Little Darlings, Hal, and Miley

Little Darlings Birdy and Rosa! And Jiyoon!


Birdy heard that Miley was enjoying all the boys joining the Little Darlings to see the Eiffel Tower. She heard that Miley was watching all the hook ups, listening to the conversations, and was giggling with Floora about the flower Badger gave Scout...and the looks Chantal and Douglas were giving each other. Hmmm, Birdy thought...


Birdy decided she would bring by their favorite babysitter, Hal. Hal is a very handsome doll. And Birdy thinks maybe Miley and Hal might...like each other. 


So Birdy, Rosa, and friend Jiyoon bring Hal, stay for a few minutes and then they leave Hal there to chat with Miley.


Way to go Birdy! This we have to see!

Wow! Who knew Hal was such a talker!

We thought he was the strong silent type.

He is such a great listener with the children!

Although it is hard to get a word in edgewise with girls like Tink and Gabby around.


Speaking of Gabby, Hal had to leave to look after her and her friends.

But it looked like he was enjoying himself with Miley!

Good thinking Birdy! 

And look at Miley! She is looking positively flustered.

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