Dolltown January 2019

Yoga Time with Dolltown Friends...

Lots of dolls and yoga sessions!


But this trio shows up while Indira and Desiree, our 2019 Yoga leaders, take a deserved break.


But these three don't look like they are here for yoga!


"Where's the Karate classes?"


So, what's the story here? In the fall, when I had to order the Little Darlings some tights for the coming cold weather, these girls snuck in and added karate outfits!

Okay, I get it. Who doesn't want a karate uniform? But let's agree that wrapping black hair ribbons around your middles is imaginative play, right?


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Tink - Think Pink...and Yellow and Purple!

Before we finish up our yoga sessions with Indira and bff Desiree...

Look at this!

It's Tink in a pink wig....

Well, the pink is underneath the yellow, turquoise, and purple.


It's not the first time Tink has changed her 'do. But it has been a long time. Lately her pigtails were getting out of hand, and when I took off her pigtail wig to fix it, Tink took the opportunity and popped on this rainbow bubble.


It's so cute!


And it goes so well with the art at our "Art of Sound" Gallery show. 

Like this piece behind her called "Crescendo".

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Time for Yoga, Girls!

Anna Zoey and Pearl arrive to do yoga with Indira and her bff Desiree!


They wear matching purple yoga outfits to do all the poses Indira will show them.


Now, the Dolltown Little Darlings have been doing yoga for years. But since Indira arrived last spring, the girls have become more focused and have learned more poses.

They don't want their dolly limbs to become stiff. And we all know that yoga is calming and good for relaxation. So, the girls are convinced that doing their poses all the time helps them all get along.


Who am I to disagree! We need all the get-along help we can get! Even bff's have tiffs!


After Anna Zoey and Pearl are done their session, more girls come for yoga!

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Yoga Time for the Little Darlings and Friends

Yes! It's Yoga Time!


We love yoga in Dolltown. We believe everyone should know a few poses and stay as limber as possible. 


Now, of course, with some dolls that's problematic.

Even with our enthusiastic Little Darlings it's an issue. 

5 points of articulation means there are a few poses our girls just can't do!

But that doesn't stop them from running to the dressing room and finding all the yoga outfits possible!


And this year, our Indira is leading the yoga classes. Look! she even has her own special outfit!

And Indira has a new bff! She has been a threesome, or foursome with our Little Darling buddies this year.

But ever since April Norton's Little Darling arrived in the fall, Indira has had her own buddy.

They are quite a pair! Our two newest girls....

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