC Shared Passions 2014 Convention doll.

She was my 1st Little Darling and I just love her. But once Zoey arrived, Ana's prototype, it freed me up to experiment.

Ana was the star of my new eBook, published on Amazon in late September:

Ana's Alphabet Book A to Z

Ana's gone...for now.

Ana has changed into's a makeover!!

So, a "new" doll has arrived.

 For now, Eve has just slipped comfortably into the photo scenes.


Dolltown's story is that Ana is away on an Assignment.

But Ana was pretty popular and the girls will miss her.

And then Lula moved to Melbourne. That's two dolls gone in one week!

Call in the counsellors!


Thanks to Sharon From Spain's advice, I added extra eyelashes and filled in and softened her eyebrows.

I gently pried off her glued on wig and popped on a soft Jojo wig, then trimmed it to a blunt bob. 

I used sharpened watercolor pencils as Sharon suggested, for eyelashes and eyebrows. A little change makes a big difference!

And I will order some Judikins Diamond Glaze soon, for Ana/Eve's eyes...

More After...

I  love this different look.

I call this little character Eve.

She'll stay for a while so keep an eye out for her!

And she can switch back to Ana with just a wig change so stay alert!

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    Jano (Thursday, 19 November 2015 12:46)

    Hi Sharon!
    Yes, thank you for your process!
    It is subtle, and the wig change of course makes a difference.
    And it's true that having my other Ana, my Zoey (Dianna's Zoe like she was pretty much the model for the UFDC Shared Passions First Nations Doll Ana, it looks to me) made it okay to change this Ana. And this is pretty much how I imagined I wanted her to look from the start!
    So thanks again!
    Now...who's next? lol
    The boys!!

  • #1

    Sharon in Spain (Thursday, 19 November 2015 12:35)

    I'm really glad you plucked up the courage to give it a go, Eve looks very cute, not much different from Ana but enough for her to appear to be a different character!
    I look forward to hearing what she gets up to on here!
    Hugs Sharon x