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Fashion Dolls · 13. July 2018
The Ellowyne girls are off duty. They volunteered to act as lifeguards for the Little Darlings at the beach. Now it's time to relax. Is that a bottle of...spirits? Well, you are adults after all...

Fashion Dolls · 16. June 2018
Tonner Ellowynes, now discontinued, live on in Dolltown. Time for an excursion to the garden for some fresh air. Three Ellowyne sculpts here, Amber, Lizette, Ellowyne Woefully Romantic

18. January 2017
It's Lissa and some of the Ellowynes at the Community Center. They are gathering for a meeting. But here you can see, no one is in a hurry. Lissa has even fallen asleep reading, waiting for the others...

29. June 2016
Pop Up Shop coming in Dolltown! Our City girls traveled to other destinations to hunt for upcycling possibilities. They are on the lookout in local markets for small, unique items they can box up or pop in their totes. But they keep getting distracted by things they want for, jewelry, eye catching clothes!

14. June 2016
Our Ellowyne girls are planning a major Pop Up of their own. They are meeting to finalize plans for the venue, and decide on how to market their event. I told them they can use our Facebook page...

23. May 2016
More photos of our Little Darlings in the fancy Ellowyne fashion doll dresses... See our Ellowynes in these dresses, in the January blog post, Ellowynes in The Ballroom. Xennia, Pearl, Jiyoon, Maggie, and Birdy are wearing original Ellowyne dresses, I believe. Rosa and Tink are wearing Ellowyne dresses made from dressmakers. Zoey, in red, is wearing a sequin dress made for the Little Darlings. But I bought it for my older vintage Cindy's. And our Betsy McCall, Pamela, wore it as a festive...

12. March 2016
2015 Winter photo shoot last year... Bandy arrived with flat feet and stained legs. Noddy overheard her complaining, wishing she could wear high heels like the other girls and worrying about summer and bare leg dressing... It got Noddy thinking!

07. March 2016
The Ellowynes had a business meet up in The City. The Ellowynes love to set up start-up businesses in both Dolltown and The City. All the girls have skills they use to coordinate interesting and creative start-ups. They are all working on a big project with Lee, something about bottled water with its own bottle recycling process.

01. February 2016
Tonner guy, Eddie, spends time with Willow. What guy wouldn't want to? She's very beautiful. But all the Ellowynes are beautiful! Still, for Eddie, it's this one...

23. January 2016
The Ellowynes, all three sculpts, were invited to do a photo shoot in their best dresses last June. In the Ballroom, where Dolltown holds its dances, and dance lessons! While January winter days take their sweet time going by, we revisited the photos. Nice! Sharing...