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Dolltown Inc

A place where dolls gather to await their next assignment.

Relationships form, social events happen, the surroundings are explored...

Some dolls have been here for a long time, others are arriving,

and there is always coming and going!

Child dolls, Dianna Effner Little Darlings, Tonner Patsy

Vintage Dee an Cee Baby Dolls. Berengeur baby dolls, Marie Osmond porcelain babies, Walmart twin dolls, Dianna Effner Baby and Blossom,

I've called in a baby interpreter. We know they are communicating. But what are they saying?

Vintage Dee an Cee dolls, Dianna Effner baby dolls, Madame Alexander and Marie Osmond pretty toddlers.

Vintage Terri Lees, First Nations dolls, Disney Princesses, Crissy, Kelly

Terri Lee and buddy Queeny are currently in pieces in a basket. However, we got in a few stories before they fell apart. 

But how about the younger Terri Lees, Disney Princesse, First nations dolls, Baby dolls...

Dianna Effner porcelain Nursery Rhyme doll, Girl with a Curl.

Tonner Ellowyne dolls, and 18" Tonner men. Harry Potter doll, Edward Cullen doll, Peter Parker doll.

Young adults, wanting to enjoy their lives AND change the world. Ellowynes, Tonner guys, in Dolltown and The City.

BJD's, Iplehouse bjd's, psychic dolls, Iplehouse JID, Iplehouse EID, Iplehouse SID

A doll in a frame, psychic dolls, mute dolls. And the Iplehouse BJD's, who live in Dolltown Abbey, a big house on the other side of the meadow.

Story Settings

The dolls have meeting places where they get together and hang out. Inside, outside, at cafe's, in meadows...and at the tree.

The Tree is where a lot of the meetings and arrivals happen, in all seasons...

The River is the place to go for a little fishing, a spring community event, and swimming in the summer.

The Clock is a place to meet and get photos taken...

The Summer Cafe, for outside get togethers with ice tea.

The Community Center is for events, and where the Dolls all gather.

The Path is the beginning of a journey, or just a place to hang out. Peaceful...

The Picket Fence, a good place for the young ones to meet.

The Rainbow Steps Beach, sand and sun for summer days.

Other settings coming...

The Salon-for Doll makeovers

The Day Care-for the Babies and Children

The Cafe-for afternoon coffee, or juice

The Shop-business for the Start Ups

The Cinema-for movies together

Dollton Abbey-where the Others gather