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What's New on Hiya Dolly....
This past week...
*Two new blog posts on the home page
Sept 11 Change Their Eyes
-Some dolls' eyes can be changed out-fun!
Sept 15 Waiting For Noddy
-Noddy's Ellowyne buddies wait for her to arrive but she is still waiting for her body switch procedure....
Bandy and Noddy are heading into different stages in their lives!
This post, with a photo slider story and also accounts of both Bandy and Noddy's serious decisions for change.
So Dolltown's Start Ups now have their own Blog and stories...
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*Additions to the Doll Talk page!
The bjd girls got new day dresses...
*Additions to the Doll Gallery!
-The Little Darlings have a picnic at the beach...
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What's New in the Doll World...
I spent my Saturday morning reading dolly blogs. Fun and informative!
"Sharon in Spain" is a lively blog.
From Sharon's site:
"I'm a Brit living in my adopted country, Spain. This blog is really to share my hobbies, which include dolls, sewing, reading and chatting with friends...amongst other things!"
Sharon collects a variety of dolls, from bjd's to Little Darlings. But I definitely enjoyed her focus on Sasha dolls. 
My family always had Sasha dolls in our book and gift store. And all 3 of my kids played with the boys and girls,and baby Sasha's. I liked how multi cultural they look and found it easy with them to teach my kids about different parts of the world.
"Sasha dolls were created by the late Sasha Morgenthaler, a Swiss artist and artisan. She was also a humanitarian and a keen observer of all the world's children. Her vision was to create dolls that represented and reflected the spirit of children of all races and cultures during their age of innocence."
Sharon gives information about her different dolls and shows her sewing other useful skills, and recently offered a tutorial on How to make a lambswool wig for your heavy!  
Thanks, Sharon, for the photo and for a good read! I'll be back!
I joined the directory at, Doll Chat and have several more subscribers through them.
Welcome new subscribers! Interesting where people come from!
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What's New in the Fashion World at Dolltown...
The bjd dolls got their dresses from Pachom today.
What was great was the 3 DIFFERENT styles for them. I was just expecting one style so I was really happy with Pachom when she sent these. 
For better photos, keep your eye on Hiya Dolly this week. There's one already on Doll Talk. And more to come...
Also, the Little Darlings had their last beach picnic on the Labour Day weekend early in September. It was hot here so the bathing suits and shorts were still in use. 
So, now it's school clothes time. Stay tuned.
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Miley's Musings...
Hi Everyone! 
Well, You Know Who posted another captioned story this week. I thought for a week or two that we were going into silent photo stories.
Not that there's anything wrong with that...every photo tells a story.
The new story is about the Ellowynes waiting for their friend Noddy, who is planning to switch out her body with another Prudence Ellowyne, Bandy...
I am waiting to hear what happens. 
I haven't even met Noddy and yet there's quite a buzz about her decision to go flat footed. And Bandy...well, that's another story. But I don't know if we'll see much of her here in Dolltown if she moves to The City after her body change!
We'll see what happens!
Chat soon!
I am who I am.
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Dollygood.News Dec 24/15                                                   Dec 24/15
Merry Christmas, Everyone!
Season's Greetings!
For more photos see my Flickr albums.
And my Pinterest board.
And now our Instagram DolltownInc page!
And Lula's Instagram page...  Lula.Star
What's New on Hiya Dolly....
This past week...
*2 blog posts on the Home page:
Dec 20 Books at Christmas...with Dolls!
Some favorite authors and books
Dec 21 Lula Star in Australia!
Lula has her own Instagram page!
Add comments to the blog posts! Thanks!
*Lots of Captioned Photos on Doll Talk
*Lots of new Photos on the Gallery page
*Disqus comment capabilities have been added to most posts on Hiya Dolly!
Ana's Alphabet Book A to Z live on Amazon...
Dollies in an Alphabet Book
A for Ana...Z for Zoey
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What's New in the Doll World...
Barbie Liz
Christmas Books with Dolls!
Some favorites here....
The Dolls Christmas by Tasha Tudor
2 Dolls invite their friends for a dinner party and marionette show
Holly and Ivy by Rumer Godden
A doll named Holly wants a girl, a girl wants a doll and a family, and a couple want a child... Can it all work out?
The Christmas Doll by Elvira Woodruff
The story of two orphaned sisters whose lives are changed by a magical doll.
This little girl has a special tree topper...
Look for Fancy Nancy on our Doll Talk page!
And my own eBook, Ana's Alphabet Book A to Z  
with 26 dolls to teach the letters!
More info on each book on Hiya Dolly
Four of these books are available as Kindle eBooks!
(not The Christmas Doll). 
Don't have a Kindle device?
You can read also read Kindle books on:
  • the Kindle program on your computer or laptop
  • the Kindle App on your smart phone or tablet. (includes iPhone and iPad)
All Kindle Apps, computer applications, and downloads are free!
Please link to my site, Hiya Dolly to go to these books on Amazon.
Support Miley's wish for a new outfit!
(I am an Amazon Affiliate and I post books I personally want or have read...)
Read more at Hiya Dolly Christmas Books
What's New in Fashion in Dolltown...
Hiya Dolly Home page
What has happened here?
Why is Brian wearing Will's cast offs? Green overalls!
We like green, Scout said to him. 
He smiled in agreement.
And Scout brought him a pair of boots to wear.
(Scout, they are huge on this boy! They'll do, Scout said.)
Brian feels good.
But it isn't because he looks that good! He is just ready for work.
Scout is getting him to pack up cans and jars of food to take to the door for the Foodbank. 
There are dolls and humans less fortunate than us, she said to her new helper.
And she changed his name to Badger. Scout calls him Badge.
What? Can she do that?
Read the full story on The Children's page today! See the photos!
Read more on Hiya Dolly
Click here to see Hiya Dolly's fun dolly book about the letters of the alphabet!.  
What's happening in Dolltown?
Miley's Musings...
Hi everyone!
Christmas Stockings for the dollies!
You-Know-Who gathered the tiniest stockings she could find and asked Santa to bring some gifties for the dolls.
Dolls for dolls! And sleds and books, and treats!
I am a little older so I know that Santa Dolly is, well, a doll. But I still want a present at Christmas! So, for me...
It was fun dressing up in a borrowed Dark Cape at Halloween, and I feel kind of Christmasy in a red shawl that is really a paper napkin. But I guess I would just like a real change, for a change.
I don't think anybody notices that I always wear the same blue sailor dress outfit that I have worn ever since Kim Lasher made me. (Or her helpers anyway.)
Wouldn't it be fun to have a change of clothes! I am excited just thinking about it....
Tell Santa Dolly? Hahahaha. Hmmm...   
Two dolls who won't be here for Christmas...the Paola Reinas, Ling and Quilla!
Guess who took them on her trip to see her family on Salt Spring Island...Aunt Jacalyn! Lucky girls. 
Quilla and Ling were dressed in their Christmas finery, put on their winter coats, and headed out in their doll bag. First, Vancouver to a party!
So exciting! We are waiting for photos.
And what about Lula...who left Dolltown in November?
Read on!!
Merry Christmas all!
Chat soon!
I am who I am... 
Read more on Hiya Dolly
What else is happening in Dolltown? 
The big news here in Dolltown...
Lula Star has her own Instagram page! 
Yes, really! Dolltown's own Lula.Star...
Lula, who has been communicating quietly with us since she left Dolltown in November, has splashed out big with her own page on Instagram. 
Photos and stories...just like in Dolltown!
Lula is in Australia on an adventure with our Lani, a geologist and photographer.
The two of them packed their swim suits, donned their backpacks, and hopped the Greyhound bus on the first leg of their journey. 
After a few photos, there was silence for a while as they both reached their new home in Melbourne, and joined Finnigan Johnson, the famous Tasmanian hydrogeologist and puppeteer.
But this week, photos have arrived showing Lula out in the field with Fin and Lani, and prepped for the next adventure...a road trip around Tasmania, Fin's boyhood home. Then Christmas at the relatives. 
And the news! Lula, a star on Instagram!
You MUST read the blog and see the photos on Hiya Dolly. And visit Lula's page on Instagram, of course!
Oh my gosh. We love you Lula, AND your spirit human. And her fellow, Fin.
Read more on Hiya Dolly
This means...Hiya Dolly's Dolltown now has an Instagram page!
We want to be Followers of Lula.Star!
And Lula is following Dolltown news to keep up with all the action here!
On Instagram's DolltownInc, Lula probably read about the haircut her buddy Owen got after she left for Australia.
Owen had really wanted to go with Lula to Australia and see some Tasmanian Devils.
But he didn't get to go.
Was it the way I look? he wondered. 
Am I not Aussie enough?
But he had no idea what Aussies look like. 
So he fashioned himself after the Fin man himself, Finnigan Johnson, man of the outback, a true Australian. Well, Tasmanian! Even better, in Owen's eyes.
I told Owen he had to stay behind because he is in Dolltown's next eBook, 
Hiya Dolly's Alphabet Book Two.
It's happening just as soon as the Christmas rush settles down.
Who doesn't want to be in a book, right Owen?
What, Owen? Can you have your own Instagram page?
Well, how about another photo soon on DolltownInc's page? 
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