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Silent Ballroom Dance Story

Tonner guy, Eddie, spends time with Willow. What guy wouldn't want to? She's very beautiful.

But all the Ellowynes are beautiful!

Still, for Eddie, it's this one...

Goldie and Tonner's Peter Parker, our Knox, have come from The City for the photo shoot.

(See Jan blog post.)

They brought dresses with them for all the girls to wear.

We want to keep some in Dolltown. The Ellowynes love new clothes!

Tonner's Harry Potter, our Wiz lives in Dolltown.

But this is the first time he has seen  this Ellowyne Amber blue eyed beauty. 

She is wearing the softest Monique Bubbles wig. Everyone wants to run their fingers through her hair and stroke it.

Wiz is wondering, how long do you have to know a girl before you can pet her head like a cat?

We'll get back to you on that, Wiz...

And when did Wiz become a lady's man, cutting in on his buddy Eddie like that?

What's up, Wiz?

We notice Eddie turned you down, flat.

Go get your own girl....

Wiz! Get a grip on yourself!

We all want to see you happy, but this relationship stuff just gets confusing...

What about Honey?

I was just dancing!

Wiz explains.


Once again we are forced to address relationship issues, when It had more to do with 3 long dresses, on 3 of the Ellowynes, and only 3 boys, er, man dolls.


These lads have to serve double, triple duty here in Dolltown. So many girls!

And that's just for photo shoots...

What about after hours, when the humans have gone to bed?

Get along, I say to them. Every night.

And they all seem fine in the morning.

I think. It's hard to tell...

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Tonner Men Fashion

Tonner men Peter Parker, our Knox, Edward Cullen, our Eddie, and Harry Potter, our Wiz.


Here Harry has changed into his new magic Tshirt and teal jeans.


Eddie is wearing mock leather studded pants bought for the bjd boys. Better fit on the Tonner guys! 

Same for several other pieces, including the black sports jacket on Knox...

These Tonner guys came in very well made clothes- Tshirts, jeans, shoes, and a jacket.


The jeans are lined...

The long sleeved Tee shown here opens at the back. And has snaps. That's easy dressing!


Makes up for the time spent prying off the shoes. And getting them back on. 

What can I use for a dolly shoe horn?

You gotta be creative!

Where's my manicure set?

The girls are discussing the shortage of clothes for the guys here.

Should they hold a fundraiser?


But have you seen the clothes available for Tonner men? they say.

Not much...



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Flashback! Ernie Welcomes New Arrivals to Dolltown

Last spring Ernie, now playing a long time resident of Dolltown's surrounding valley, welcomed new arrivals Priscilla and Fancy Nancy.

 Priscilla is not happy. Well, ever.

Fancy Nancy is.  Always.

Ernie was really happy with the influx of new dolls. It also meant the arrival of shipments of new doll clothes.

Some clothes arrived even before their dolls. 

Ernie just happened to fit clothes meant for the bjd boys, still traveling from Korea at the time.

He traded in his, umm, knit outfit, for well fitting jeans and a hoodie.



Terri Lee is going to like these jeans, Ernie! 


Now, Priscilla, what about you? Let me answer that....

Would you come with me to the Talk About It Room?

No? You're fine? Okay then...

How about a smile?

No? Perhaps another day....







Dolltown is multi lingual. 


First Nations Ernie, with Family, in The Community Center

In Dolltown, Ernie and some of his relatives gather in the Community Centre.


Ernie introduces his son Abe, and his daughter, teen mom Chacha. 


His sister Mokidin, shown here in the 1st photo, goes to get Chacha's baby and her nieces. 

Abe is disabled and stays in his chair. The girls, Zoey, Eve, and Shasta, want to make their cousin Abe happy, and he gets to hold his big sister's baby.


That's a lot of family!


No need to keep all that straight...


Sometimes relationships change for our stories here in Dolltown.

Ernie says, "I love my family."

That's good! Ernie has family far and wide. 

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Planning the Valentine's Party!

Party planning with Miss Sky and the girls...

Then boys get party instructions from the girls...

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Get Dressed for the Valentine's Party!

Our little Darlings are in the Pink Room to get dressed for their Halloween party.


Not only did the Ellowyne girls let them use their favorite dressing room, they also sent over the Harlequin doll, Valentine, to help them choose their outfits.


Val, a stylist, knows they have a color challenge, using only pink, red, purple, and white. Makes sense, he thinks...Valentine colors! He has laid out lots of clothes...


Valentine, Tink needs help!

She has chosen a nightie because it has pink sheep! 

Pink bear, Fluffy, has the color card to use as a guide.

Come on, everyone here knows the colors, right?


Xenny even found a pink dress that wasn't on the tray. But Val thinks it's over the top, so he guides Xenny to choose again.

And she found her favorite romper. Okay, Xenny!

The Little Darlings come in little groups to choose their Valentine's outfits. Faith, Scout, and Xenny were the last to arrive because they had stopped to tell the boys the rules. Wear pink! they said.

We'll see if the boys comply!

Fluffy is happy to be a part of the photo shoot!

The stuffies are petitioning to join the dolls in their Dolltown adventures. We are thinking about it...

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The Accessories Wall...

Pretty in pink!

And purple, white, red...


Valentine has styled the dollies, adding the finishing touches of ribbons and head bands after the girls chose their footwear.

I told you to keep an eye on Tink!


After changing out of her pink-sheeped nightie choice, she picked...well, something in every color on the Valentine color guide card.


Even adding pink slouch socks and earphones. Talk about layering!


Chantal has stepped in to edit, since stylist Valentine has everybody's hair to do.

The style takeaway ends in a bright polkadotted outfit that all the girls like.

We are ready for the shoot...


Even on a bright day, this light is in use! Especially for shadows on dolly faces...


And I love the flexible legs!


Notice the great American Girl salon chair! Useful!

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Dolltown Babies!

The Toddlers

We have a little Dianna Effner Porcelain Blossom, our Zhilan. Then a tiny East Indian Madame Alexander. And our two Marie Osmond toddler girls...

The Babies

It's our vintage Dee an Cee baby twins! And more twins, cheery Walmart babies. Then a cozy Dianna Effner 1995 MacDonald's and Me baby boy. I love the three Berenguer babies, one large baby girl, and two tiny babies.


Barbies (and Kens) in Dolltown

Okay, something is up with my photo posting the last couple of days. The photos are sideways.

So I "fix" them which means that they look sideways to ME.   Hopefully not to you...

Clark Gable Ken and the beautiful Barbies...four generations.


In matching lace dresses. What a fun idea that was! Or funny...

(Who would really do that? Sorry, girls. Impulse buy...)


My vintage, with the titian bubble do, is surrounded by friends now.

Imagine having only one Barbie, purchased on a family road trip to the US. 


Now a gorgeous Liz Taylor has joined her, a Divergent Barbie with tattoos, and a blond beach Barbie. from a local store, for mere pennies.


I am amazed at the phenomenally reasonable costs of these popular dolls... And their clothes. No wonder they are popular! Of course, I loved mine as a child. I was fascinated with having an adult shaped doll, with beautiful clothes...

This photo shows the very different head shapes of the Barbies. The 1960 Barbie's head is very small, a little hard to notice with her bubble hair do.

19 Photo slide. Click the arrows or the cross in the middle.

And you'll see a couple more Kens to amuse the girls, cook for them, drive them to the shops, and take them out to the cinema. And dance with them when they get dressed up. 

Sounds so...old fashioned.

But that's what the girls asked for. Get us articulated guys if you can, they said. OK!


The Barbies, of course are modern self sufficient career women. At least, I imagine they are. I never see them working. But in this digital age, perhaps they work from home, or the cafe, or the beach, or Barbados...


The Barbies don't mix much with the Dolltown community. They are a world to themselves. Maybe it's because they are mini dolls. 12" adults and tiny children...


The Children in the Pink Room

It's little Linda McCall, with McCall's Betsy and Barbara.

Also Paola Reina Liu and Agnes Dreary in a pink ribbon!

In Dolltown, that's Pamela, Nellie, and little Vera.

And Ling in a plaid skirt and Vikka in her black boots.

Shasta, our Tiny Shawl Dancer, is pretty tall for the little ones!

There's a Berdine Creedy, a Helen Kish, little Linda, Fancy Nancy, and Tonner Patsy shows up...


Little Darling Makeovers!

Valentine, our stylist for the Valentine party, took the plunge with several Dolltown  Little Darlings and changed their looks...


We love the changes so far. Let's live with them for a while to see if the changes stay!


Thanks Valentine!

From the left...Tink has a top knot! Very cute!


Faith had her golden swept back look switched out for Xenny's fluffy light blond mohair . We love that soft wig!


Xenny and Pearl look so different we are thinking of new names for them...

Xenny's blond look has changed to short black curly hair. She is so cute this way!

And Pearl now has a short red pixie look. Love short hair!


Can't wait to dress these girls with their new looks!