Silent Ballroom Dance Story

Tonner guy, Eddie, spends time with Willow. What guy wouldn't want to? She's very beautiful.

But all the Ellowynes are beautiful!

Still, for Eddie, it's this one...

Goldie and Tonner's Peter Parker, our Knox, have come from The City for the photo shoot.

(See Jan blog post.)

They brought dresses with them for all the girls to wear.

We want to keep some in Dolltown. The Ellowynes love new clothes!

Tonner's Harry Potter, our Wiz lives in Dolltown.

But this is the first time he has seen  this Ellowyne Amber blue eyed beauty. 

She is wearing the softest Monique Bubbles wig. Everyone wants to run their fingers through her hair and stroke it.

Wiz is wondering, how long do you have to know a girl before you can pet her head like a cat?

We'll get back to you on that, Wiz...

And when did Wiz become a lady's man, cutting in on his buddy Eddie like that?

What's up, Wiz?

We notice Eddie turned you down, flat.

Go get your own girl....

Wiz! Get a grip on yourself!

We all want to see you happy, but this relationship stuff just gets confusing...

What about Honey?

I was just dancing!

Wiz explains.


Once again we are forced to address relationship issues, when It had more to do with 3 long dresses, on 3 of the Ellowynes, and only 3 boys, er, man dolls.


These lads have to serve double, triple duty here in Dolltown. So many girls!

And that's just for photo shoots...

What about after hours, when the humans have gone to bed?

Get along, I say to them. Every night.

And they all seem fine in the morning.

I think. It's hard to tell...

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