Dolltown March 2017

From the first...

Throwback Thursday! The Children...Uley and Oiya

Look at these two! So cute!


Uley is a 13" Berdine Creedy Uli, from 2007.


And Oiya is a 10.5" Heidi Plusczok Linette, from 2013.


They are explorers and are often are found in unusual places when I am gathering the children.


Unlike the dolls in the book The Doll People, who have to stick to a strict code of doll behaviour (like returning to the positions they were left in before the humans awake for the day), my dolls roam about as they please and have no concerns about my knowing that they do... 


You don't think that's a sign of...disrespect, do you?


I think it's because I encourage adventure and creativity in my dolls. 

Even if it means I can't find them sometimes.

Or they end up in odd places, like the tops of shelves that I can't reach!

I wonder where these two are right now?

Last I saw Uley, he was with the older kids at the Lego Batman movie. But I haven't seen Oiya for days! Hmmm...


To see Oiya and Uley in a few photos from last March CLICK HERE!


And below are close ups of these wonderfully designed dolls from two beloved doll makers!



The Little Girls at the Movie Matinee!

Vikka brings five little girls to the movie matinee!


Vikka isn't much bigger than these girls...and Shasta is actually taller!

But Vikka is years older in experience and responsibility. And all the kids listen to her. (She's very serious and uses her alpha leader voice! Even I find myself cleaning up when she gets after the kids to do so!) 


The little girls chose to see Moana. They love how adventurous Moana is. And they like to sing along with her!


And they think the Rock is very funny! 


Once again, the popcorn boxes have run out and Vikka has to fetch some for the girls.

It's just not the movies without buttered popcorn!

Well, the little girls are now singing along with Moana in the theatre.

 Vikka stayed to fill some more popcorn boxes. 

She's heard there may be more Dolltowners arriving for an evening show!

Thanks Vikka!


Dolltown Little Darlings...

It's Tink! Our March girl!

And it's our knit dress photo shoot!


We decided, for 2017, that we would feature one Little Darling a month and allow her to host the month's events:

January, it was Pearl...overseeing the Eiffel Tower Model Coloring.

February, Chantal took center stage, leading the Valentine sock wear designing and event, and the movie outing.


It's March, and Tink is excited!

She got to choose her dress first for this photo shoot...and she chose the one with her favorite lime color. And it has a butterfly. Tink loves creatures of all kinds!


In this post, besides featuring Tink, and knit dresses, we are grouping all the Little Darlings in all kinds of ways:

  • by artist
  • by sculpt
  • by source
  • by eye color..
  • by hair color

Let's get started!

First, our little Darlings by their Dolltown name, and underneath, their artist-given name.

And the girls are listed in the order they arrived in Dolltown...






















Maggie and Conner, on the right, are visiting aunties right now!





The last five girls, as ordered from the artists themselves, began as the named sculpt but each had variations requested...a different shaped lip, a change in eye color, and even a kind of expression...


Who created our Little Darlings?

Dolltown is fortunate to have LD's painted by four different artists...

Dianna Effner, the creator of the (so far) three sculpts, has trained several people in her realistic painting style...

Dolltown has yet to collect LD's from some of the artists, although we would dearly love to!

Dianna Effner LD's

(Evie, on the left, is a factory doll, designed by Dianna)

Helen Skinner LD's

Geri Uribe LD's

(Also Maggie and Conner, away visiting)

Joyce Matthews LD's

Which sculpts do we have?

The face sculpts help to create different looks for the LD's, one being a smiling face.

People have their preferences, but here we love all three (although we have more Sculpt Ones!)

In Dolltown, where expressions for stories are important, we do work arounds...

Like saying "Scout was happy"...even though Scout seems more serious. 

Their expressions have helped me choose their characters for the stories we do.

Sculpt One

(and Maggie and Conner)

Sculpt Two

Sculpt Three

Where did our girls come from?

There are several sources for Little Darlings...

The United Federation Doll Convention site has carried LD's that were featured at their yearly convention.

The artists almost all have their own websites, (or share), where their dolls can be ordered from.

People who own LD's, and then sell them for some reason, use eBay.

Or trade or sell their LD's on membership sites, Facebook group pages, or to friends.

And several artists also sell directly from eBay, from time to time.

Evie was ordered from the UFDC site.

Birdy, Rosa, and Jiyoon were ordered from the artists.

(Maggie and Conner, too)

Chantal, Scout, Xennia, and Rosa were purchased from artist and artist-approved shops on eBay.

Tink, Lula, Pearl, and Faith came from previous owners on eBay shops.

Eye color...

Our Little Darlings have been chosen deliberately for variety, and also impulsively, because we have fallen in love.

So we have ended up with a nice variety of colors and shades...

Blue eyes

(Conner too)

Teal and Green eyes

Brown eyes

(Maggie, too)

Hair color...

The Dolltown Little Darlings were chosen with a lot of thought on variety and character.

That means that some of them had their wigs switched up, a key way to change their look.

For now we have settled on these styles and colors...


Evie arrived with black hair.

Brown hair.

Tink's wig changed style, but not color.

Black hair.

Xennia arrived in a blond wig.


Faith arrived in a brown wig.

That's our Little Darlings, all categorized! All loved!

Next post...their knit dresses and tops are featured.

Who made them and where did they come from?

Tink says, "Make sure you all come back now!"

(Maybe because she has already changed into a brand new cowgirl outfit from Carol Pringle! Soon...)


Pretty Little Darling Knit Dresses, and Sweaters!

I discovered the Little Darlings on Pinterest in January 2015.


And I was completely taken with how these pretty dolls were dressed in adorable knit dresses.


So last year I collected four, from Fifi, a dressmaker in France, fifi7057. Happy! 


That was good! But then I saw this cream dress, with a red lace ribbon, on eBay. From Natalia in Russia, 15natlai4, whose dresses I saw first on a Facebook page.

Resist! I did my best...


I told the story, last November, of how I succumbed when not just this dress but six more showed up as a package deal.


So here are photos of these pretty dresses, and of the top-and-lace skirt set that were a part of the set.


First, a photo of the dresses from France.


Note the pretty buttoned sweater above, also from France, with another of Natalia's lace skirts, on Rosa here...

We have several of these in different colors, and the girls have worn them a lot, since they arrived in 2015.

Both pretty and practical. From randonne2012, on eBay.



Fifi's dresses... So cute. And good for three seasons!


Nataliya's dresses....

My Little Darlings and I are in love with all of these dresses!

The girls wore them for our sorting and info post, Dolltown Little Darlings...posted today too!

All the photos are done, but now I am going to fix Lula's hat. Did she pull it down like that? Or was it me?

That rainbow dress she is wearing is unbelievably pretty! They all are!

Thanks Nataliya!


The City Ellowynes in the Pink Room...

Well, look who came out to play!


It's the City Ellowynes...the group of fashion and business entrepreneurs who are always meeting up with our Dolltown Ellowynes!


Now, Knox isn't anywhere in sight...which is suitable since a bath is happening. He must be close. He's always with the city girls.


The girls are getting changed, and I understand it's for another meet up here in Dolltown.


But it may be gossip... These girls act like adults, doing pretty much what they want without checking with anyone! 


I'll go talk to Miley and see what she has found out. (I asked her to dig up some stories and find out what these girls are up to.)



Well, whatever they are up to next I've done my part by unpacking some fresh clothes for them.

And while Joanie finishes her bath, the rest of the girls could be changing...only a couple of them are ready!



Dolltowners at the Dolltown Cinema

It's the Disney Princesses!


We had a lot of Dolltowners come to the movies while the popcorn lasted.


We caught photos of some of them while the Little Darlings are changing for their next adventure...


So Rapunzel, Merida, and Snow White arrived to watch the latest animated Disney Princess movie, Moana!

Of course they can't wait until Beauty and the Beast comes to Dolltown!


And we were excited that our Monster High girls came out of hiding with Jade J'Adore of the Bratz doll tribe.

They all shared one piece of popcorn. They want to keep their slim figures...


And we were very surprised to see a tiny character doll emerge from a forgotten basket, our broken Mad Batman. So cute!

And even our beloved wooden teddy came, struggling to get popcorn into his mouth, so Tiny Art Doll helped him.

Oh, I love our kind!

(I don't think those two even went to see a movie. They just came for the popcorn!


First, our pretty Princesses!

These little Toddler Princesses are so glad that we discovered they can wear a lot of Little Darling clothes.

That gives them waaaay more choices! 

Looking very cute, girls! Enjoy the movie!

It's the Twig Trio! Oona, Jade, and Catrine!

I shouldn't tease them about their slenderness.

They were born that you girls!

They are here to watch last year's movie, Welcome to Monster High...

And they can't wait for the Monster High-Electrified, released soon!

(Does that mean that I have to see it too? Of course I would love too...)


I am so impressed with Oona! (I think she is a Draculaura?)

She has been in Dolltown for over a year, and although she has come for stories and photos,

I think this is the first time she has led her group here.

And allowed real close ups!

We got her in a bag of dolls from Value Village and has been so skittish that it made me wonder what had happened in her previous home!

We'll never know, but she is a, umm, an attractive doll (she's listening), so we are glad she is letting us get up close and personal. Hey Oona, want to tell us where you lived before?

No? about some nice mac and cheese for supper (I'm always wanting to put a couple of ounces on those skeletal arms). No again. Okay, well, lovely to see you and your friends...


Hey! Look who it is!

It's a little Mad Batman figure who snuck into Dolltown with the Attic Dolls!

I saw him at the bottom of a basket with random characters, but I thought his legs were...missing.

The popcorn seems to have lured him into the spotlight!

We'll help him back to his basket after he's had his fill...

Awww. This wooden teddy can't get the popcorn into his mouth with those stiff arms.

He needs an articulated friend to give him a hand, or two, like our Tiny Art Doll.

Now that's teamwork! Way to go Dolltowners!

But Tiny Art Doll has to go. And Jiyoon steps in to help...

Hey Jiyoon! Aren't you supposed to be changing?

I don't blame her for wanting to keep on that pretty lace skirt and knit top, all adorned with flowers!

And our Wooden Bear is glad she's here. More popcorn!


(I bet our Disney Princesses would love to get ahold of Jiyoon's outfit...lace, satin, crinkle ribbon!)



Conner at April's Design School For Girls...

Conner is lost in thought, imagining designs...


She has been at Fashion Doll Stylist's Design School for Girls, in Detroit, for over two months now. And she has been busy!


The first photos are of Conner and her friends getting dressed up to celebrate Carnival. April dressed her own divas in bright, feathered, barely-there outfits for the event. And Conner took advantage of all the glitter, gold, and sequins! 

(See Fashion Doll Stylist's Post...Carnival 2017!!!)


And then we have a photo record of Conner working: learning drawing, pattern drafting, and design, directing her own little intern (what?!), and helping April with the making of a couture dress modeled after the dress Janelle Monae wore to the Academy Awards... (Check out April's fabulous post! Oscar Buzz '17


Conner looks so cute in these photos. And we know she is happy with April and her dolls, and all of the new friends she has made since she got there.


Now, of course we miss her! But it feels like we are there when we get her photos. And we write to Conner and she reads our posts...


Conner was allowed to dress up her friends for the Carnival celebration! How fun! How funny and cute!

And she even went to bed in her crown and wrapped in a swath of butterflied satin... 

Conner had her cute intern, Buffy, doing "...pattern research and putting a selection of swatches in a notebook"

And Conner herself was "...taking notes on the photos April's dolly correspondents have sent via the internet".

Okay then!

The photos below show Conner at work on the beautiful gown like Janelle Morae's at the Oscars...

In Conner's words..."I was given the responsibility of bringing to life one of the principle gowns!

Everything starts off with a sketch...And I am really good at that!

And this will help me to figure out how this dress is made!

Then some pattern drafting, and then I cut out the pattern.

And I had my assistant bring me the fabric...

It was me who made the birds out of silver fabric, and Buffy pinned them in place.

I chose the headband the model wore. Then April helped me with the sewing and added a few beads. 

But it was me in charge of making sure the dress fit well.

I am very happy with how the birds on the skirt turned out!

Not bad for my first Oscar dress! What do you think?"

Conner, we think it is fabulous!

Connor is learning more than we even hoped for...all in such a short time!

Although we shouldn't be too surprised. We know April is a focussed, dedicated, top speed worker!

And her dolls, now including Conner there, just get on board! You go, Conner!

Conner is even doing her own photography! Sheesh...

(I am so impressed that Fashion Doll Stylists' models let Conner work her magic, turning them this way and that!)


Now, you'll excuse us. In Dolltown here we have to get back to our...playing. 

(You notice April allows us to watermark her photos of Conner?

We like to, you know, take a little credit.)




Sneak Peek Easter Preview....

Tink is so excited to be our featured girl for March.


And after we finished our pretty knitwear photo shoot, we brought in some Easter props.

As you all know, celebrations start early and we have already been invited to submit some Easter photos...


So, Tink got to be a featured part of the shoot that we will be posting closer to Easter...a whole month away!

(Who's our April girl? You'll have to come back to see...)

We have lots to do in the meantime. But it's nice to have a few photos ready ahead of time!


And yes...those are Peeps the girls are holding. They are very sticky and there was a lot of hand and face washing after I let the girls eat the Peeps. (Sharing with the other girls of course). No use trying to save these sweets for a whole month.


No shelf here can be used for hiding sweets, no matter how high. We have climbers...


Looking very pretty girls!

Now if only the snow would melt, and the crocuses would poke through.

Let's get a move on here, Spring!


Books Coming to Dolltown!

I love Amazon Gift Cards!

I have ordered four books about dolls, and I am waiting.

Do you have either of these two? Any comments?

Click the empty box below.

For some reason the link print is white. I am working to change it...

It should take you to the Jan Foulke's Doll book, on Amazon.

Jan Foulke's Guide to Dolls: A Definitive Identification & Price Guide Paperback – Sep 2006 $9.98


Customer Review by Pen Name Whether you have an antique china head doll or a vintage GI Joe, this Guide to Dolls is an identification and price guide that's worth having. It seems to replace the Blue Book of Doll Values that Jan Foulke has become known for. (Her last Blue Book was the 16th edition.)However, don't let the name of the book fool you, it is just as comprehensive as the Blue Books and is still packed with a lot of photos to help you identify your existing dolls (or those you may be considering purchasing). The first few pages cover doll collecting in general -- what to look for. Ms. Foulke then provides a few brief suggestions for buying and selling dolls at auction before getting into the meat of the book--the price guide.

The book lists dolls by manufacturer and by mold number in case that's all you have to go by. Each doll or type of doll includes a reported price or price range for a doll in good condition.

Whether you are an avid doll collector or someone just trying to clean out the attic, you may want Jan Foulke at your side before buying or selling your dolls.


I am excited this book is in the mail!

Click the empty box below.

For some reason the link print is white. I am working to change it...

It should take you to the Patsy Moyer's book,on Amazon.

How to Be a Doll Detective Paperback – Jan 2002


Happy International Day of Happiness! Happy Frog Day! Happy Spring!

Our dolls are a happy bunch!

At least, that's what we like to think...


For International Day of Happiness, we decided to present Dolltowners with smiles on their faces. Are they happy? You be the judge!


Starting with Happy Face here in the fern!



We have three smiling Little Darlings, so it's easy to imagine that they are happy....


Birdy, of course, is ready to celebrate any day as a day of happiness.

Tink has a mischievous happy look!

And Chantal has a gentle smile.

Get two together and imagine the conversation!

The Barb and Betsy McCall girls, our Nellie and Pamela, have funny happy looks...

This Linda McCall girl, our Vera, has a sweet look!

Phoebe, Heartstrings girl, has a thoughtful smile. 

Is our Helen Kish girl smiling? Hmmm...debatable!

Joy, our old porcelain, has a smile that helped to bring her home years ago!

Fancy Nancy is always smiling, in all her stories!

Owl has a curl to corners of her smile.

Jade J'Adore's smile is almost a grin!

We wonder if Ike is smiling. But he looks happy!

We are not sure if Oona is smiling? Or if her little Vampire teeth just make it look that way...

This girl's pleasant look is more in her eyes.

Look at this happy smirk on Mad Batman!

The Disney Princesses always seem happy!

Our boys look like they are happy!

This little clown has a painted smile,

but also a real smile underneath! 

Now, we don't expect Priscilla to celebrate this special day, but we have caught her looking downright happy! Check her out on the right hand photo! That is a smile!

Not only is it the International Day of Happiness, we are told it is World Frog Day! Really!

Well, that just works for our March girl, Tink, because she just loves frogs!

Little frogs like on her M&K sweater, big frogs like our Fishing Frog.

And real frogs! If we could only find any...

And it's not just International Day of Happiness and World Frog Day,'s the first day of Spring!

Our Little Darling smiling girls, Birdy and Chantal, in 2016 Spring photo shoots!

And happy Tink...with her bff Xennia.

Xennia may not have a smile on her face, we think she can be nothing but happy, riding in the flower cart! Time to get the cart out again. The crocuses are pushing through! 

Spring daffodils won't be far behind!


Happy Spring everyone!

Happy World Frog Day!

And Happy Happiness Day!



Little Darlings at the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame!

My town is the Canadian Country Music Capital of Canada. Really! So recently, I took four of our Little Darlings to our local Country Music Hall of Fame!


And they wore special rodeo outfits by the talented Carol Pringle, from Texas! We definitely need cowboy hats...and cowboy boots would be great!



We spent a whole afternoon exploring and taking a few photos...


The girls-Lula, Evie, Tink, and Xennia- are standing in front of golden plaques showing the inductees of the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame...from Hank Snow to Buffy Saint-Marie.


Not only are there plaques of the Canadian inductees in the Hall of Fame, there are also handprints of country music stars who have performed at the Country Music Festival that takes place in a beautiful valley just outside our town's boundaries...

Lula, our Lula Star, was especially taken with all the stars throughout the hall and asked for several photos!

The girls found ropes, saddles, and old spittoon!

When I told them what it was, Lula had to climb up to peek in and make sure it was clean and empty.

Then, Xennia couldn't resist....

Of course I had to help her out!

I told them the spittoon is used now to collect donations for the live music acts that take place in the hall...

It was a busy tour, and I took one last photo while the girls rested on a red velvet couch!



It's Spring! Meet at the Bridge...

It's spring!

So the Dolltowners are out and about, rain or shine.


And the Dolltown Bridge is once again an active meeting place...


Bobby and Vera are getting their photos taken by their Caregiver, since they are too young to be here by themselves.


But the Little Darlings are allowed to meet here on their own, as long as the Caregivers know where they are, and when they'll be back.


So Zoey and Pearl and the girls are gathering here to plan a picnic at the River. And they've heard there is a canoe...

Pearl and Zoey are waiting for the other girls to show up.

They are all excited they get to go to the River. 

They wonder if it's true there is a canoe...


Out in the Nicola Valley!

It's Zoey in the sage!


Three of our girls got to go on our annual early spring outing around the north side of Nicola Lake.


We like to make a stop at the top of the hill over the lake...great view! We check the melting ice on the lake, and collect a little sage to take back with us.


And the girls got to play in the sage bushes and climb on the moss covered rocks.


Zoey, Chantal, and Faith were ready at the door, dressed in their jeans and with their hair tied back so it wouldn't get tangled by the wind and in the crooked branches...


First, a couple of landscape photos of our location! 

The girls had a lot of fun!

Then it was time to get popped back in their travel bag.

But when they got home they chided me for not taking them out to see the baby calves

in the fields and watch the cattle feeding by the side of the road.

Sorry girls! Next time?

I didn't want to tell them I was afraid the sight of the girls would scare the cattle away.

Tiny, silent human looking creatures. Scary!

Well, silent until they giggle...


Now, stay tuned as the rest of the girls meet up right in Dolltown...

A picnic is in the works!



More Little Darlings at the Dolltown Bridge

Well, Pearl's buddy Zoey got to go with Chantal and Faith on the outing to the real Nicola Lake


And more of the Little Darlings were lucky enough to go to the Canadian Country Hall of Fame.


Pearl stayed to meet up with the other girls who were left in Dolltown. 

They are heading out on the path to the River. They have been promised a picnic, and a surprise!

How exciting!


There will be grown up Dolltowners present, of course. It's a spring river, so safety first!


First, a meet up on the Dolltown Bridge.

Scout, Birdy, and  Rosa, arrive...

Scout and Pearl talk about what they will need for the picnic.

They know there is a special picnic basket full of food!


Who is bringing that?


Birdy and Rosa come with the news that the picnic is already being packed up to the River!

But the children decide they needed something to sit on.

Pearl and Scout head out to get blankets for the picnic...

Then Jiyoon arrives with the news that the boys, Chris and Douglas, are coming.

That's good! More help!

They talk about the surprise...a canoe, they've heard.

Where is it from?


Is it a toy canoe? Or a real one?

The boys have heard that it is an old canoe, made of bark.

What? It must be a toy then, the children think.

They like toys! They imagine floating it on the river...

The children are off to gather more picnic supplies.


And we've heard the little ones are coming! Another Dolltown Bridge meet up!


The Little Ones! On the Bridge...

It's the McCall Girls!

Nellie and Pamela are the ones in charge of the little ones for this River adventure!


These girls have taken the Babysitter Training so they know just what to do...


The Little Ones don't like to be called babies though. And they think they are old enough to look after themselves. So we had to get creative and think of a different phrase.


Today we are calling them Nounous. We think it is French for "nannies". We'll use it until our friend April tells us how wrong that is. Then we will find another phrase the little ones will put up with....


So,'re on!

The little girls are dressed just right for a walk to the River.

Except Gabby! Why are you wearing a dress Gabby?

Gabby loves pink, and ribbons, pretty shoes, and hairclips...

The little ones gather around to tell Gabby she has got to change!

(Hey, Uley has joined the girls. See his bright red hair in the background?)

Gabby asks nounou Pamela to take her back to find some pants.

See her hugging Pam in the back there?

Uh oh...we are running out of little ones' pants! Now what?

Nounou Nellie herds the rest of the little ones off the bridge.

They are getting a head start to the River...

Gabby! What are you wearing?

Why are you here by yourself?

Goodness, Pamela!

More little ones! Look at this bunch!

This is what happens when we run out of clothes for the Dolltowners!

It looks like Pamela opened a dress up trunk to be sure these children could make it to the picnic!

I don't even know where to start!

Gabby in her motley clothes (wait, is that a flowered bathing suit, Gabby?),

and Phoebe in vintage knit, with boots....

And Whoopie in out of control pigtails! (Gabby and Phoebe are impressed!)

When it is time to go...Gabby wants "up".

(Gabby does have a little trouble with her legs.)

We are so impressed!

Pamela is taking her role as Nounou seriously and helps Gabby with a piggy back ride!

This is a doll miracle, if you knew how loose Pam is herself.

No props here, no string, no duct tape!

It is going to be crowded on that River beach!

There is a lot of excitement. A spring picnic...and a surprise!

Gabby hopes it means a ride on the river!

Hmmm, not likely Gabby...we don't like to let you down but let's be realistic.

(We have no life jackets. And that's just ONE reason there will be no river rides!)

But if we are lucky there will be cookies!



Tink and Xennia...

Tink was taken for a walk a few days ago, to the local Post Office.


And we wandered a little, taking a few photos of the murals in our town. (There's a whole walking route, but we didn't go far.)


We enjoyed our walk together, but when we got home, Xennia was so sad that she didn't get to go, that Tink insisted she come on my next Post Office check a couple of days later.


So if the locations look somewhat the same, it's because Tink kept guiding me back to the places she had her photo taken!




Tink loved her outing! And she enjoyed a little special attention for her month of March!

Xennia felt left out so Tink persuaded me to go again, this time with Xennia, too!

Xennia enjoyed her outing with Tink! And Tink had even more fun this time with her bff along!

Now, with Tink's exciting March done...who is our April Little Darling?


Dolltown.News March 2017