March 2016

Uley, Oiya, and the Bird House

While the little girls were still playing in the Pink Room, Oiya showed up in jeans and a shirt.

Uley said it was so sunny outside and Oiya wanted to go out to play with him.

Okay, but put some shoes on, Oiya!

Uley and Oiya explore the bird houses. It's almost Spring!

Maybe some early birds have laid some eggs! 

Nope, not yet...


Tink! Madeover again!

Our Tinker Bell had a makeover, a wig change-a cute bob with a top knot. You can see her in it in Monday's photo post.


We thought she liked it.

She had a smile on her face the whole time.


But Mischelle popped into the Doll Studio and noticed Tink squirming and scratching her head.

"It's itchy!" she said when my friend asked.


So I hunted for another hairdo for her. 


We love her in this soft curly-pigtailed wig.

So it may stay for a while....


And Mischelle brought us a great prop!

You'll see it soon....

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Dolls Visit...

How exciting!

Xemena tagged along for a visit to Dong Yun's.

While Dong Yun and I chatted, Xemena explored.


How interesting!

Xemena discovers a beautiful and special doll...

What we don't see here, but Xemena noticed, are several other dolls-golden dolls with bald heads, cross legged dolls holding flowers, even a doll at the entrance to greet visitors.

Xemena returned to Dolltown to share her excitement with her friends. Now I have several more clamoring for visits too!

Xemena finds a beautiful carved wooden scene, then makes her way around the room.

Lots for a dolly to look at!


Ellowynes in The City

The Ellowynes had a business meet up in The City.


The Ellowynes love to set up start-up businesses in both Dolltown and The City. All the girls have skills they use to coordinate interesting and creative start-ups. 


They are all working on a big project with Lee, something about bottled water with its own bottle recycling process. 


Some of the girls planned the next steps to bring Dolltown Valley's honey and artisan popcorn to street fairs.


Several chose outfits for The City's upcoming fashion week.


And some decided who to invite to the Dolltown Spring Start-Up, set up to encourage young entrepreneurs. 


And they all enjoyed a night out in The City!



Yelena, we understand, is our Ellowyne elder. She is said to be one of the first basic brunettes. 


She has so much life experience, and business experience that, if the Start-Ups had a CEO, it would be Yelena.


We call her the Consultant. Need some guidance?

 Ask the Consultant....



Gabby learns to take selfies...(oh no)

Just after the kids' Valentine photo shoot, Gabby got ahold of a camera...


"Now, who shall I take a photo of...Me!!" she says.



Phoebe was talking to Valentine after the shoot...


"What do you mean dolls can't be a part of the Internet of Things?" she asked him. "Why not? I bet there are already dolls with embedded electronics and network connectivity.  Just think of Danny Choo's Smart Doll!"


"Hmmm, you are probably right. I am just old fashioned, I guess." Valentine replied. "Where are you going?"


"I am off to do some research...on my laptop. We definitely have connectivity in Dolltown. I just texted Sky that we are all done here."


When the children are gone, Sky pops in to the Pink Room.

Sky and Valentine spend a little time reminiscing... They talk about The City, where they both lived for years. 

"But Dolltown is just right!" Valentine says.

"You get used to it," Sky replies. "The doll children are so fun! There is never a dull moment..."


Little Darling Twinzy Spring Dresses! 

Success! Doll dressmaker extraordinaire, Tomi Jane, had several dresses in her eBay shop, tomijanesews, for a short time. I JUMPED at the chance to acquire two matching sets for our Little Darlings here in Dolltown... Yay!

We decided to match up dresses using 2 more designs. This classic style is my very favorite for its versatility. Our Little Darlings have several to choose from! The pretty purple flowered dress was from Kathy  at tkctcrafts. And Pachom Suesuwan's pink flowered dress, minus its cute white shrug. was also from eBay, at pachom10.

 Tomi does a beautiful job with her dress designs, sewing, knitting...

Even her doll dressing and photography are spectacular. 

She has been featured here on Hiya Dolly more than once...even before we had her dresses here in Dolltown!

Check out her work on Flickr. Lots of Helen Kish and American Girl photos too!


More of our own photos of these lovely dresses!

Colorways! Tomi Jane called this pretty series Colorways, a term used by dressmakers to describe a fabric available in a variety of colors. Here Tomi has added matching hair circlets in that cute crinkle ribbon.

So cute! This is a new design for me, from Joyce at prairiemoondesigns, This style has a lot of skirt, little cap sleeves, and opens at the back for ease of dressing.

And I notice there are lots more fabrics available since I last visited her site...

Tempting! Especially at those prices!

Dolltown spring diorama!


This is a doll background, with a white picket fence.


And this adorable flower wagon just arrived in Dolltown, a gift from a friend and Dolltown supporter, Mischelle.

Cute and useful! :)


More photos from the photo shoot...we took lots of cute photos of our Little Darlings!


Body Change for our Ellowynes

2015 Winter photo shoot last year...

Bandy arrived with flat feet and stained legs.

Noddy overheard her complaining, wishing she could wear high heels like the other girls and worrying about summer and bare leg dressing...

It got Noddy thinking!

Last spring Noddy approached Bandy about switching up their bodies. We are dolls, she said! It can be done!


They had a serious talk about it at The River during the birthday picnic for Terri Lee.

The two brought it up with some of the other girls and a big discussion started.

Most of the Ellos have never had work done, so there were lots of questions and opinions!

Is it dangerous? Would it hurt?

But in the end there was a lot of support!


Read the summer post, when Noddy and Bandy disappeared-for months, waiting for their procedure.

Waiting for Noddy...

Warning! Photos of dolls with their heads off!

No dolls were harmed during this process. I am happy to say that the procedure worked well, although I had to use a firm hand to get those heads off! And back on! Tense moments...

In the end I did use a hair dryer to warm and soften the necks. The girls were tired of me waiting for me to find the heating pad. They were missing out on the action in Dolltown. Just in time for the winter shoot and the business trip to The City!

Notice the boots! (No other way to see the change...)

 2016 Winter...

Bandy is wearing the cute black cord jacket this year. Noddy is wearing a woolen trench from the bjd boys. Cute!

And you can see the boots on each- Noddy's flat round toed lace ups, and Bandy is now wearing the animal print high heels.

The girls are both happy!



Last March, the Terri Lees...

These photos are from last March, at Terri's birthday celebration at The River. There was a picnic with lots of food!


Switching the heads on two of the Ellowynes recently reminded me that my two vintage Terri Lees are still in pieces in a covered basket....


We miss them! They are like the grandmothers of Dolltown. We need our elders!


Sure, the Terri Lees may have baby faces to those who are not used to them. But they are definitely FULL of experience!


And the children flock to them! Nice broad laps...


Now that I have melted the heads off two vinyls (and put them on each other), maybe I can turn my attention to what's the matter with these two.


If I remember right, Terri's limbs fell off, two by two. No wonder! 60 year old strings and rubber!

And then Queeny's head broke when we tried to pry her old wig off The blond strands were falling off by the brushfull!

And Queeny was so excited about the new curly wig, too.

Not as platinum as what she was used to but still Marilyn Monroe-ish, Queeny thought. And she loved her BFF's new coppery curly do....


But a new wig won't fix a broken head...

I need to call the doll hospital I think.


Gabby took to Queeny right away. It was like looking in a mirror.

She's so pretty, Gabby thought. Just like me!

I have found Gabby curled up in the basket with the two old dolls. I'm sure I can hear them singing to her...

Ana gives Terri a birthday hug.

Actually, Terri's limbs were already off by this photo shoot. The fabulous yoga outfits from Wonderful Worlds kept her together while the celebration took place.

It was actually the reason I could get these adorably chubby dolls, Terri Lee and Queeny, into the same chair together! Terri's limbs were so...flexible!!

But shhh! Don't tell, okay?

You wouldn't know if I hadn't told you!



Happy St Patrick's Day!

Happy St Patrick's Day!

This green dress from Kathy at tkctcrafts has been in use a lot at Dolltown!

Tink wore it when she arrived, then passed it on to Chantal when she came... Beautiful with green and brown eyes!

Check out our book!

If you like it we'd love a review! Thanks!

It's even in our Alphabet book on Amazon!


Even our Barbie, Liz, wears a green dress in the book!


Welcome to Dolltown, Whoopi!

Cute Berenguer dolly, Whoopi, showed up in Dolltown the other day, soon after we were wishing for a little more diversity.


Since the dollies always go to Magic Barbie to tell her their wishes they are sure that she was the one responsible for Whoopi's arrival. 


Also, Magic Barbie, our Faye, is the one taking her around to introduce her to the other dollies. Little Darlings Xennia and Faith found little Whoopi a pretty dress to wear while her own pink track suit gets washed.


Then Faye and Xennia took her to meet the little children.


 When Gabby, Shasta, Vera and Phoebe came in from recess they were excited to welcome a new dolly to their classroom....



The children ask Whoopi lots of questions...Where are you from?  Were you stopped at the border? (Some of the dollies experienced long waits at the border on their way to Dolltown. It can be dark and scary alone in a doll box.) Are you named after Whoopi from the movies? Can you play with us after school?

Whoopi seemed to enjoy all the attention.

Yes, she said. Yes and yes and yes...


But What's Wrong With Gabby?

Here's the children, but where's Gabby?

She was here to meet Whoopi...but something was wrong!


Gabby had trouble standing up and holding her pose for the photos with the girls and Whoopi.


After the last photo shoot she fell to the ground.  Shasta had to go and get help. Big Hal carried Gabby to Dolltown's First Aid Room....

"I am so sad..." said little Linda, after Gabby was carried away.


All the children had trouble getting back to their schoolwork...




We'll keep you posted on Gabby's trouble.

That's what we do!


"Well, she isn't very heavy." said Hal when the children thanked him for helping Gabby.


"I am always happy to help."


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone!


Easter to us in Dolltown means Spring, blue skies, flowers, pastels, bunnies, eggs, decorating eggs, candy eggs...


And Easter Egg Hunts, a real favorite!


The doll children heard about a fun game I instigated with groups of older human children in my care, at Easter parties...

  • Get dressed DOWN, not up
  • Line up with a partner, facing across from each other
  • Start close to each other
  • Toss a raw egg to your partner, WITHOUT BREAKING IT!
  • Successful? Both take a step back
  • Repeat until one pair lasts the longest and wins the prize!

This was a very popular game!

And the doll children asked to play it at THEIR party coming up.


Oh sure! I thought. I'll just gather a few pretty little blue Robin's eggs, since they are just the right size for a dolly egg toss. NOT!!


I let the dollies down gently with promises of other fun games, like tossing teeny marshmallows into baskets, racing new Music Bunny around the Universe Circle, hunting for shiny eggs in the tall grass (very tall for little dollies!), and at the very end...rolling down the little hill in their pretty dresses and natty shirts.  Who could fuss after promises like that?


Now I have to go and get the dollies and the party ready.

And tell my people that I am throwing another party...for my DOLLS!!!



Gabby, off her feet...

Dolltown First Aid couldn't do much for Gabby. The problem is inside her, loose strings probably. Something we haven't tackled here yet. Uh oh.


And it tough on Gabby. She's so used to (Can anyone say ADHD?).  


She is enjoying the attention though.

And she likes that she gets her own chair.

I heard her telling the dollies, "You can call me Gabriella. Princess Gabriella..."


But she keeps falling out of the chair! Here Eve came along and helped her. Then Scout showed up and Eve told her the chair problem.


Here in the photo is the response to Scout's solution...

"Strap her in the chair."


I did! With a satin ribbon and it worked for a couple of days...sort of.


She's back to rolling on the floor. And inviting the other dolls to join her.


Gabby noticed more birds and clouds  while she was strapped in her chair. She was at such an angle!


"Look! Look! Four Stellar's Jays! My favorite! They make such a racket!"




Pachom sent the boys more clothes! Wow...

Scout has heard that some clothes arrived for the boys, from Pachom. If it's true she's calling dibs on some for Badger. Badger has been wearing the old green overalls that Will came in. Well, Scout got him to wear them back in December to do some work for her. He didn't mind!

She's off to find out...

The rumour was true! Clothes from Pachom came in the mail, out of the blue! Pachom sent us two very cute boys outfits. Scout scooped them and gave some jeans and a Tshirt to Badger, who's trying them on. And Eve has the other outfit. The boys will have to decide. Who wants to wear anchors and buoys?

Douglas is wearing Pachom's cute outfit with a nautical theme. Douglas likes it because it has a compass rose on it. He is fond of compasses and maps and the history of sea travel.


He doesn't mind that the other kids think it looks like pj's. But he took Will's offer of a pair of black pants to change into for the Easter games. 

He doesn't want to get grass stains during the Easter egg roll.


He left to show Chantal. He is going to ask her if she wants to go to the library to research nautical symbols. Maybe there is a book with seafaring songs. She'll like that! 

Badger is very happy with this outfit from Pachom, jeans and a Tshirt. But is it because it is a perfect boy's outfit, or because Scout made sure he was the one who got it? He loves all things Scout. Not likely to complain!


We know we are thankful once again for Pachom's generosity in clothing these  Dolltown lads. They are ALMOST not sharing from other dolls anymore. 


Sending the the Robin Woods doll to her for a Christmas present was a brilliant idea. Whose idea was that? I am going to give whoever it was a medal! Look at these happy faces!

Will was already looking pretty good after his December makeover. He scored a great burgundy button shirt. But he jumped on the chance for a change when Douglas decided to wear the patterned outfit.


Will is now wearing the cozy cords that Pachom sent the boys last fall, and a natty hooded knit cardigan with silver buckles (borrowed from the bjd boys). Looks good, Will!


Now he is feeling ready to meet his pen pal in person. He wants to make a good first impression. Will is very excited that it is finally going to happen! She is arriving soon!


We celebrate Easter, after a fashion

We celebrate Spring, get out all our flower dresses, open up our Easter basket full of eggs, bunnies, baskets...


Our Picket Fence background is set up and then...

a flow of dolls and stories!


Iplehouse Asa here, has kept to herself. We rarely saw her for months. I was really impressed with Asa this week! She emerged and made the rounds of all the dolls. The dollies were delighted! Hugs all around. Wow. They call her Umunni, which sounds like "mother" in Korean.

Asa is from Korea.


Asa even visited the Attic Dolls and stuffies, who are still in isolation while they are washed and sorted.

How kind!


And what you can't see (and I MUST take some photos!) is Asa right here in our living room. Lee is with her and they are sitting in one of the chairs, taking dolly visitors, like royalty.

WHY! are these bjd dolls so often kings, queens, warriors, chiefs, pirates, vampires, fairies and just generally Something Else than ordinary people, I mean dolls....


But I digress, celebrating Easter. Yes.

It is tiny Phoebe's first Easter celebration! 

Her family doesn't believe in either religious events or childish fun. So celebrating Easter would be definitely OUT! Phoebe usually spends all her time in study and learning, not in foolish pursuits.

We benefit from Phoebe's, ummm, superior intellect. 

But we have sway here in Dolltown, a place known to celebrate foolish pursuits. So Phoebe is experiencing a lot of firsts! 

And we have found that Phoebe rather enjoys our foolish pursuits. She feels it adds to her knowledge and wisdom to actually EXPERIENCE these activities, and not to just judge them from an academic standpoint.

I admit I may have planted that idea soon after Phoebe arrived in Dolltown.

But we are happy that Phoebe recognizes the value of this good idea.


Enjoy Easter, Phoebe!

Or Pheebs, as Gabby calls her.

Hey! Sounds like Peeps, famous Easter candy!


And Asa Umunni! Welcome to the Dolltown forefront!