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Little Darlings · 31. October 2017
(Okay...backdating now that I have a laptop, with my photos available. Catch up on life in Dolltown!) Lula and Pearl headed out to the Fall Tree early. Half dressed! They couldn't wait to meet up with the other girls! We are coming with your shoes! Wait up! And Lula can't stay. She is off to represent Dolltown at a community event. Shoes required!

16. October 2017
In between Dolltown stories, the girls wait patiently for the action to start... A glimpse into the inner workings of Dolltown itself.

13. October 2017
It's the Little Darlings! During my Hiya Dolly hiatus, the girls had the run of Dolltown. Of course they had their caregivers running after them, making sure they were safe and didn't eat too many caramels francais, or climb too high in the trees... After a while, as the weather turned cool, several of the girls decided it was time to change and get ready for school. So, with a little help, they dug through the boxes and found the sweaters, shirts, and plaids. And they convinced even the...

05. September 2017
Photo flashbacks to 2015, Dianna Effner Little Darlings on Hiya Dolly. Tink in pink!

15. August 2017
Scout discovers a secret about the neighbors! Andy knits toques for charity! And Joan gathers soft toys from locals for orphans! Our good deed trio have to go and see!

10. August 2017
Little Darling Chantal and friend Douglas have liked each other for a long time. Just friendship still, or puppy love?

04. August 2017
Little Darling Jiyoon goes to the Art Gallery! Jiyoon would like to be an artist, and enjoys the photographs and fused glass exhibition.

Community Dolls · 01. August 2017
Kim Lasher's Miley and OOAK Ballet Doll Floora are on hand when the Little Darlings bring their friend Kidz n Cats Hal. Will Hal and Miley hit it off?

29. July 2017
Will, the boys, and Little Darlings Tink and Xennia come to the garden to see the Eiffel Tower! Fun!

27. July 2017
Little Darlings Pearl and Zoey, bring boy buddy Chris to see the completed Eiffel Tower. Chris checks out the model...

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