Pachom sent the boys more clothes! Wow...

Scout has heard that some clothes arrived for the boys, from Pachom. If it's true she's calling dibs on some for Badger. Badger has been wearing the old green overalls that Will came in. Well, Scout got him to wear them back in December to do some work for her. He didn't mind!

She's off to find out...

The rumour was true! Clothes from Pachom came in the mail, out of the blue! Pachom sent us two very cute boys outfits. Scout scooped them and gave some jeans and a Tshirt to Badger, who's trying them on. And Eve has the other outfit. The boys will have to decide. Who wants to wear anchors and buoys?

Douglas is wearing Pachom's cute outfit with a nautical theme. Douglas likes it because it has a compass rose on it. He is fond of compasses and maps and the history of sea travel.


He doesn't mind that the other kids think it looks like pj's. But he took Will's offer of a pair of black pants to change into for the Easter games. 

He doesn't want to get grass stains during the Easter egg roll.


He left to show Chantal. He is going to ask her if she wants to go to the library to research nautical symbols. Maybe there is a book with seafaring songs. She'll like that! 

Badger is very happy with this outfit from Pachom, jeans and a Tshirt. But is it because it is a perfect boy's outfit, or because Scout made sure he was the one who got it? He loves all things Scout. Not likely to complain!


We know we are thankful once again for Pachom's generosity in clothing these  Dolltown lads. They are ALMOST not sharing from other dolls anymore. 


Sending the the Robin Woods doll to her for a Christmas present was a brilliant idea. Whose idea was that? I am going to give whoever it was a medal! Look at these happy faces!

Will was already looking pretty good after his December makeover. He scored a great burgundy button shirt. But he jumped on the chance for a change when Douglas decided to wear the patterned outfit.


Will is now wearing the cozy cords that Pachom sent the boys last fall, and a natty hooded knit cardigan with silver buckles (borrowed from the bjd boys). Looks good, Will!


Now he is feeling ready to meet his pen pal in person. He wants to make a good first impression. Will is very excited that it is finally going to happen! She is arriving soon!

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