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Dolls Talk!

"A doll is a model of a human being, often used as a toy for children."


Dolls have also been used for magical and spiritual purposes.

Dolls...friends, companions, guides, fortune tellers, investments, and inspirations.

When you look closely at them, dolls often seem to have something to say.

Maybe that's why some people are "freaked out" by dolls, and find them scary!

An inanimate object comes alive!

It talks!


Beyond belief... Imagine.

Fashion Doll Top 100 websites

Dolltown is in the Canadian Country Music Capital! Of course we love country music!

Each photo is a stand alone.

Sometimes I do a series of two or three that go together.

But usually these are just single photos, often related to the photos and stories I am working on currently.

Sometimes these photos have been included in a current photo story, and show up here also.

Sometimes these are the photos that I post on my Social Media.

Here's some work our girls did, for fun!

This is called "signage".

It went so well I may sign us up for Fiverr...

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