It's Spring! Meet at the Bridge...

It's spring!

So the Dolltowners are out and about, rain or shine.


And the Dolltown Bridge is once again an active meeting place...


Bobby and Vera are getting their photos taken by their Caregiver, since they are too young to be here by themselves.


But the Little Darlings are allowed to meet here on their own, as long as the Caregivers know where they are, and when they'll be back.


So Zoey and Pearl and the girls are gathering here to plan a picnic at the River. And they've heard there is a canoe...

Pearl and Zoey are waiting for the other girls to show up.

They are all excited they get to go to the River. 

They wonder if it's true there is a canoe...

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    April (Monday, 27 March 2017 17:54)

    Well, it seems a little early for a picnic, but everyone looks as though they're dressed for it. Hmmm....a bridge and a canoe! Now that sounds most interesting!!!! Conner says hello. (She's waving at the computer screen!) We've been very busy with Fashion Month!

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    Jano (Monday, 27 March 2017 18:01)

    Well, I thought it was a little early for a picnic too, but the girls got a picnic basket for Christmas and they can't wait... lol
    Hello to Conner! Waving back! Yes, you have been very busy!
    We have been rearranging our wardrobe baskets and sorting for spring clothes. Hunting for sweaters for the boys to wear over their sock muscle shirts so they can come to the early spring picnic!