More Tree Decorating! It's Tink and friends!

It's Tink, Xennia, and Jiyoon!


The last trio of workers, Scout, Lula, and Evie left to sit on the sidelines and watch the rest of the story. They wouldn't miss Tink and Xennia, and little miss Jiyoon!


Rosa was admiring the tree. She noticed the yellow flowers leftover from the summer, and does a little Christmas magic, adding a red sparkle bow to camouflage the flowers. Nice idea, Rosa!


Pearl and Zoey come to check on the tree so far...nice!

But it needs...more!

So they are happy when Jiyoon is next. and brings her bright and cheery friends, Tink and Xennia.

Well, Xennia is cheery when things are going her way, or when she is not watching a sad movie, or listening to a baby cry.


Will decorating the tree keep her happy?

Tink helps her find an ornament that she knows Xennia will like.

Jiyoon has no trouble finding the one she likes!


Here we go! 



Well, that's it for this little group! An affectionate bunch!

A butterfly,  a stocking full of gifts, and a teddy bear are now dangling from the Christmas Tree!

Thanks Jiyoon, Tink and Xennia!

Now get yourself some snacks while more decorations are added by our next Little Darlings! 

Who's next? Stay tuned!


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Comments: 2
  • #1

    April (Monday, 26 December 2016 18:34)

    Oh you girls are soooo good at decorating the tree. Everything has that old fashioned elegance of a bygone era. I just love the tub full of ornaments. Everything is so colorful. Moreover, the girls seem to be having such a good time! Lucky you. My dolls---too high fashion for their own good---just stood around looking chic while I put everything together!!!! Oh fault for spoiling them. Your girls are good!!!!

  • #2

    Jano (Tuesday, 27 December 2016 14:19)

    They are good! :) I was sooo glad that Tink and Xennia didn't act up or throw ornaments. Sometimes they can be mischievous... I think they took it seriously, being good. Probably with the promise of presents!
    I am never sure when a photo shoot starts, what is going to happen. Phew!
    Your girls have figured out that if they leave you alone for a while (after putting in their demands) that magic starts to happen! And they are the happy recipients! Not that they would say it, or show it...
    But your reward is how beautiful they look, and you created it.
    So their part is being as beautiful as they can be, in your creations.
    They know it is their gift to you... So you see, your dolls are very good to you, in their own way. :)