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10. August 2016
Lula Star left Dolltown last November for Melbourne, Australia... My daughter Lani moved there with her Tasmanian BAE, but tucked Lula in her camera bag. For several months, Lula traveled as well to New Zealand, Indonesia, and explored interesting topography with Lani and Fin. Now Lula is back! Scout is first to greet her...old friends.

06. July 2016
Evie got to come along to our little Pop Up Shop. While I was busy, she noticed some cute dollies, called "garden fairies", made by a local artist! Oh yes! I''l go along with that! Go ahead and choose., Evie...

Dianna Effner Little Darling Doll by Geri Uribe, OOAK Cloth ballet doll
15. June 2016
Wotta busy week! Last Sunday we attended a sweet ballet dance recital, complete with tea in tea cups and slivers of lemon cheesecake... Maggie got to go, in her pretty pinafore dress. And we found dolls! A ballet mom makes these lovely long limbed cloth dolls in tutus and toe shoes (made from satin ribbon). One of them really wanted to come to Dolltown. Yes! Maggie and Ballet Doll quickly became friends, giggling over whispered stories. They hopped on stage for a twirl or two, then returned to...

23. April 2016
Conner is feeling a little shy, meeting Will for the first time... In a way they already know each other because they have been emailing and texting for months. They have sent each other photos, shared their hobbies, and talked about how much they would like to have a pet dog... But still, they both hope they will like each other in person!

12. April 2016
Welcome girls! These are my gateway dolls...the Dianna Effner Little Darlings. All the stories that have taken place here on Hiya Dolly started with these girls. But this particular four didn't actually arrive until this last week. So, we get to know them in 3D! And they are even cuter than their sample photos! Thanks Geri! These four girls are handpainted by Geri Uribe of The Doll Studio. Geri works closely with Dianna, and Geri's were the dolls available to order when I was ready. Sometimes...

26. March 2016
Scout has heard that some clothes arrived for the boys, from Pachom. If it's true she's calling dibs on some for Badger. Badger has been wearing the old green overalls that Will came in. Well, Scout got him to wear them back in December to do some work for her. He didn't mind! She's off to find out...

25. March 2016
Dolltown First Aid couldn't do much for Gabby. The problem is inside her, loose strings probably. Something we haven't tackled here yet. Uh oh. And it tough on Gabby. She's so used to (Can anyone say ADHD?). She is enjoying the attention though. And she likes that she gets her own chair. I heard her telling the dollies, "You can call me Gabriella. Princess Gabriella..." But she keeps falling out of the chair! Here Eve came along and helped her. Then Scout showed up and Eve told...

24. December 2015
The girls are excited about their Christmas outing to town. They get to look after all the last minute shopping for all the dollies here in Dolltown. And they have been collecting mittens for the Mitten Tree, where scarves, hats and mittens are collected for all those who are chilly at Christmas, and don't have enough winter clothes. So between the food for the Foodbank (thanks Scout and, uhh, Badger) and all the mittens knitted by the old gramma dolls like Terri Lee and Queeny, the dolls have...

02. December 2015
Tink wears the little Eiffel Tower necklace that came from Fifi from France with this bright sweater dress. Merci, Fifi! I'll add sources for these cute Christmas and holiday outfits, on our Doll Fashion page. Dresses from Fifi, Pachom, Calico Closet, Special Delivery, TKCTCrafts, Randonne... And boots and shoes from BSS Kid, and Dotti Gesford.