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Canada Day!

On Canada Day Rosa got to go out and about...

Photos all over town!

Rosa was very excited about the fireworks.

It was a long day...


We are working on it! Play on, Chantal!

Special day coming!

Chantal has been invited to play the piano for our special event. She is practising every day so she is ready!


She even has a special musical notes dress, made especially for her by the talented Erin Greene, at lildarlingbee on eBay! Chantal was tickled pink to be able to wear it for this event!

Dianna Effner Little Darling, handpainted by Dianna Effner herself, loves playing piano.

Ellowyne Lizette, our Lissa, is helping Chantal. She is an accomplished player herself, but will be away on some important entrepreneurial business on the day of the event. 

Chantal is getting excited!


They are still choosing a second song to play...any suggestions?

We can't use "We are the Champions" right now...

Dianna Effner Little Darling Doll, handpainted by Dianna Effner,is practising piano for a special event

Chantal took a break from her piano practices with a trip to our Pop Up Shop with Faith, her bff...


Shopping with Evie!

Evie got to come along to our little Pop Up Shop.

While I was busy, she noticed some cute dollies, called "garden fairies", made by a local artist!

Oh yes! I''l go along with that! Go ahead and choose., Evie...

Evie chose the "angel doll" with the red wings.

And then she noticed...birds! Please? she said.

We gotta get home Evie, dear.

Work to do for our special day!



Everyone is ready...Clear the stage!

Yes, Jester Jim!

This is where you will give out your award!

We are all ready!

Uh oh...that trophy stool is in the way!

Is this good? World Doll asks.

She is in charge of the trophies and badges.

Phoebe! Move the stool!

Chantal and Faith need the space for their performance!


The Dolltown Awards Begin!

A musical performance... Imagine!

Phoebe gives the heads up! Let's start!

Chantal and Faith are ready! (So excited!)

A song!

"We may have different ways to think

But it really doesn't matter"

"I know you could reach the top"

"Be the one that you wanna be"

Well done, Chantal and Faith!

And thanks to the World Doll Band!

Music teacher Sky and friend Boneka are perched on the piano,  close by for support!

Zoey and Pearl introduce their friends to the crowd of Dolltowners, and to our online audience! Welcome all!

"We're all caught up in the stream

Of this life"

"Make sure that you won't stop"

"Now sing this with me"

It is time for the Dolltown Awards!

(Stay tuned! Have a lemonade

while the girls and musicians clear off)

Thank you Darin Zanyar, for the song!

Be What You Wanna Be 

Listen to it here, on You Tube!

My girls do, all the time...


Dolltown Awards Day!

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!


We all, here at Hiya Dolly, have a lot of gratitude for ALL the people: doll designers, blog writers, doll photographers, and friends and family who do so much to support the work and play here in Dolltown.


We research dolly info and enjoy and participate in other's blogs, social media, and photos. We gather settings, props, wardrobes, and best of all...DOLLS!



We want to take the opportunity to acknowledge a few of those who have supported Hiya Dolly in one way or another over the last year or two, like April at Fashion Doll Stylist!

We want to say THANKS! to our loyal readers and subscribers! 


Hiya Dolly has a growing number of weekly newsletter subscribers.  Dollygood.News reports on:

  • What's New this week in our own Dolltown
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  • What's New in Fashion in Dolltown

And Miley has her own gossip column!


We want to say THANKS! to our blog readers, our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Pinterest followers.


And thanks to our fabulous dressmakers, like Pachom Suesuwan, in Montreal.


That's Pachom with Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada. I'd love to say that Justin is a reader, but...

Dolltown Awards!

Doll Bloggers and Social Media

If you are named here and would like a link changed, please contact me!!

Best Website Host


Best Doll Photos ...Instagram

Moore Romeo

Laila BJD

Best Doll Photo Blog

Inma's Doll Collection

Best Facebook Group Administrators

Kay Marie Treble...Little Darlings and Avery

Jodie Joseph...Ellowyne Wilde and Tonner Dolls

Best Dedicated Doll Collector Blog

Confessions of a Doll Collector's Daughter

Favorite Little Darling Membership Site

Our Little Darlings

Best Doll Observer Group Admin

Dom! on Theme of the Month

Best Take a Break from Dolls Pinterest Board

Keirstyn Powell

(Hi KP!)

Best Fashion Blog

Fashion Doll Stylist

Best "Dolls in Natural Settings" Blog

Sharon in Spain

Best Daily Photo

Dolly Treasures

Best Looking Dolls

Sonia Insua

Sweetest Words of Support

April Fashion Doll Stylist

Maggie and Kate Create

Yana Petkov

Best Doll and Vintage Info

Vintage Doll Collector


Best Doll Review Site

Toy Box Philosopher

Best Daily Doll Dressmaking Blog

I Dream of Jeanne Marie

Dolls , Designers, and Dressmakers

Favorite Doll Designers

Dianna Effner

Heidi Pluszcok

Berdine Creedy

More Best Dolls

Chris Miller/Robin Woods

Terri Lee

Paola Reina

Even More Best Dolls


Helen Kish


Madame Alexander


Favorite Character Sources

eBay World Dolls

Etsy OOAK Artists

Internet Companies

Local Thrift Stores

Favorite Puppets

Czech Marionettes

Indonesian Hand Made (coming!)

Best Little Darling Painters

(because I have dolls by them!)

Dianna Effner

Geri Uribe

Joyce Matthews

Helen Skinner

Favorite Fashion Dolls

Tonner Wilde Imagination Ellowynes


More Favorite Tonner Dolls

17" Guys

22" Glamour Model


Betsy McCall Girls

Favorite Ball Joint Dolls


Best Locally Made Doll

Ballet Doll

We have different kinds of dolls, by talented doll designers and makers, that we aren't able to identify!

Thanks to whoever carved and stitched up Boneka here! And to all who created our Dolltowners!

Best Little Darling Dressmaker

Tomi Jane

Best Sundresses

Erin Green

Most Creative LD Dressmaker

Alison Austin

Best Accessory Vendor

Dotti Gesford

We are so thankful for all our clothes!


Special mention to Wonderful Worlds on eBay, for basics we use every day!

Favorite Montreal  Dressmaker

Pachom Suesuwan

Cutest Doll Outfits

Maggie and Kate Create

More Favorite Dressmakers

Kalen Bringle at kalendesigns

 Joyce at prairiemoondesigns

Kathy Groulx at  TKCTCrafts 

Calico Closet

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Kay Marie Treble

Carolyn Gebert

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Gordie Good Boy

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Gordie Good Boy 

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Sol Vancouver Islander

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Our Favorite far

The Bridge

Best Ana ABC Book Reviewer

Carol Shuswapper

Most Loyal Blog Readers

(that I know of!)

Auntie Mischelle

Lani Melbourner 

(and...Miss April!)

Best Blog and Photo Advice

Lani Melbourner

Best Road Trip Auntie

Aunt Jackie

Best Doll Prop

Tie: Jackie and Mischelle

Thank you, everyone!

There are so many people: bloggers, dressmakers, prop and setting suppliers, doll designers, photographers and collectors, who we have benefitted from. 

Miley and I may have a few more awards to add...

And how did Tink get to do TWO awards, BY HERSELF!? I was trying to be fair...


And Surprise Awards!

So darling! And so like Pearl and Zoey to take charge, be proactive, and thoughtful too...

An award for Chantal and Faith, for their wonderful performance to start off our awards. And for their bravery! I hope they have set a precedent here in Dolltown!

Show off your talents, Dolltowners!

And how sweet! I was called up myself!

The dollies thanked me for loving them all so much!

Thank you, everyone!

I'm glad it shows!

Now the after party! Ice cream!


Meanwhile, Tania heads out on errands...

The Dolltown Awards presenters are getting changed for an ice cream party... 

While we wait, we get some errands done.

Our Iplehouse Tania has gone through several changes since she arrived in Dolltown. 

Tania with my birthday gerbera!

Tania is her sculpt name. We call her Mercy, Leau, or Aira depending on the story character...


She has not worn her brown wig since last summer. Since the wavy look is saved for special stories, and the silky blond wig has moved on to Cordelia for a while, this look will do for a while.

And she is wearing a coat that we got for the Little Darlings!


Tania stopped in to our Pop Up Shop to see Troll and visit the new characters...

Mermaid! And we really like the old woman in the deck chair! So funny!


Dolltown Awards Day is Done!

Everybody is clearing out!

The Ellowynes are gone, and the Tonner guys with them.

Phoebe is doing her best to get Gabby to clean up the trophies that are left.

Birdy has come to tell Zoey and Pearl they have to change out of their Tomi Jane dresses,

because it is Ice Cream time!

Here's a photographer's view of the Dolltown Awards action.

We are pretty much done here, so there's a little extra chaos on the stage!

You can see some of the Dolltowners nearby where they waited for photos...


But Wait! That's a Sasha! Where did she come from?

On reviewing our Awards Day photos, I came across this little interaction amongst the Dolltowners...

A Sasha is giving an award here to Sharon in Spain, who has lots of Sasha dolls, is an expert on them, and sews for them! We've had our Sasha for about 35-40 years...several of them!  My children played with them for years and then up they went into the attic. 

Our Dolltowners had heard rumours about them, but this is the first time one of them has made an appearance. This little crowd gathered around after Sasha made her presentation. Hal says hi, Zoey says welcome to Dolltown, Gabby gets hands on, of course!

Recently they were retrieved, freshened up, and got shoes from Dotti in our last order! Sharon helped me identify our Sashas! I call them our internationals...

But the Dolltowners are a little surprised because I have kept the Sasha's under wraps. Until now!

The children are asking me when they get to meet the rest of the Sashas. And how many? Well, soon, now that they have clothes and shoes again. And there are two more girls, a boy, and two babies.  A clamour of voices begin...

Okay! Soon! I said!


Uh oh! What Happened to Birdy? Rosa Explains...

Oh no! How did this happen?

Ever since Dolltown began, I have developed lightning speed reflexes!

I dart a hand out at the hint of a fall, before my conscious mind has registered a potential doll danger...

I WARN my dolls about this, the consequences of embarking on their own adventures, and getting hurt.

Well, we all know you can't protect them forever.

And no one could accuse me of being a helicopter doll owner.

Although I might call myself a cosseter...

Our first attempts to look after Birdy's hurt have had no results...

She will have to go shopping and to the Ice Cream party like this!

Sorry, Birdy dear!


Birdy Visits the Pop Up Shop...and finds Birds!

I think Eve told Birdy about these birds!

Please? she says. Just like Evie did!

I'll think about it. It does look useful...


Prepare the Ice Cream Garden Party!

Our garden party setting...a place you'll usually find children playing!

Birdy has come to check the lighting, the ambience.

Then she suggests bringing in a table and a picnic cloth so the girls have lots of places ...for ice cream!

I'm on it, Birdy!

Thanks Birdy! Now off you go! Go get the girls!

And while she's gone, you won't believe who comes to help Silent Sam set up for the Ice Cream party.

It's Priscilla! Working! Without being asked! Is it the promise of her favorite ice cream...vanilla?

Thanks, Sam and Priscilla! What a great job!

Now...spread out the picnic cloth!  Priscilla? Priscilla!

I think I can hear dollies coming!


Dolltown Ice Cream Party Begins!

It's Xennia and Tink! First to the party!

Hi girls! Ice cream is coming. Scout is on it!

Wait a minute! You girls were told to change into your ice cream dresses!

What are you wearing? Aren't those my picnic napkins?

With...belts and bows?

Well okay...actually it might be a good idea! Less handwashing!

Some of our girls, like Birdy, Rosa, and Scout here, are capable of eating ice cream without even a bib! 


Just watch.... Ice Cream Party Part One!

Now who's arriving? 

It's Conner and Eve!

Come on back for Ice Cream Party Part Two!


Ice Cream Party! Part Two...Little Darlings Come and Go!

It's Conner and Evie!

Little Darlings galore! We love them in Dolltown. Sweeties... 

MOST of them can eat ice cream WITHOUT wearing a napkin instead of an ice cream dress!

 Squeeze in, girls!

Okay, Xennia and Tink!

Time to get cleaned up!

Off to the showers. And Birdy and Rosa are going with you.

Tummies full? Yes? Good!

Because there are more Dolltowners arriving for THEIR ice cream...

Cherries while you wait!

Okay! Who's next?

Sounds like the boys...and the little children?

Check the freezer, get out more spoons!

And don't we have some budget ice cream? Haagen Daas? Really?

How did this even happen? How did the Little Darlings get a taste for the BEST ice cream?

What do you mean they have been "working"?

I know EVERYTHING my dollies do...right?


Miley and Ballerina

Our Dollygood news reporter, Miley, and our "new" ballerina doll are still hanging out!

They take a break together, enjoying an ice cream cupcake,

making the most of a few quiet minutes while the little children are gathered for their turn.



Dolltown Children and Ice Cream!

Ice Cream Party for the children in Dolltown!

What a motley crew! From big Hal, Kidz n Cats, to little Fancy Nancy and Tonner Patsy, our Gabby...

all enjoying ice cream cupcakes and little tubs of ice cream....

Well, I guess they are big, for little dolls!

I KNOW these kids are going to go and tell more dolls about the Ice Cream Party!

I'd better go check on our ice cream supplies!


Vera in the Garden!

Time for a break from the Ice Cream Party....

We left the dollies cleaning up between groups!

Some have to head to the showers!

Vera and I headed out to spend some time in our Garden.

We didn't even stop for shoes!

There we go!

A little garden tour with Vera.

A surfeit of cuteness!


Tonner Linda McCall, our Vera

Dolltown's little Vera is a Tonner Linda McCall.


She arrived with big sisters Betsy and Barbara last year (okay, I'll have to check those relationships) and we often see her playing with Gabby and Lilac Moon.


After a little research, on eBay, I found only one face exactly like this one, and it was a 1998 Tonner Linda, from a UFDC Conference, limited edition "an American in Paris".


Eighteen years old, and doesn't look a day older than four!

Vera is a happy little character, and spreads joy and kisses wherever she goes!

Even to the sun and the moon!



Little Darlings Dress Up for Summer Parties!

Little Darlings in sundresses!


It's my job to keep the action going in Dolltown. But the speed is picking up! Events are piling up!


I have photos and stories happening on the sideline of the main events: Awards Day, Ice Cream Party, Birdy's Birthday! 


One photo shoot that I don't want to pass by...the Little Darlings in their ice cream dresses.

So, before they ALL change for the next events, here are a few photos of the Little Darlings in their summer dresses, ready for the Ice Cream Party .


Can't wait to post more on a separate page...

Link coming, as the photos are posted!

Rosa in Pachom Suesewan

Birdy in Sveta10

Faith in Pachom

Chantal in Janice Mundy

Scout in Erin Green

Evie in Pachom

Conner in Carolyn Gebert


Zoey in Lula's original dress

Pearl in Picked From Mary's Garden

Xennia in Erin Green

Tink in Maggie and Kate Create


Maggie and Jiyoon in Alison Austin

And the changes are already happening!

Birdy and Jiyoon jumped at the chance to wear special clothes for Birdy's birthday celebration.

A cute cake dress and an adorable romper!

Thanks, Pachom!

More photos soon...

It would be even sooner if these dollies would dress themselves!


Birdy's Birthday...Cupcakes!

How exciting!

Birdy has a birthday!

And all her friends get to come...

Cupcakes for everyone!

Okay! Leau and Willow are here!

That means the candle can be lit!

Even Arlen has joined Birdy and the girls!

She's so tall she can see everything!

Okay! Blow your candle out, Birdy!

Then dig in!

(Stay tuned...)