The Children

A mix of characters, sizes, ages...centered around a group of kids, doll kids.


The Little Ones...

The Children in Dolltown

The Girls

We have a variety of girls. It is great to have a doll in hand to see how you like it.

How does it look, move, pose, and get along with the others?

The Little Darlings have their own page...check them out here.

The Boys

One Heidi Ott boy, one Berdine Creedy, two Chris Miller boys, and four Robin Woods boys, for now...

The CM's and RW's are basically the same brand.  

They look much the same with small differences (like the smiling Chris Miller). 

Great boys are not easy to find. 

And maybe we don't need as many. 

The older children, and the teens and young adults, are a part of The Community page.

Check here for Disney Princesses, Crissy, a Kidz n Cats Jakob, Priscilla, and more...

The Children's Blog

Little Kish and Iplehouse Violet at Christmas

Our Kish, from beloved doll designer Helen Kish,

came to the Magic Library at Christmas time with her little friends.


After her friends left Kish stays to admire the decorations and imagines she is Clara in the ballet The Nutcracker.


Pretty Iplehouse Violet comes to see the tree and visit with Pink Nutcracker and the other Christmas characters.


And spends a sweet moment with little Kish.


Off Kish goes!


It leaves us wondering...where are other Iples?

We haven't seen them for ages!

Are they off on an assignment?

Time for some questions to be answered. Hey Violet!


Dolltown Little Girls

Dolltown Little Girl Dolls

The Dolltown little girls are from a variety of doll designers!


Collecting this bunch was a lot of fun!

As Dolltown was opening its doors to gather friends, I was pouring over eBay and other sources on the Internet. What a blessing that is when you live in a place that has only a couple of shelves of dolls to choose from.

And I was on the lookout for dolls from some of the beloved doll designers.

As I unpacked these girls, when they showed up in their designer boxes, I was able to see for myself why these doll artists have such a following.


So let's show them off here...more photos to show the different characteristics of these little girl dolls. 

I love them all, and each for her own appealing qualities.

Dolltown Little Girls Dolls
Dolltown Little Girl Dolls

Our Gabby, a little Patsy by the big Tonner company.

Dolltown Little Girl Dolls
Dolltown Little Girl Dolls

Little Vera, a part of the Betsy McCall family from the Tonner company.

Dolltown Little Girl Dolls
Dolltown Little Girl Dolls

This is Fancy Nancy, a well known book character, a version by Madame Alexander.

Dolltown Little Girl Dolls
Dolltown Little Girl Dolls

Phoebe is Beach Party Eva, a sculpt by Dianna Effner, from the Heartstrings Company.

Dolltown Little Girl Dolls
Dolltown Little Girl Dolls

Doll designer Dianna Effner also designed this sculpt, Tiny Shawl Dancer, our Shasta.

Dolltown Little Girl Dolls
Dolltown Little Girl Dolls

Here is our Lilac Moon, a Lollipop from the Dancing with Grace series by Berdine Creedy.

Dolltown Little Girl Dolls
Berenguer Little Girl Doll

Whoopi is a Berenguer Company designed doll.

Dolltown Little Girl Dolls
Helen Kish Little Girl Doll

And here is our Kish, a Ballerina Lynne doll by doll designer Helen Kish.


Each of these girls has her own charm. 

(There's a little more info on these dolls here.)

I have run across other cuties designed by these artists.

So far I have resisted, no matter how appealing.

(Except for Dianna's Little Darlings...a couple more have joined us!)


Kish had a meet up with our Iplehose BJD, Violet.

Photos to follow. Sweet dolls!


Dolltown Little Girls Christmas 2019

Dolltown Little Girls Christmas 2019

It's Whoopi!

Whoopi arrived in Dolltown after an extended hunt in the doll world for more diversity.


In Dolltown we have lots of diversity in doll shapes, skin colors, materials, eye sizes, expressions... But still we noticed that, just like in the community around us, we have more of some than others.


This is a Berenguer doll. I have 3 very cute baby Berenguers, from a hunt for Dolltown babies, but I had never run across older girls like Whoopi here. 


We all fell in love with this girl, even if she does have trouble tilting her head to look at others. Not much down or up head motion. But almost a smile! That is very good. We like smilers in Dolltown...


But let's see who is coming to keep Whoopi company. There is quite a bunch of little girls...

Dolltown Little Girls Christmas 2019
Dolltown Little Girls Christmas 2019

Whoopi bonded quickly with Shasta, our tallest "little girl" in Dolltown.

With the two of them in charge, I feel more relaxed leaving the little girls to their own devices.

Both Whoopi and Shasta take their role of "big sisters" seriously.

But not too seriously!

Dolltown Little Girls Christmas 2019
Dolltown Little Girls Christmas 2019

Their big sister role is easy with little girls like Phoebe to look after.

Phoebe is our child prodigy. She knows so much for such a little girl.

Sometimes we think she knows everything.

We treat her like an encyclopedia. Sometimes we call her "Wiki Phoebe".

Or we say: "Just google Phoebe!"

You'd never think to look at her!

Dolltown Little Girls Christmas 2019

Phoebe's best bud, Fancy Nancy, can be a handful even though she is very sweet.

She gets lost in her fanciful world of embellishment and forgets to go to get her chores done.

How did these two even become friends?

Well...Phoebe and Fancy Nancy can share clothes.

Fancy Nancy helps Phoebe choose hair ribbons, something that would never occur to Phoebe.

And Phoebe has taught Fancy Nancy new things ribbons are made by worms.

Fancy Nancy isn't sure she wants to know that!


Dolltown Little Girls Christmas 2019
Dolltown Little Girls Christmas 2019

Here is pretty Helen Kish doll, all in pink. 

We took lots of photos of Kish and we'll post them separately.


Dolltown Little Girls Christmas 2019
Dolltown Little Girls Christmas 2019

And then our little vintage Tonner, Vera.


That means two bff's on their way.

Vera's friend Lilac Moon, a Berdine Creedy ball joint doll with luminous skin, and purple eyes...

And another little Tonner, a Platinum blonde Patsy.

We call her Gabby because, well...

Dolltown Little Girls Christmas 2019
Dolltown Little Girls Christmas 2019

Gabby gets the attention of the group by saying, "You'll never guess!"

"What?" we all answer.

"I saw a polar bear! It was wearing skis!"


Okay, even in a place like Dolltown, that sounds farfetched!

Dolltown Little Girls Christmas 2019
Dolltown Little Girls Christmas 2019

While Gabby told her story, Oiya slipped in to the Magic Library.

She's wearing the prettiest dress!

And our prize shrug from Kay Marie, all the way from Australia!

Dolltown Little Girls Christmas 2019
Dolltown Little Girls Christmas 2019

Why, Oiya!

You are adorable!

She usually heads for the plaid shirts and ripped jeans.

(Or the jeans are ripped when she returns from an adventure.)

Usually she hangs out with the two oldest girls, Shasta and Whoopi.

(Or with Uley and the boys!)

But Oiya's dress choice today has caught Kish's attention.

"Pink! And we both have ginger pigtails!"

That creates instant rapport...

Dolltown Little Girls Christmas 2019
Dolltown Little Girls Christmas 2019

The Dolltown little girls.

Such variety!

This is how we got to know, and appreciate, some of our favorite doll designers!

Can we resist adding more friends?

Another Heidi Plusczok, like Oiya?

Get practical! That just means more clothes to dress these cuties.

Right now they all share one box of clothes, for all seasons, and all activities.

We're good!


The Boys Are Following the Girls to School! Yay!

Off to school, boys!


The boys figure, if the girls are finally going to school, they will too. Why not?


Nothing wrong with learning fractions and geography, right? Always useful to divvy up piles of candy, and pour over maps at their clubhouse!


And they can hang out with the Little Darlings, where the action is! 


Badger, Chris, and Douglas watch the girls make their way up the Forest Path, to the Magic Library...

Even the little boys are ready to get to class.

Bobby and Uley are the first of the young kids.

That makes us hopeful that the little girls might be getting ready too!

I feel dizzy with success...


On your way, boys!

I can't decide whether to follow them and check what the Darlings are up to in the schoolroom, or double back to make sure the little girls have school clothes laid out.

Last time I saw them, they were all taking baths,

playing with the floating toys they brought home from the beach...


Dolltown School begins! Well, not yet...

Sky, our Dolltown teacher has given up on waiting for the children to come to school. She has gone to them!


She convinced young Uley to pack some books out to the Forest Path, where she knows the children have been hanging out. 


Sky appeals to Pearl and Anna Zoey, avid readers, but then a couple of the boys arrive. Then more girls...and teacher Sky and helper Uley pack up the books. 

Back to the schoolroom!

The kids will make it there soon! 

I assure you!

Well, after Halloween, anyway.



Chris and Will arrive with talk of things they have seen up the Forest Path.

The Halloween Tree, pumpkins, a black cat...

Rosa and Birdy arrive with more stories..."We think we saw the black raven!

Now, if Sky and Uley had brought Halloween books, these kids might have stopped for a while.

But all they can think about is the fun coming up,

and as you can see, the girls are getting in the mood with October orange.

And what do you see, Rosa? We've heard talk of the black raven...



Little Girls at the Beach, with Priscilla!


Hey, Priscilla and the little girls!


What a picture of camaraderie! The girls really do get along... We do our best to keep them so busy they don't have time for spats. And of course we model kind words and generosity. We do!


The girls see Priscilla as a fun companion, despite her always-there grumpy look (and let's face it, seriously pessimistic and judgmental attitude). Kudos to the children!


And Priscilla was the one who offered to look after the kids' safety so they could come to the beach. 

I was a little busy...

First, we'll set the scene.

We said we wanted a little sun....and look who showed up! Hey thanks, Sunny!

A chair for Priscilla, so she doesn't walk away in a huff (like she often does).

And Priscilla arrives with...a ring buoy! Way to go, Priscilla! I guess she noticed the Ellowyne lifeguards did NOT bring the "proper" safety devices. That's probably why she offered! Teach those Ellowyne girls a lesson! I want to say, "Whatever." At least she is here.

Priscilla also arrives with a little doll she was given, months ago (Christmas?). Phoebe and Fancy Nancy have noticed that Priscilla carries her willy-nilly. And today, the poor little dolly is upside down! You'd think Priscilla would have more empathy, being a doll herself. Nobody would dare carry Priscilla upside down!

Now, enjoy the photos of our Dolltown little children ocean beach fun. And today, for now, all girls!

Here come Kish and Oiya, both sporting ginger pigtails.

And Lilac Moon, in her lilac shoes, greets her little buddies, Vera and Gabby.

Gabby plays with the ring buoy. Lucky girl! Priscilla has a hard time saying no to Gabby. 

And what's in the pail, girls? They are afraid to look in case there is a scary sea creature under the polka dots!


Shasta and Whoopi, our oldest little girls, arrive to play at the beach.

The shoes are coming off, Priscilla! keep an eye out!

Next step is wading, then you know what can happen! A child could be swept right out to sea!

Gabby crowns Shasta, our tallest little child. "Queen Shasta!", Gabby says.

Okay, that got Priscilla's attention!

And she has firmly reclaimed the ring buoy, muttering about " responsibility."


Remember girls! Promises to go to a little beach soon, where you can actually swim! 

(Okay, it's a bribe for the girls to stay out of the big waves at this ocean beach!)


Dolltown Paola Reinas in the Fall...


Waiting for a Dolltown Story...

In between Dolltown stories, the girls wait patiently for the action to start...

A glimpse into the inner workings of Dolltown itself.


The Little Girls with Hal

Hal, this is so nice of you!

Bringing the little girls to see the Eiffel Tower all done...


Lilac Moon, Gabby, and Vera think the Tower is so pretty!


They wanted to help with the coloring. So I gave them coloring sheets. And lots of crayons.

And asked Vikka to keep guard so if they approached the tower-in-progress with crayons in hand, they could



They heard that Lula climbed to the top of the tower so keep an eye on them, Hal! 



Nice work, Hal! It's almost like you put a spell on them!


From the way Hal is looking around, I am thinking he was hoping Miley would still be here!


Relax, Hal. It's Dolltown! You'll run into her again sooner or later. 

In the meantime, I think I heard the Disney Princesses asking for you earlier...



Everybody likes Hal!


The Little Girls...

Love these girls!


A little Linda McCall, Tonner Patsy, and Berdine Creedy Lolly Pop.


Our Vera, Gabby, and Lilac Moon...


They are wearing the oh-so-reasonable Prairie Moon dresses.


I took them into the garden just when the sun was setting...



Vera, Gabby, Lilac Moon...

They are ready for their visit to the Eiffel Tower.

Hal said he would take them!

Now, is he going back to see if Miley is still there?


Gather the Girls!

The Little Darlings have been called in to get changed. It's time for the last of the Eiffel Tower to go up. And then there will be a group photo!


The girls are hanging out with their friends, the Paola Reina Amigas, from Spain.

(Well, our Amigas came from the shop in Canada, in lovely boxes and in pretty clothes.)


Pearl and Chantal are chatting up Quilla, with her golden hair.


"What?", Pearl says to me. "We're busy!" 

Now that's not like Pearl... Does it have to do with the fact that last month I let them choose their own dresses? And Pearl had never worn the little bumblebee and ladybug dress before?

Maybe she doesn't want to change!


Quilla and I had a chance to take a couple of photos before the others came...

Here are the other Paola Reina Amigas-Ling and Undeen, with LD's Pearl and Chantal.

We left the three Amigas in the garden...

And Chantal and Pearl asked for a few more photos before they changed.

I left Pearl with Tink and Rosa, who have both changed into their sundresses.

They are waiting in the wings, so to speak, for their Eiffel Tower appearance, the final build. The top!

I thought that might help convince Pearl.

Chantal is off choosing her sundress now....


Then I went hunting for Xennia.


I found her by herself!

Xennia is also feeling stubborn. This is absolutely her favorite dress!

It's not the first time we have had to cajole her into another outfit!

"But this one is soft...", she says..."and pink, and it has a kitten!"

Come on, Xennia!

You get to put the top on the Eiffel Tower!


And off we went...

I think that's it.

Chantal and Jiyoon will be ready. Faith is already there in the classroom, waiting.

Tink is excited! And the rest will come along in time for the final photos!

Stay tuned!


The Eiffel Tower 5: Evie, Lula, and Scout... and Friends

We are getting there!


The Eiffel Tower arrived at Christmas, in a package from April, Fashion Doll Stylist...


In January we got it out and colored it, over several sessions. Then we put it away until warm weather arrived.


We started setting it up in the Play Yard, then moved it into the classroom when the weather turned rainy.


And the last batch of tower builders got the base finished, ready for the next level.

Now we can see all our coloring work coming together! Exciting!


And our gang of three, Evie, Lula, and Scout, have brought their boy buddies to help...


There! Ready for the final stage! Well done, kids!

(Although the boys seemed to do more girl watching than work.

These three go getters didn't give them much of a chance!) 

Evie, Lula and Scout have gone to get the girls who started it off! The glitter girls!

Good luck! Everyone is scattered-in the garden hanging out with the 3 Paola Reina girls, inside changing into summer dresses... (It's hot now!)


Meanwhile, Gabby has heard about the Tower progress and has come to check it out!

Don't break it, Gabby! Please!

Okay, that's enough exploring for now!

Let's find you some friends to play with, okay Gabby?

Somewhere else!


I hope the other girls come soon.

I can't stay here all day, watching a motionless tower!

I have a shoe to find, in the prickly rose garden...


Eiffel Tower 4: Birdy, Rosa, and Friends

Here's Uley in the rose garden, before the classroom opened up so the friends could get busy on the Eiffel Tower. You see Uley in a poster on the chalkboard in the classroom. He's pretty excited when he sees himself up there!


Birdy and Rosa get going on the model, with Uley and Will, using the drawings on the instructions to make the top of the base, and put the feet on the tower...


Uley is proud of the work they did. Now the model will be sturdy for the next step!

I wonder who is on the way for the next part? 

Send them in!


Fancy Nancy and Phoebe In New Threads

Well, look at these two!


Phoebe and Fancy Nancy spent an afternoon trying on clothes. How fun is that?


A friend came by with a suitcase of Bratz dolls...a dozen! And with them...clothes! And accessories!


We sorted everything, then set aside the Bratz, who are all in great condition but most need a serious hair brushing and conditioner treatment.


We picked through accessories and chose a few for our Dolltowners to use. Bags! Backpacks!

And the clothes! Some are too skinny for our tiny dolls. But some...


Look for yourself at these two trying on some of the duds.


What a pair! Fancy Nancy, who loves bling...and Phoebe who pays little attention to clothes, because she is usually immersed in her books. But she doesn't mind if we play with her and dress her like a doll. Wait! She is a doll!

"How do I look?", Phoebe asks?

Very cute! 

Fancy Nancy found a crown!

That caps it for her...

But she also loves this fluffy dressing gown.

And Phoebe in a toque, a baseball cap and a toque!

And look! Sun glasses!

A crown and sunglasses!

It's just like we went shopping at a doll mall!

Phoebe is impressed with the bags... "Book bags!", she exclaims.

Vikka arrives to tell the girls to come to the Garden Shed.

And stops for a little dress up fun!

"Can we keep these clothes?", the little girls ask.

How can they not? Surely the Bratz wouldn't miss a few items?

Look at these two!


A French Picnic in the Forest!

A picnic basket full of dolly food from Paris!


We received this delectable gift from Auntie April at Christmas time!

That's Fashion Doll Stylist April... Not only did she send us a box of Christmas goodies and a beautiful paper model of the Eiffel Tower, she included something to look forward the spring.


At least that is the fast talking I had to do at the time. I didn't want the picnic basket emptied and the food eaten under the Christmas tree!

The Dolltowners argued at first. The sign on the basket said it was for Dollies Only. So, why can't the Dollies decide when?


In the end, I won out and this picnic was tucked away for months. And now...our first big outing of the year.

Bring on la pizza! That's pizza in French.

The three little Amigas brought the picnic. Then left.

We only have a few photos. I didn't want to miss out on the macarons and got stuck in the line up. Very popular, those macarons!


Now, all the children made it to the picnic. 

And all the food was eaten-the pizza, the Camembert cheese, the salmon...

But Aunt April promised she would refill our basket next time she was in Paris.

And Conner can remind her if she gets distracted with her divas and doll couture!


We are providing a flat lay photo. so April remembers our favourites.

And Vera helps...she has been sticking by our side!


See April? It's a visual grocery list!

Okay, our golden fish snuck in.

The children are asking for double the macarons next time.

Say s'il vous plait, please!


And here's Vikka, our prop changer.

She has come to gather little Vera and all the others.

Picnic done. Time for Spring Celebration

And...that's all done!

One more catch up and we will be all caught up.


Next up...Conner!

At Fashion Doll Stylist's Design School for Girls.

What has Conner been up to?


The Children at the Dolltown River

In April, the Little Darlings, the Sashas, and friends were exploring a birchbark canoe, and all its fascinating contents.


Then we brought more of the children to the river to see the canoe, the gold fish, the beads...


And there was a picnic!


But before we had time to post all those photos, Easter arrived and all the Dolltowners spiffed up for a big egg hunt at the river with Bunny!

There were lots of photos of the spring celebration and we just got them all posted.

NOW we can get back to our canoe story...with more children coming to see the treasures!


The Little Darlings had just headed off into the forest, and these boys arrived.

And Asia brought buddies Gabby, Lilac Moon, and Oiya...

(These girls had just returned from an adventure at Aunt Jackie's)

The McCall girls, Pamela and Nellie, brought the rest of the little girls Shasta, Whoopi, Phoebe, and Kish.

(Almost all of them...where's little Vera?)

The other kids are making lots of noise in the forest!

Asia heads into the trees with some of the children to join the fun.

While Kish and Phoebe pretend they are canoeing on the river,

Nellie and Pamela tidy up the girls'coats. 

The picnic is on its way!


The Egg Hunt Report!

Bunny has spent a whole year in Dolltown! Last year he decided it was such a great place that he would stay. Except for the times he has to leave to hide eggs all over the world.


Of course he makes time to hide eggs in Dolltown! And this year he hid lots of little eggs in the forest near the river. The children have hunted and hunted for all the eggs they could find!


Here is Bunny with a china egg, full of eggs that the little children found...under leaves, tucked in tree bark, and behind twigs and roots.


And here come the little children...

The little children went to fetch little bags, when Bunny told them they couldn't take the china egg.

He heard them making plans to tape it up and roll it back to Dolltown!

Vera said she would stay and keep an eye on the eggs.

But we noticed she was munching them while she waited... Who wouldn't?


Little Phoebe Gets Her Own Outfit!

It's Phoebe with her friend Fancy Nancy, and bunnies...

Phoebe is our tiniest girl (if we don't count the babies).  She's so little that she has no one to share clothes with.


 And I am horrified to admit that her one pretty yellow dress is missing! How could I? 


All she has now is her own bathing suit!

So she has had to borrow some clothes so she could take part in some of our Dolltown activities! Rolled up pants, tshirts pinned at the back...


Thank goodness we found this tiny knit dress, (with a red hooded cape!) in an old chocolate box! She has worn it for several events with different ribbons.


Phoebe is a lovely, kind thing and she's very very smart. A child prodigy actually. (Doll prodigy?)

She deserves her own outfit!

I thought it was time... 


At the right moment I called her to open her package...

Look at those colors! What little girl wouldn't want a new outfit like that!

I think Fancy Nancy is hoping it will fit her too!

Off Phoebe goes to try it on!

Fancy Nancy and the bunnies wait for her...

Wow! Perfect fit! Tres cute! What do you think, Phoebe?

The bunnies love it!

Phoebe is excited!

And good friend Kish comes to see little Phoebe in her new, colorful play outfit!

For this momentous event, I brought out the last of the Easter Peeps!

Go for it, girls! But don't get any on your new clothes! 



Sashas and the Little Girls!


My kids' Sashas, now Dolltowners, got to dress up for Easter too.

Well, the girls did anyway. Archie looks just fine!


Bethany and Asia got to wear Pachom Suesuwan dresses. And red haired Channing is wearing a brand new dress from a brand new source! Every now and then I try out a new dress designer for the bigger girls. 

And that means the Sasha girls have clothes to wear! I can resist the pretty Sasha clothes! For now...


And the little girls joined the Sashas in brand new dresses too! They are very joyful, because usually they just exchange dresses for something "new" to wear. But these dresses are from Joyce, at prairiemoondesigns on eBay. And anyone who shops with Joyce know that most of these girls got new dresses for the price of what one dress usually costs. I don't want to even talk about it because I feel so lucky! These have lovely patterns, and are well made. Shhh. Our secret!


The Sashas stepped aside so the little girls could get a photo by themselves.

And first we gathered the girls with Joyce's Prairie Moon dresses!

Look at those colors!

The little boys, Uley and Bobby, joined their friends.

And the bunnies came back! 

That means the eggs are hidden! And that's where the rest of the children are!

We can hear squeals of delight in the forest nearby...

The photos were taken on our celebration day, of course. It takes a while to post all the fun!

It was time to take the little ones to find some eggs!



Where Do You Think You Are Going?



While the Little Darlings were exploring the birchbark canoe at the river, these little girls, Oiya, Lilac Moon, and Gabby, climbed in my tote when I headed out for a visit to Aunt Jacalyn's.


I knew they were there. So I brought Asia, one of our "new" Sashas, to keep an eye on them.

When we arrived, the little girls decided to stay in the car.


I took Asia in with me. I really wanted her to see Jackie's travel treasures. Jackie is a great world traveler. And I have been hearing stories that the Sashas didn't stay in the attic all those years. I understand there were...adventures.


So, to see if I could get a recounting of these adventures from Asia I took her in to Aunt Jacalyn's...

Asia began to remark on the crafts she saw, but she was distracted when she looked out the window and spotted the three little girls, now car-free.

(Wait. I didn't know dolls could get out of a car!)


We watched them as they climbed, walked, and climbed some more...

What did they see? What were they after?

It's not easy to see the three of them here, but I snapped these photos anyway.

I wanted to capture their lilliputian scale against the small hillside behind Aunt Jacalyn's...

Oh my, girls. It's a empty brick. Imagine!

That's what you saw? And risked your little doll limbs to pursue?

May I remind you we have no doll hospital nearby? Just a first aid station and a couple of vintage nurses.

Now, here is Asia to gather you back to the safety of the car.


The girls look happy to see Asia. She seems comfy.

They cushion up when they get back to the car.


Before we go home, we are stopping at the pet store...

Cat leashes, I am thinking. A cat cage would be too...bizarre. Right?


They are just dolls!


The Little Ones! On the Bridge...

It's the McCall Girls!

Nellie and Pamela are the ones in charge of the little ones for this River adventure!


These girls have taken the Babysitter Training so they know just what to do...


The Little Ones don't like to be called babies though. And they think they are old enough to look after themselves. So we had to get creative and think of a different phrase.


Today we are calling them Nounous. We think it is French for "nannies". We'll use it until our friend April tells us how wrong that is. Then we will find another phrase the little ones will put up with....


So,'re on!

The little girls are dressed just right for a walk to the River.

Except Gabby! Why are you wearing a dress Gabby?

Gabby loves pink, and ribbons, pretty shoes, and hairclips...

The little ones gather around to tell Gabby she has got to change!

(Hey, Uley has joined the girls. See his bright red hair in the background?)

Gabby asks nounou Pamela to take her back to find some pants.

See her hugging Pam in the back there?

Uh oh...we are running out of little ones' pants! Now what?

Nounou Nellie herds the rest of the little ones off the bridge.

They are getting a head start to the River...

Gabby! What are you wearing?

Why are you here by yourself?

Goodness, Pamela!

More little ones! Look at this bunch!

This is what happens when we run out of clothes for the Dolltowners!

It looks like Pamela opened a dress up trunk to be sure these children could make it to the picnic!

I don't even know where to start!

Gabby in her motley clothes (wait, is that a flowered bathing suit, Gabby?),

and Phoebe in vintage knit, with boots....

And Whoopie in out of control pigtails! (Gabby and Phoebe are impressed!)

When it is time to go...Gabby wants "up".

(Gabby does have a little trouble with her legs.)

We are so impressed!

Pamela is taking her role as Nounou seriously and helps Gabby with a piggy back ride!

This is a doll miracle, if you knew how loose Pam is herself.

No props here, no string, no duct tape!

It is going to be crowded on that River beach!

There is a lot of excitement. A spring picnic...and a surprise!

Gabby hopes it means a ride on the river!

Hmmm, not likely Gabby...we don't like to let you down but let's be realistic.

(We have no life jackets. And that's just ONE reason there will be no river rides!)

But if we are lucky there will be cookies!



The Little Girls at the Movie Matinee!

Vikka brings five little girls to the movie matinee!


Vikka isn't much bigger than these girls...and Shasta is actually taller!

But Vikka is years older in experience and responsibility. And all the kids listen to her. (She's very serious and uses her alpha leader voice! Even I find myself cleaning up when she gets after the kids to do so!) 


The little girls chose to see Moana. They love how adventurous Moana is. And they like to sing along with her!


And they think the Rock is very funny! 


Once again, the popcorn boxes have run out and Vikka has to fetch some for the girls.

It's just not the movies without buttered popcorn!

Well, the little girls are now singing along with Moana in the theatre.

 Vikka stayed to fill some more popcorn boxes. 

She's heard there may be more Dolltowners arriving for an evening show!

Thanks Vikka!


Throwback Thursday! The Children...Uley and Oiya

Look at these two! So cute!


Uley is a 13" Berdine Creedy Uli, from 2007.


And Oiya is a 10.5" Heidi Plusczok Linette, from 2013.


They are explorers and are often are found in unusual places when I am gathering the children.


Unlike the dolls in the book The Doll People, who have to stick to a strict code of doll behaviour (like returning to the positions they were left in before the humans awake for the day), my dolls roam about as they please and have no concerns about my knowing that they do... 


You don't think that's a sign of...disrespect, do you?


I think it's because I encourage adventure and creativity in my dolls. 

Even if it means I can't find them sometimes.

Or they end up in odd places, like the tops of shelves that I can't reach!

I wonder where these two are right now?

Last I saw Uley, he was with the older kids at the Lego Batman movie. But I haven't seen Oiya for days! Hmmm...


To see Oiya and Uley in a few photos from last March CLICK HERE!


And below are close ups of these wonderfully designed dolls from two beloved doll makers!



Priscilla Gets Stuck!

Gabby got to create a sockwear dress! She stayed behind when the Little Darlings left to get ready for an outing to the Dolltown Cinema!


And one of Gabby's favorite friends, Priscilla, showed up in the Playroom, feeling very grumpy about been excluded from the sockwear fun.

(Excluded? So that's your story again, Priscilla?)


So Gabby decides Priscilla. And get her into a sock. Small detail, Gabby? Scissors! And where did you get that sock?!

So, you can see that Uley showed up, hearing Priscilla's muffled complaints. 

And after being somewhat successful at getting Priscilla INTO the sock, they realized that the lack of head and arm holes (a slight oversight) was causing a BIG problem.


And so they went to fetch Vikka.

Vikka, the Fixer.

Gabby and Uley wanted to get scissors and cut the holes while the sock was over Priscilla's head.

But thankfully Vikka can be trusted to have VERY good sense. Very safety minded (for others anyway)!


So the sock came off. But not before Gabby tried to persuade Priscilla to wear the sock on her head like a hat! She brought Priscilla a mirror though, and Priscilla was not impressed!

Gabby, Priscilla, and her little dolly left, to see if they could go to the movies. Good distraction! 

Vikka's idea? Some dolls are sooo useful!


And then these two cleaned up the Playroom....

Good job!  I can't tell you how much I appreciate it! (We are busy making popcorn.)





Time Out! Sockwear for Gabby and the boys!

Just a few photos of Gabby and the boys!

Gabby somehow managed to scoop a cute sock and convinced Chantal to make her a "dress"!

Pretty funny, Gabby!

And these boys saw the muscle shirts on the other boys,

and came to Jiyoon's playroom looking for a sock of their own!

Looking good boys! Good enough for some Valentine outing! Hmmm...

Okay little Gabby! Chantal, Faith and the rest of the Little Darlings are ready for their Valentine's photos!

All dressed in socks! How exciting!

Stay tuned!


Gabby Gets Her Own Outfit!

Isn't this something?

I thought of Gabby right away when I saw this cute outfit from Alisewn, by Alison Austin.


Now, we have ordered from Alison before... the "elf" outfit Evie is wearing for Christmas, the Mondrian dress that Jiyoon wore in the spring...very creative.


And this one looked just right for our bright Gabby. And Vera, and Lilac Moon, and Shasta and Whoopie, and Oiya...


Gabby is thrilled at the moment, though, imagining it is hers alone. She won't mind sharing if I dangle something equally as festive, or sparkly, or fringy in front of her. Distraction works like a charm with Gabby...


Our Christmas Darling, green eyed Rosa, gets to wear the bigger version. (Two for the price of one after Christmas!)


And they enjoy a game of cards...Christmas cat cards!

The girls look like Christmas candies! Thanks, Alison! Just in time!

"How do you play?", Gabby asks.

She's getting old enough now to do more with cards than arrange then in flatlays, and balance them in triangle tents...

And bend them into small ball shapes to throw at her friends...

Oh, sweet Gabby...


The Little Girls...Presents! A Silent Photo Story...

Look at these excited girls!


They are gathering for a special Christmas present opening...with something for all the little girls!


Oiya and Lilac Moon were here early.


Then they are joined by Gabby and Vera.

And this sparkly bag shows up....


They wait patiently for Shasta to arrive, and out come the Christmas gifties and decorations!


Guard One brings little Phoebe, Kish, and Fancy Nancy...


And Silent Sam comes to take over for Guard One, who has to get back to his security duties.

Babysitting is not really a part of Guard One's job duties,

but he does find himself in charge of the children sometimes, as he watches over Dolltown.

Now Sam is Caregiver extraordinaire, ever since he arrived in Dolltown, and is often looking after the little ones.

He spends lots of time at Dolltown Daycare where all the children come and go.

And he is very happy to be a part of the Christmas festivities again this year!


The Little Girls and the Big Girls...

Look at you girls all dressed up for Christmas!


The McCall girls are excited for Christmas! A Barbara, a Betsy, and a little Linda. Our Pamela, Nellie, and Vera.


And a Heartstrings Eva, a Madame Alexander Fancy Nancy,  a Helen Kish, a Heidi Plusczok, and a Berdine Creedy. Such a great way to explore different doll designers!


We are going to post lots of photos because the girls all look so lovely and we haven't seen them for a while...




Here's the Heartstrings, our Phoebe, and a little Madame Alexander Fancy Nancy, and a ballet Helen Kish, our Kish.

Now a Linette Heidi Plusczok, our Oiya. Love her face!

And with her is Berdine Creedy's Lolly-Pop, our Lilac Moon. 

Sweeties, both of them!

These two little girls, Oiya and Lilac Moon, are showing up in the next post.

With their friends Vera and Gabby...Gabby!

Stay tuned my friends.

Christmas cuteness...



A Fall Outing and The Boys Come By...

Okay, we are straggling here.

There is a follow up Halloween story.

All the Dolltowners were surprised when the boys didn't show up at the Iple's Halloween party.

But it wasn't long before the girls discovered where they had gone.... 


The Little Darlings were on an outing in the forest, looking for art ideas for school projects.

As the girls explored for their class project, Badger and Owen came by.

They stopped briefly, but seemed in a hurry. 

Scout and Rosa followed them long enough to see which way they went...


And Scout reported back to the girls. 

Now they will find out what happened to the boys at Halloween!

Stay tuned!


The Boys Show Up at School, Finally!

Well, the girls have already had several classes in the Schoolroom.


The boys have been out on separate fieldtrips...

(There is no gender divide here in Dolltown.

But there are natural differences that we notice we are catering to.


Just like when I put lego and blocks in front of my own girls as babies and toddlers. And gave dolls and stuffies to our boy...

My kids just crawled across the room and settled in to the other toys. And our boy asked for Tonka trucks and Transformers. And our girls asked for Barbies and Little Ponies. (Well, and Shera!)


But since I have ended up with adult kids who cross easily across traditional gender lines in a way I am personally proud of as a natural feminist (equal is equal) I fall comfortably into boy/girl divides when these dolls come out... It's fun.

And we have lots of variety in our dollies and stories!)

Now the boys are getting busy with the counting blocks, chalk and books!