The Little Girls...Presents! A Silent Photo Story...

Look at these excited girls!


They are gathering for a special Christmas present opening...with something for all the little girls!


Oiya and Lilac Moon were here early.


Then they are joined by Gabby and Vera.

And this sparkly bag shows up....


They wait patiently for Shasta to arrive, and out come the Christmas gifties and decorations!


Guard One brings little Phoebe, Kish, and Fancy Nancy...


And Silent Sam comes to take over for Guard One, who has to get back to his security duties.

Babysitting is not really a part of Guard One's job duties,

but he does find himself in charge of the children sometimes, as he watches over Dolltown.

Now Sam is Caregiver extraordinaire, ever since he arrived in Dolltown, and is often looking after the little ones.

He spends lots of time at Dolltown Daycare where all the children come and go.

And he is very happy to be a part of the Christmas festivities again this year!

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  • #1

    April (Monday, 19 December 2016 13:24)

    Oh, what a wonderful time of year in Dolltown! I can almost feel the excitement from afar that the girls are feeling with the arrival of all the Christmas goodies. But something tells me it's going to get pretty crowded really soon because I'm sure word will get out that there is lots of merriment to be had. Oh my...and Christmas is just a heartbeat away!

  • #2

    Jano (Tuesday, 20 December 2016 12:39)

    Oh yes! Crowded it will be!
    At least we have a couple of Christmas venues to keep the Dolltowners moving!
    Food in one place, Christmas movies in another!
    And there's always a few who head outside into the snow, or head downtown for special lunches and shopping!
    And of course, the Post Office, to check for packages arriving! :)

  • #3

    Alison Austin (Wednesday, 21 December 2016 13:11)

    Oh how I love reading and looking at your stories. I love the mix of dolls and their "Babysitters" What fun!

  • #4

    Jano (Friday, 23 December 2016 15:30)

    Thank you, Alison!
    These babysitters are so patient! lol
    Won't Patsy, our Gabby, look adorable in your outfit coming! All the other little girls will want to share! It's likely to show up still at springtime!