Fashion Doll Stylist!

Three entertaining, artistic, and useful sites...
all by one person, April!
All about fashion dolls...
Tyra, Stella, Gunilla...16" Fashion Dolls and a CITY of 12" Barbies!
There's Baby Phats, Fashion Royalty, Kens, fashionable Barbie Basics...and more!
And all of April's fashion dolls are very busy modeling the wardrobes created by April herself!
April is winding down a varied career in the Fashion Industry, from modeling, drawing and pattern drafting to journalism, to consulting...and now dressing Barbie dolls in REAL fashion.
April has three blog written by the dolls themselves, which reads like a reality TV novel, Fashion Doll Diva
Very entertaining!
She also has a spin off for her beautiful 16" Fashion Dolls,
And her main site Fashion Doll Stylist.
April often superimposes her girls (and guys) against the runways of New York, London, Milan...but especially Paris, where she resides most of the time. Or at least she did. Now she spends more time back in the States.
But her DOLLS, at least a few of them, continue to inhabit a fashionable little apartment near the Seine. And April has left them enough clothes to go out shopping in the day, and have fun in the Paris nightlife. Really!
April is a master fashion doll dressmaker. On her main blog, Fashion Doll Stylist, now in its fourth year, she covers the main fashion shows, attends expos like the Barbie exhibition with over 700 Barbies at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs, and events like the Cannes Film Festival. 
But an important part of her blog are the tutorials teaching everything from making slopers, to peasant blouses, to draped leather coats. And in her latest blog post..."Easy Straw Hats"!
I work fast, taking photos and creating stories, and posting to my site and my social media. At least I thought I was fast until I did my best for a while to keep up to April's output. And I just dress my dolls in the clothes that others make. April's dolls are dressed from scratch, in fresh fashions, and you can find her on Twitter, Instagram, and Doll Observer, as well as her own 3 sites. And those are just the places I have tracked her. She enters contests and judges others' dolls fashions....
I am beginning to think that her dolls are doing some of this work. I know that might sound funny to some of you. 
But I am thinking of getting MORE advice from April, who has been kind enough to answer my novice questions in several areas.
I am going to ask her how she trained her dolls to post for her on Instagram and Twitter as well as their own blog. (Trained? or persuaded? or allowed?)
Maybe I can send a couple of my bright dolls to apprentice under April's talented girls.
Maybe when they return, we can start our Dolltown the works!
If you haven't been to one of April's sites, go visit!
Even my dollies like to hang out on her sites, vogueing and insinuating themselves into April's photos!
One night I put up her Barbie Exhibition post on our big TV and G and I watched it like a movie. Fun!
I want to tell you more, about April dolls' celebration of World Doll Day, their Christmas and New Year's Parties, and the beautiful cream grand piano....


But see for yourself!