Community Dolls

Community Dolls · 29. August 2019
Almost ready for the Dolltown Beach Day! Our Monster High girls have volunteered to be the Lifeguards...what? And Lilac Moon must think its's a nude beach! Cover her up girls! This is a public space!

Community Dolls · 18. February 2019
Dolltowners love special events, so several of our dolls came to the Pink Room for the Valentine party prep. Kidz n Cats Hal, Disney princesses Rapunzel and Snow White, Valentine the doll stylist...

Community Dolls · 21. January 2019
Little Darling Tink is at the Art Gallery! She got to go and see the art show "Art of Sound" with lots of instruments to play, and art about sound and music. And Tink wore the most colorful hairdo she could find! Love it, Tink!

Community Dolls · 24. December 2018
The Little Darlings are getting dressed, donning their Christmas best. We are setting up the Magic Library... Priscilla and beautiful bjd, Violet, come by for scene testing. Thanks!

Community Dolls · 28. November 2018
Dolltown teacher, Sky, is ready for students! She had help, from Jack and Priscilla. The piano is here! Learning blocks, books, an abacus for counting, the alphabet...

Community Dolls · 21. September 2018
Where are those children? I have called out the guards to find them and bring them back! It's time for and social studies! Off down the Forest Path! It's a rescue operation...

Community Dolls · 03. August 2018
Dolltown's Priscilla has a moment with her own little doll. She promises to be better to her, and carry her properly. Way to go, Priscilla! We are proud of you!

Community Dolls · 01. August 2017
Kim Lasher's Miley and OOAK Ballet Doll Floora are on hand when the Little Darlings bring their friend Kidz n Cats Hal. Will Hal and Miley hit it off?