I'm Going To The Wall...

No wonder he's confused, poor lad...


(You mean besides the fact that he looks like a girl? ...That's enough! There's a different standard of masculinity in the bjd world. Don't get me started!)


Jack has discovered that he is a r-e-c-a-s-t. I told him he was a knockoff when he asked why he was different than his Iplehouse brothers. It was...kinder.


Recasts (shhh!) are not respected in the doll world. My friend didn't know when she gifted me with this beauty. (Who could resist him! He looks like he's melting.). 


True doll artists don't like it when their work is copied, understandably. It's like a doll underground, right in the open on eBay, and Internet sites you can get to with a click of a button. For the unsuspecting, and doll-world-ignorant, and for people who have no idea how much a Real bjd can cost,  it all appears legit.


Actually, the legalities around doll copies are a little fuzzy it seems. Lawyers have been consulted apparently, and there is a lot of debate. But it is very clear that the issue is a Hot Topic. I'm talking death threats. For the humans who stand up for,  you know, the R word.  Really. Policing in the doll world...who knew.


I experienced it myself when I asked a bjd photo site administrator if I could add this beautiful lad, and received... complete silence. So, I won't try to share him again. Except here on my own site, his own home. Or on my own Flickr page, or my own Pinterest board.  (Call me if you need bail....Uhhh, thanks.)


I can't risk it. I don't want the authorities to show up at the door. And maybe demand that he is recycled, like  they they do with the synths in HUMANS.  Or take me away. Who would dress the dolls when they wanted to go outside? Who would take them for car rides? 


So, he is a knock off. That is my story from now on and I'm sticking to it. I wanted to get this post in now, while this site still has only 0.26 visitors a day. After this I'll just plead ignorance. 


And, I'll never get another one, another...you know. I'll tell my friends. Not even to practice restringing, or to try my own repaint. (Hey, wait, those are good ideas. Let me rethink all this.)


As for disillusioned Jack, he headed out to the Wall, without even a goodbye to his Legit brothers (well-half brothers). Or a coat. But, as Luck would have it, he passed by a pretty little Ellowyne who needed some help. And no one can say that Jack isn't a nice guy, er, doll. So as far as I know, they are still...busy.


(Strip story follow up...Jack is Downcast)



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