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31. December 2016
Look! I found our electric guitar! It's been lost for months. Our laundry room flooded during a recent cold snap, and everything had to be lifted from the floor. Everything. And there, tucked safely in a corner was our tiny guitar... Lula was very upset to find it gone when she returned from her trip. She wanted to show what she had learned while in Australia.... And although the guitar technically belonged to all the girls, it was just Lula who made a fuss about its disappearance. So, when I...

28. December 2016
Just before the Little Darlings all disappear to play, color, and watch movies, Birdy spends a minute with Aira.... And then the Iple girls gather for a few photos, and gifts. And Miley, Dolltown News reporter and Ballet Doll with her. And then Tonner American Model Glamour Too (really? I have to type that every time?), our Arlen. And Asa herself. Our Iple giant...24" of beauty and quiet. Asa has discovered my jewels, my gems...and wears a coral garnet for Christmas adornment. (Hey Tink. This...

27. December 2016
Little Xennia! This is what she saw when she got up from her nap... Xennia missed the parcel opening from Aunty April! She had been put to bed after the decorating, but was still fast asleep when the others gathered for the gifts. (It's not a good idea to wake Xennia too soon! She gets muddled and grumpy.) And there in the Community Center she saw the gifts from Paris. There were the chocolates and the picnic basket of French food...and she was hungry! And what was on top? Baby bunnies! Xennia...

27. December 2016
Christmas in Dolltown...Character doll, elves, Santa,angels, and nutcrackers. The dolls have decorated and it is Christmasy!

25. December 2016
A Christmas gift! The Little Darlings are excited to receive a box full of presents from April, Fashion Doll Stylist!

24. December 2016
Well, that got the girls up in a hurry! We have packages arriving! First is an envelope from Montreal...who can it be from? Pachom! Our beloved dressmaker, momma of baby twins! And the envelope is fat and soft, which can only mean... Pachom has sent us surprises before...that's how our boys got pants! Rosa, our Christmas Darling, is delivering the envelope to the Community Center, and I have called Zoey and Pearl... The three are allowed to open the envelope and see what it is! A small reward...

24. December 2016
Vikka, our set changer, prop mover, and general run-around-and-help girl showed up to help tidy up our Community Center after the Little Darling tree decorating event! We left Rosa sitting on the floor, so tired she couldn't even put up one more ornament on the tree after the other girls had gone. Vikka came to send her home for a nap, where the other girls were already snuggled! Thanks Vikka... Vikka, is that a...uh...peplum of lace around your waist? How sweet! (Vikka is a usually a clothes...

22. December 2016
Rosa, Christmas Darling

22. December 2016
It's Tink, Xennia, and Jiyoon! The last trio of workers, Scout, Lula, and Evie left to sit on the sidelines and watch the rest of the story. They wouldn't miss Tink and Xennia, and little miss Jiyoon! Rosa was admiring the tree. She noticed the yellow flowers leftover from the summer, and does a little Christmas magic, adding a red sparkle bow to camouflage the flowers. Nice idea, Rosa! Pearl and Zoey come to check on the tree so far...nice! But it needs...more! So they are happy when Jiyoon is...

21. December 2016
It's time to decorate the Community Center Christmas Tree, again! The Little Darlings were promised, they have prepared and are all ribboned up, and now their story begins... The bucket of tree decorations are ready. The garlands are piled high. Rosa is waving her magic Christmas wand to clear the tree, ready for our festive adornments. The Little Darlings get to choose their favorite to put on the little tree! Let's get started!

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