The Dolltown Eiffel Tower Story

What's This? A Christmas Package from Auntie April!

April, talented Fashion Doll Stylist, sent us a package for Christmas.

She let me know that it was coming, that she had returned from Paris with a few things for the Little Darlings. She has become fond of them, as we are of her beautiful, and beautifully dressed, divas!


It seems far fetched, but a few of the Little Darlings snuck out of Dolltown last June, with some chaperones, of course, and headed for Paris, where April has an apartment.... But that's another story!


I didn't breathe a word to the girls about the package.


But here it is, and it wasn't long before several of the girls heard about it. 

And Priscilla too! She was with the Paris girls...


A parcel! With gifts from April! And from Paris!

We are so excited... Let's open it!

It's Christmas!

The girls are beside themselves! A box packed full...

There's postcards, of the Mona Lisa, and Paris itself.

And treats! For dolls and humans!

(Can we say friandises? We must learn more French!)

And two Eiffel Towers! 

A little one that Birdy gave to Priscilla to keep safe for them. (And to make her happy!)

And one that is a real 3D Eiffel Tower for the girls to color and assemble! Imagine!

So Dolltown can have its own French Quarter!

And there are tiny bunnies-stuffies for the girls!

And the loveliest note from April herself. With drawings!

Because that is just one of the things that April does as a part of being a world famous designer of doll couture.

Just saying that makes us all feel very lucky here, to have April and all her beautiful girls as Dolltown friends.

April! The Little Darlings and Priscilla say Merci Beaucoup!

The girls stopped long enough for a photo and a wave. Then ran off to tell the others. 

There's enough to share.

Because it's Christmas, and we are feeling blessed.

Can you pass the caramels, girls, before you go?

(Say caramels!)

And bring me some pencil crayons? Thank you, darlings...

And thank you, dear April. Merci!



We are ready! Let the coloring begin!

The community Center is ready! Bring on the Eiffel Tower!

It is going to be fun. Hours of coloring and construction. After interpreting all the French instructions...


The Eiffel Tower paper model was sent to us in a box of Paris gifts from April, Fashion Doll Stylist. 


We were WAY too busy to get it out during our Christmas time. And we could tell it was going to be a Project. But the clamoring from the dolls began as soon as Conner was on her way to April.

(Conner was sent as a sort of thank you to April. Conner has been instructed to dust the bedside tables where April's girls stand. And to wind the thread onto the bobbins. And to sort the buttons into neat piles, ready for April when she is inspired and ready for sewing couture action. Read about Conner's departure here)


We set the room up, made sure there was floor coloring space, and brought in the colors and the tower.


And right on cue, Tink and Xennia showed up, wondering what was in the wooden box...

Then Birdy and Rosa joined them, and helped get the coloring out...

Well, wouldn't you think this is the beginning of some coloring fun?

Children, a chaos of crayons, and a lot of random paper pieces of who-knows-what to be taken apart and colored?

But look who just showed up. Pearl...

And that means this is about to turn into a whole other story.

Pearl is a thinker, an organizer, a sequential-step type.

And this just looks...wrong to her.

So, while the other girls here thought they were about to jump right in with their blues, and mauves, and browns,

Pearl is about to roll up her sleeves, so to speak. and change the action.

So, you'll have to come back to see how things progress (in an orderly fashion) from here...

(Okay, I'll admit, I ran and got Pearl (and Zoey) when the crayon box was emptied on the Community Center floor, and my stress levels rose!)



Eiffel Tower Directions, and Color Sorting!!

This is where we left our story...

Tink and Xennia found the crayons, Birdy and Rosa unpacked the Eiffel Tower model from Aunty April, and the four of them were ready to start...


Let's get going on the Eiffel Tower!

Grab a color and color what you want!


But then Pearl showed up, and Zoey.

And with a quick assessment of the scene, the pair took charge... 


"Clear out!", they said nicely to their friends... "until we have things organized...."

"And then tell all the girls to come to the Community Center!"


Off went Rosa, Tink, and Xennia in one direction.

And Pearl left too, in the other direction.

Pearl left to collect organizing containers for the crayons, and her thoughts.


Zoey and Birdy opened the instructions, and discovered they were in French!

They called Chantal to help. She is the most likely little Darling to figure them out...


After Pearl returned and handed out hairties for serious coloring, she settled in to sort crayons.

Zoey and Birdy sorted the coloring they were about to do.

And Chantal read the directions, the best she could! 


Then the four of them studied the tower pieces, looking carefully at the design covering the pieces.

We'll post what they found....



Pearl Organizes the Dolltown Eiffel Tower Model Designs...

At Christmas time, Dolltown received a package from April, Fashion Doll Stylist. We had been oohing and aahing over April's photos of her Paris trip, and all the doll things she was finding.


And what showed up in the mail?

A box full of things from Paris!

April said we must set up a French Quarter in Dolltown. And she sent us the Eiffel Tower to get started...


Now, this paper (sturdy cardboard) model she sent us is covered in flowers, butterflies, and birds. To color!


So we are busy inside this January (far too cold yet to take dollies outside for an adventure).

And the girls want to get going.


They have waited long enough! 

The box is open! The directions read!

Even the history of the Eiffel Tower was bedtime reading!



So, Pearl has taken charge, to be sure we do this pretty gift justice, and asked me to take photos

of all the different kinds of flowers, leaves, butterflies and birds.


Then she can assign the different designs to the girls.

And there will be fairness and a pattern to circumvent the potential randomness that could occur

if we just let the girls loose, so to speak.


Okay, Pearl! Whatever you say!


I think this makes Pearl our January girl!

We left these girls studying the designs...

First, the flowers...

Zoey counts twelve kinds, and Pearl says, "Just the right number for the Little Darlings! One kind each!"

Well, that settles that!

Then the leaves, all different kinds and shapes...

Are there that many greens in our crayon cups?

And several kinds of butterflies to color.

"Each kind must be different from the other!" Pearl exclaims!

And some kind of grain-eating bird. 

(We need some help here...looks like an Oriole a little, but that's a North American bird.)

And last, a repeating lantern and a piece or two with a random design...

So, these are the beautiful designs the girls get to color!


We left Pearl talking intently with her bff, Zoey.


I heard bits of the conversation...


"Time to talk to the girls!"


"First we color, then build the tower!" 


"We'll begin the coloring to show them how we want it done."


"May I do red flowers?"

"Yes, of course, dear friend. And I will do blue."

And who will do yellow?".....


Their voices wisped away as I went to gather the others.

But I knew who will want to do yellow!



The Little Darlings Gather...Time for the rules!


Time for the rules, eh Pearl?

The girls are on the way!

Better get those crayons out!


Pearl and Zoey figured out the Eiffel Tower designs.

And they need just twelve colors for the flowers.


Zoey is trying out the red crayon, and coloring carefully to show Tink, I mean all the girls, how it's done.


(Tink thinks coloring is best when you choose a color, especially a smelly felt, and cover the whole page with it.)


Birdy and Chantal are ready.

They are singing color songs...

"Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange, and blue.

I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too..."


The colors are picked, even all our greens for the leaves.

Okay, are you ready Pearl? 

This is what Pearl said when all the girls arrived...

Okay, girls...listen up!

Everybody gets to color flowers, leaves, butterflies, and birds.

There are twelve kinds of flowers, so each of us gets to color one kind.

If you want to use more than one color you may color a butterfly.


Here are the coloring rules:

Pick your favorite color, and if it's the same as anyone else, you can flip a coin or talk it out.

Use your designated color, only.

Color in the lines, of course.


We will begin at the bottom and work up.

The background will be left white. unless someone makes a mistake.

Then we will problem solve together.


Zoey has started, she chose the color red.

I chose blue but if anyone else wants blue, let's talk.


You will be called when it is your turn, and we'll work in pairs or threes.

Photos will be taken at every step.

Are there any questions? 


The girls all agreed. And there were no questions...

That's when Pearl noticed she didn't see Xennia.

She's here! the girls said.

She's asleep on the couch...

Then Jiyoon arrived. She was visiting Auntie Mischelle and has brought a package...

Cookies! Macarons! All in pretty colors!

That woke Xennia up!

The girls decided to head to the Library and do their coloring there.

Off to the Library! Well that's great because we are expecting the Ellowynes to come for a meeting here...

Gotta call Vikka to help me haul this Eiffel Tower over to the Library!



Little Darlings and the Eiffel Tower coloring!

Today's the day!


This Eiffel Tower model (a gift from Fashion Doll Stylist from Paris) is covered with over a dozen types of flowers, several different butterflies, two types of birds, and lots of greenery. And paper lanterns...


After a winter outing, the girls gathered in the Library, in small groups, to get this Eiffel Towered colored.

They were told it had to be done before they even thought about Valentine's Day!


That sure got them motivated...

And they love coloring! The girls stuck to Pearl's coloring rules, picked their favorite crayon color and applied themselves to the task!

(We wish all our tasks were as fun as this one!)


Zoey started with red, and Pearl joined her with a blue crayon...


Chantal chose mauve and Birdy chose yellow.

These girls have been very patient!

Faith and Jiyoon switched to two shades of pink at the last minute and colored lots of flowers...

Rosa, Xennia,, and Tink added coral, fuchsia, and orange... 

We were impressed with Xennia because she stayed after her friends left to finish her coloring!

Evie, Lula, and Scout finished their flowers with light orange, turquoise, and dark purple.

Then Pearl showed up with several green shades of crayons to color all the greenery...

Rosa came back to help with all the leaves and stems.

And these girls did a great get-it-done job, with promises of cookies when they were finished.

Jiyoon, Birdy, and Pearl then returned to color birds, butterflies, and lanterns. Exciting!

Pearl, Zoey, and Birdy stood and admired the work they have all done!

Then Chantal showed up with good news. Look at her skirt! 

Several pairs of valentine socks and a pair of scissors showed up back in the Community Center!

From coloring to Sockwear...

Life is fun for Dolltown dolls!


Birdy left with Chantal while Pearl and Zoey packed away the Eiffel Tower model.

We'll get it out again, and build the Eiffel Tower after the snow is gone and we can see the grass again!

Thanks girls! Outstanding effort!


I must say this post was like commentating a hockey game...

Now, let's go see about these socks! Sockwear?


Getting Ready for the Eiffel Tower Project, Phase Two

-Our Eiffel Tower cardboard model was colored beautifully back in January. It was a welcome gift from April and arrived in a box of other goodies at Christmas.


After the Little Darlings added their favorite colors to the flower and butterfly designs back in winter, we put the model away until spring arrived. Then the children could assemble the Eiffel Tower outside.


We decided to put it together in front of our Garden Shed where all the children come to play.


Vikka has once again set up our diorama, with a little advice from Garden Fairy.


And no sooner had Vikka announced her completion, than our May girl, Faith, and her buddy Jiyoon arrived.


Faith will be deciding how the next step in handled....

Thank you, Vikka! Well done!

We can see our coloring peeking through...

Faith and Jiyoon are here ready to discuss plans for the assembly.

Any ideas?


Faith and Friends Start the Eiffel Tower

The girls made it to the Garden Shed...and there was the Eiffel Tower model in its brown box, from Paris.


Faith is holding the tiny Eiffel Tower with the model, that arrived from Fashion Doll Stylist at Christmas.


But just before they arrived, Vikka, who set the scene ready for a model build, found some glitter glue!

And left it for the Little Darlings...


Faith, Jiyoon, and Chantal like the look of that glitter! "Let's take out the Tower pieces!

"Let's put glitter on our coloring!"


I'm not sure about that glitter on the Eiffel Tower!

Who's idea was it anyway?


I better go get the other girls. We better have another Eiffel Tower strategy meeting!

In the meantime, we'll post some more Conner in Paris photos!

Wait for it...


Shall We Use The Glitter?

We are building the Eiffel Tower from April. It's time!


But wait! The girls discovered some glitter tubes, and this little bunch is all for adding glitter to the pretty designs the girls colored back in January...


Chantal is studying the instructions for putting the model together. But Faith and Jiyoon think the glitter should be added first.


I ask the girls if glitter is a good idea. It's messy! But Faith tips the glitter, ready for some gold embellishment.


And glitter supporters, Tink and Xennia, show up with newspapers to put under the project.


Chipping away at my protests...




Maybe we should get the other girls!

Maybe there should be a vote!


Maybe April should get a vote! I'm pretty sure April would not want glitter on the formidable Eiffel Tower.

I'm sure April even questioned the flowers and butterfly embellishments when she was choosing the model. The real Eiffel Tower is all metal, and was designed to demonstrate France's industrial prowess.

But the thought of all the Little Darlings who would be opening probably tipped the scales. Flowers and butterflies to color? Perfect.

But glitter?  Come on girls! Who would do that?


Why are you all looking at me like that?

Would you like popsicles?


(That should give me time to get the other girls. Where is my practical Pearl, and Zoey?)


Yes, Glitter it is! Or, Wait...

We decided! Glitter it is!

The Eiffel Tower will have sparkles....


April and Conner,just fresh back from Paris, helped us by telling us that the real Eiffel Tower sparkles at night! It glitters, twinkles, and shines!

They even sent a photo to prove it!


So, we made the decision to add glitter to our pretty flowers, butterflies, and birds!

The girls were very happy!


Then the weather changed and we had to move inside. We decided to use the schoolroom where there is lots of space for the gluing and building!



So we started. Faith and her friends were so ready to sparkle up...

Uh oh! Everything was going fine,

and then Tink wanted to pour the glitter in her hand, and spread it on her legs.

Faith gave her a talking to, and Xennia started to cry, so Jiyoon and Chantal tried to comfort her...


And they all left to get ice cream, so the other girls could come and sprinkle glitter.


But Zoey and Pearl decided they wanted to get to the building. And Zoey had a good point,

"You can't tell which sides will be on the outside until the Eiffel Tower is put together!"

We could have ended up with sparkles on the inside!

Set the glitter aside! Let Zoey and Pearl get busy!


The boys, Chris and Douglas wanted to help with the Tower building.

And, of course, Chantal stayed to read the instructions, which are in French. En Francais...

Look! We have the base of the Tower done!

Things are looking up!

Or the girls will be (looking up)  as they build the rest of the Tower.


But now we take a short the garden with the Iple girls.

It's true! You'll see!


Eiffel Tower 4: Birdy, Rosa, and Friends

Here's Uley in the rose garden, before the classroom opened up so the friends could get busy on the Eiffel Tower. You see Uley in a poster on the chalkboard in the classroom. He's pretty excited when he sees himself up there!


Birdy and Rosa get going on the model, with Uley and Will, using the drawings on the instructions to make the top of the base, and put the feet on the tower...


Uley is proud of the work they did. Now the model will be sturdy for the next step!

I wonder who is on the way for the next part? 

Send them in!


The Eiffel Tower 5: Evie, Lula, and Scout... and Friends

We are getting there!


The Eiffel Tower arrived at Christmas, in a package from April, Fashion Doll Stylist...


In January we got it out and colored it, over several sessions. Then we put it away until warm weather arrived.


We started setting it up in the Play Yard, then moved it into the classroom when the weather turned rainy.


And the last batch of tower builders got the base finished, ready for the next level.

Now we can see all our coloring work coming together! Exciting!


And our gang of three, Evie, Lula, and Scout, have brought their boy buddies to help...


There! Ready for the final stage! Well done, kids!

(Although the boys seemed to do more girl watching than work.

These three go getters didn't give them much of a chance!) 

Evie, Lula and Scout have gone to get the girls who started it off! The glitter girls!

Good luck! Everyone is scattered-in the garden hanging out with the 3 Paola Reina girls, inside changing into summer dresses... (It's hot now!)


Meanwhile, Gabby has heard about the Tower progress and has come to check it out!

Don't break it, Gabby! Please!

Okay, that's enough exploring for now!

Let's find you some friends to play with, okay Gabby?

Somewhere else!


I hope the other girls come soon.

I can't stay here all day, watching a motionless tower!

I have a shoe to find, in the prickly rose garden...


Gather the Girls!

The Little Darlings have been called in to get changed. It's time for the last of the Eiffel Tower to go up. And then there will be a group photo!


The girls are hanging out with their friends, the Paola Reina Amigas, from Spain.

(Well, our Amigas came from the shop in Canada, in lovely boxes and in pretty clothes.)


Pearl and Chantal are chatting up Quilla, with her golden hair.


"What?", Pearl says to me. "We're busy!" 

Now that's not like Pearl... Does it have to do with the fact that last month I let them choose their own dresses? And Pearl had never worn the little bumblebee and ladybug dress before?

Maybe she doesn't want to change!


Quilla and I had a chance to take a couple of photos before the others came...

Here are the other Paola Reina Amigas-Ling and Undeen, with LD's Pearl and Chantal.

We left the three Amigas in the garden...

And Chantal and Pearl asked for a few more photos before they changed.

I left Pearl with Tink and Rosa, who have both changed into their sundresses.

They are waiting in the wings, so to speak, for their Eiffel Tower appearance, the final build. The top!

I thought that might help convince Pearl.

Chantal is off choosing her sundress now....


Then I went hunting for Xennia.


I found her by herself!

Xennia is also feeling stubborn. This is absolutely her favorite dress!

It's not the first time we have had to cajole her into another outfit!

"But this one is soft...", she says..."and pink, and it has a kitten!"

Come on, Xennia!

You get to put the top on the Eiffel Tower!


And off we went...

I think that's it.

Chantal and Jiyoon will be ready. Faith is already there in the classroom, waiting.

Tink is excited! And the rest will come along in time for the final photos!

Stay tuned!


Dolltown Eiffel Tower Done! Way to go, Girls!

Faith arrives in the Classroom to finish up the top of the Tower. So far the tower isn't even as tall as the girls!


But the next part is going to soar above them. How will they manage?


Jiyoon and Chantal are here to get the next stage going with Faith. And then Xennia and Tink come to help. Excited!


Their Dolltown classroom teacher, Sky joins the girls to help if needed (she's taller). But soon after Birdy and Rosa show up, she's called away to look after the little girls.


And Chantal and Xennia leave as well, to gather the rest of the Little Darlings and their friends who helped with the build.


So there's lots of coming and going (as usual in Dolltown), but the action on the Tower doesn't stop.... 


Ta da!

Fait accomplie!

Okay! Way to go, girls!

Gather all who helped build the Eiffel Tower model, and we'll set up a photo!


Now, a few photos of the whole tower, details, and outside in the garden to show it's scale.


Well, you can see the scale when Faith comes to get me.


And the tower has to come inside like the dolls do, when it gets dark!


The next time you see it, it will be outside, in full daylight.

And it will be surrounded by all the Little Darlings and friends who helped build it.

That's the plan!


The Eiffel Tower in Dolltown!

Okay! The beautiful Eiffel Tower in Dolltown!

We have 6 posts on the building of the Eiffel least!


And more posts on the Eiffel Tower's arrival at Christmas...


Also, there's all our January posts when we took the tower out of it's package and the girls colored all the flowers, butterflies, and birds!


Now it's done and it's time for photos in the garden!

All the Little Darlings in the summer garb with the pretty Eiffel Tower!

Here's Faith Chantal, and Jiyoon, who began the build, and were there to put the top on!


Evie came late to the photo shoot and missed a photo with her friends, for now!

But we gathered all the girls for a group shot...

Fait accompli! Or fait accomplis?

April will tell us...she knows it is one Tower built.

But many little tasks and lots of cooperation to get it done!

Merci Beaucoup, girls!

Now bring on your boy buddies who helped!

And welcome all Dolltowners who want to get their photo taken with the Eiffel Tower!

Better get our kitchen going! Time for fruit smoothies and other goodies. Celebrate!

(Of course it would have been a French picnic if we hadn't been impatient and ate all our French food from April, in May, for the Spring picnic at the River! C'est la vie, n'est-ce pas?


What's This? Conner in the Dolly Express!

We heard a buzz over our heads, during our garden Eiffel Tower photo shoot...


What is it?

Wait! Is that Conner we can see peeking down at the girls?


(Oh boy. I have a feeling April, Fashion Doll Stylist, is behind this! What has she pulled off now?)


It is Conner! Welcome dear Conner! Come for hugs! And photos! And a good catch up chat!


A visit, lots of chatter and laughter....

And Conner was gone!

The boys didn't even get to see her! They'll be sorry!


Here is the note that Conner sent us after she got back to Detroit, where April awaited her return...


"To Birdie, Xennia, Pearl and all my other Dolltown friends...


I would like to thank you all for the warm reception you showed to me during my very brief visit there yesterday. I really enjoyed the festivities celebrating Dolltown's very own Eiffel Tower.


Birdie, I think you guys did such a great job at putting together our tower!!! It looks even better in person!


And very good to see my BFF!!!! I've really missed you! Well, I'm really happy we were able to celebrate this event together!!!


I am also grateful to my American friends for getting me a last minute flight on Dolly Express Airlines. This was my first time on a private dolly jet and I was amazed how fast they got me to Dolltown and back in time to help April finish the Ken doll fashion report!


Even though my visit was brief, I am so happy we could all share this together! This is such a splendid moment. Big kisses. I'll be back in touch soon!!!!!"



Well, it was wonderful to see Conner, and we gave her lots of hugs! Enough hugs to last Conner for months! Or at least until the next unexpected trip she makes to Dolltown on the Dolly Express! Got a bathing suit, Conner? I think we are going to the beach soon! lol (or...mdr!)


(And thanks April! I know you were behind this trip, and made it possible for little Conner to take time from her design work, at your Design School for Girls! It was exciting!)


So exciting that the girls have insisted that we get our airplane down from its high shelf. Fine...

But don't even think you are leaving the skies over Dolltown!

And we all need a safety lesson!

You hear me?


Where did they go?

What are they doing with that ladder?


See Conner beside the gang of three? In her pretty white-with-pink-flowers-dress....

That April designed and made for her?

And to see the amazing Ken Doll Fashion Report that Conner went back to help with, click here!



Miley and Floora Visit the Eiffel Tower

Miley had to see it for herself...

She has been busy following other stories in Dolltown, like Undeen's makeover, and the Ellowynes' disappearance.


She was sorry she missed Conner's appearance on the Dolly Express jet! 


But when she heard the boys were coming for photos, she got herself dressed and invited her buddy Floora to join her in the garden.


They wanted to see the action when the boys joined the girls at the completed Eiffel Tower. Some of the boys haven't seen it since it was in pieces.


And Miley finds it funny to watch the boys trip over each other to stand beside their favorite girl!

It is kind of funny...


And Miley has dressed in the Kim Lasher outfit she arrived in two years ago. For some reason she thinks it looks...French! Floora wears her pink tutu, suitable for all occasions when you are a ballet doll.

Okay! These two have taken their places, where they can see and hear everything.

I have arrived with my coffee, and before the Little Darlings and the boys arrive we gossip.

We know the boys have their favorite Little Darlings and that the girls are mixed in their responses.

Well, they are so young! But we know how early crushes can start...

Stay tuned!



Little Darlings and the Boys...

So, Miley, Dolltown Reporter, wouldn't miss the boys joining the girls for a tour of the completed Eiffel Tower. Miley and her friend Floora keep an eye on the action...


That's good! It's all I can do to take the photos.


Faith and Chantal are here first. That means that Douglas is coming... But who else will show up? Will it be Geoff?

Geoff has taken a shine to Faith and she is not sure what she thinks about it. 


But Douglas and Chantal have been friends forever and they are very comfortable with each other!


So, here are the photos...



Yes, Douglas for sure,

And definitely Geoff, who definitely looks like he is googly eyed over Faith.

Faith, who loves a little attention, is disconcerted by Geoff's attention. And his closeness!

I needed a little buddying up for the photos, but if you look closely, Faith even pulls her skirt away from Geoff so it doesn't touch when he stands beside her.

However, there is that over the shoulder look from Faith when she leaves with Chantal....

Is Geoff making headway? Is there a possible friendship between the two?


We'll see.... Now, who's next?


Lula Star, Owen, and the Eiffel Tower

Lula and Owen have been buddies for years.

(Yes, it has been two years since they have been in Dolltown!) 


When Lula Star got to go to Australia with Lani, Owen really wanted to go too. But Lani only had room for one in her camera bag. So Owen had to watch from Dolltown, as Lula climbed mountains, swam in blue oceans, hung from bridges, and hunted for Tasmanian Devils...


I can't remember Lani talking about hunting for Tasmanian Devils. Maybe that was one of Lula's adventure stories. And maybe because Owen really wanted to see one. He was impressed!


Lula is happy to have Owen here to help her climb the Tower. It was a goal of hers, to make it to the top of the Tower, the whole time it was being built. If I had known...

I hope that's it.

I hope that Lula has no more climbing goals!

At least with the Eiffel Tower! What if it had broken?

That would have been a disaster! 

I had to do some fast talking to convince Evie not to climb to the top, as you'll see.

Here you see Miley, saying to Lula..."You were lucky!"

"It's not luck!" Lula answered. "I know what I am doing!"


I heard Lula asking Owen if he wanted to hunt for frogs under the thorny bushes...

Lula, don't you have some jeans you could wear?


Evie, Scout, and Badger

Evie is telling Scout and Badger about Lula's climbing exploit, making it to the top of the Eiffel Tower model.


Of course she wants to try it! Evie is competitive, and admires Lula's courage. I had to talk fast to convince Evie not to climb to the top, just in case. 


And I was helped by the interaction between Badger and Scout.


Badger is always sent into a kind of delirium when he is near Scout, a fact that Scout exploits shamelessly. She leads him around like a puppy. (She once called him her rescue boy!)


Evie is not getting much encouragement for her climb!


"Make yourself useful!" is one of Scout's favorite expressions.

And she finds lots of useful things for Badger to do.

But...fetching flowers? Not Scout's idea! That is all Badger.


Usually Evie puts up with Badger's moony looks and romantic gestures towards Scout, but today it's too much for her. She disappears to find Lula and Owen. Hunting for that's useful.

What is the matter with Scout!

Awww. So sweet!

Miley, our Dolltown reporter is impressed.


But this photo here shows Scout's attitude toward her wishful beau...


Scout is a realist, not a romantic. (Not that we have seen anyway.) She recognizes how useful Badger is. Packing food to the foodbank, digging in the community garden...


She is a bit of a clothes horse...but it must be cotton, linen, or silk, and from eco conscious companies. And she'd rather wear a real flower than jewelry that turns her vinyl green. 


So, "Thank you", she said aloud to Badger, before she asked him to help her sort doll clothes. She wants to give some away to homeless dolls.


Wait, what? Homeless dolls? Where?

Give away doll clothes? No way! Do you know how hard I have worked to get those clothes for you all? I work my fingers to the bone. Something you dolls wouldn't know anything about, would you?

Where'd they go?


Miley and Floora Discuss...

Miley couldn't wait to come to the garden and watch the goings on as the Little Darlings bring their boy buddies to see the completed Eiffel Tower.


She brought her friend Floora, our Ballet Doll. And they chat...about shy Faith, Lula and Owen climbing the Tower, and Badger bringing Scout a flower.


They also gossip about a few scenes we didn't show, like Chantal and Douglas getting affectionate. (What?)


And Floora got down to do some floor exercises (of course!) before more Little Darlings arrive with their boy friends.



Oh, here they come!

Who is it, Miley?


It's Pearl, Zoey, and Chris and the Eiffel Tower!

Now, here's a trio we can trust will not climb under the Tower, or climb to the top!


Zoey and Pearl bring Chris to see the completed model. Chris was there at the beginning of the building of the Tower,

He helped get a sturdy base built, so the rest of the model building was successful.


And Chris may have been in on the decision not to use glitter until the Tower was built.


Here Zoey and Pearl tell him the story of the rest of the building, and he inspects the work.


"Well done!", he says to the girls.

Thanks, Chris!

Your approval and kind words mean a lot to us.

It makes us want to get you some shorts for the hot summer weather!

(He's wearing corduroy pants!)


Hey Miley! Who's coming now?


Will, the Boys, Tink, and Xennia!

This little visit started quietly enough!


Will came to see the completed Eiffel Tower model. And he chatted with Miley.


Then the boys Uley and Bobby arrived to check out the Tower. 


Xennia breezed in, climbing up to kiss and hug Miley, and Tink joined her.


But the affection didn't stop there!


Will was subjected to hugs, and the boys were surrounded...


Awww, so cute.