Lula Star, Owen, and the Eiffel Tower

Lula and Owen have been buddies for years.

(Yes, it has been two years since they have been in Dolltown!) 


When Lula Star got to go to Australia with Lani, Owen really wanted to go too. But Lani only had room for one in her camera bag. So Owen had to watch from Dolltown, as Lula climbed mountains, swam in blue oceans, hung from bridges, and hunted for Tasmanian Devils...


I can't remember Lani talking about hunting for Tasmanian Devils. Maybe that was one of Lula's adventure stories. And maybe because Owen really wanted to see one. He was impressed!


Lula is happy to have Owen here to help her climb the Tower. It was a goal of hers, to make it to the top of the Tower, the whole time it was being built. If I had known...

I hope that's it.

I hope that Lula has no more climbing goals!

At least with the Eiffel Tower! What if it had broken?

That would have been a disaster! 

I had to do some fast talking to convince Evie not to climb to the top, as you'll see.

Here you see Miley, saying to Lula..."You were lucky!"

"It's not luck!" Lula answered. "I know what I am doing!"


I heard Lula asking Owen if he wanted to hunt for frogs under the thorny bushes...

Lula, don't you have some jeans you could wear?

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