Doll Props

Props for dolls, and doll photography

Props are useful for photos and stories.

Introducing a simple prop can move a story along...


Will here, left the Snow Day story early, and returned at the end, carrying 3 items for a snow rescue (see below).


Resourceful boy, our Will...



Small Sled

Chris here, against our Winter Park backdrops, is standing near one of our sled props. 


It needs a string so it can be pulled by the dolls.

Flower Wagon Bike

So cute! It was a gift from a friend who knows what we love here in Dolltown.


It's in a spring photo shoot March 2016 and I am sure will be used again. The dolls are climbing in it and calling out for rides!

Dolly swimming pool!


Last summer we used Mischelle's bag of shells to create a pool and filled it with a bag of Mischelle's paintballs, to mimic water. Yes, the dolls jumped in!

Schoenhut piano

Ladder-arrived with a Chris Miller doll, Brian, a firefighter. 


Rope-simple garden twine


Fireball Flask-holds just a mouthful for a human. But it is a massive flask for a 14" doll.


For a story for young children, I might turn the flask around so there is no label.

Colorful Horse

Well, I think it is supposed to be a zebra.


But in Dolltown he was jumped on and ridden around like a horse, especially by the Iple Juniors.


We have added more horses since then...

Dress Form