Dolltown August 2018

Little Darling Em Arrives...

Em arrives in Dolltown...


When we popped in to eBay, on the trail of the Tomi Jane dresses, of course we saw any and all Little Darling dolls looking to trade places. 


I don't go on eBay when I am "not in the market". And I did my Dolltown creation collection several years back. So, I'm not. In the market.


However, I do have several someday ideas and I am always on the lookout for smilers. Characters in basic happy mode!

I paused over this smile. and the fact that this little Darling is handpainted by Canadian April Norton. April is an internationally known and loved Doll designer, creator, and painter. Face ups...


I have followed April and her work for years. Each doll painter has a signature, and April's dolls have the sweetest expressions. Endearing.


The smile, the expression, the silvery hair...

The thought...who would she be in Dolltown?


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Wait! Tomi Janes Arrived!

Good news and bad news!


First the good news...

After months of abstinence, I followed a link to eBay, from a Facebook doll group.

There I discovered an unusual occurrence...Tomi Jane dresses. Several of them were posted for bids.


I 'watched" several, left, pondered, returned.

And ordered two favorites that I had seen often, when I would peruse Tomi's Flickr pages. scrolling through her years of impeccable sewing accomplishments. 


Beauty! And we are thankful to gather two more Tomi Jane beauties to our dolly closets.

The Tomi Jane package arrived when the girls were at the Ocean Beach.

We gave a heads up to Pearl and Anna Zoey, as their photo shoot here was done first.


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Priscilla and Her Doll

Well! Priscilla was quite offended by the little girls noticing and chatting about her treatment of her own little doll. Carrying it willy nilly, upside down.

We find it hard to believe that Priscilla doesn't get it, that she might think how she treats her doll doesn't matter because it's...a doll. Priscilla herself is treated so well, considering...well, considering Priscilla's grumpiness. I think we do a great job of treating Priscilla really nicely.

Okay, she has to have a talking-to sometimes because she can be rude, discriminatory, picky, pessimistic, judgmental, stubborn, and...rude. But we all love her! And we show it! She gets politeness, hugs, ice cream, gifts! Why, even the little doll was a gift. Wasn't it? I am forgetting...

Priscilla takes a minute, after the Ocean outing, at the Dolltown Tree.


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Miley and the Boys, at the Ocean

Miley is enjoying her time off as Dolltown journalist. Holiday!

She has brought a book and a hot cup of tea to the oceanside. Her peace and quiet doesn't last long...

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