Body Change for our Ellowynes

2015 Winter photo shoot last year...

Bandy arrived with flat feet and stained legs.

Noddy overheard her complaining, wishing she could wear high heels like the other girls and worrying about summer and bare leg dressing...

It got Noddy thinking!

Last spring Noddy approached Bandy about switching up their bodies. We are dolls, she said! It can be done!


They had a serious talk about it at The River during the birthday picnic for Terri Lee.

The two brought it up with some of the other girls and a big discussion started.

Most of the Ellos have never had work done, so there were lots of questions and opinions!

Is it dangerous? Would it hurt?

But in the end there was a lot of support!


Read the summer post, when Noddy and Bandy disappeared-for months, waiting for their procedure.

Waiting for Noddy...

Warning! Photos of dolls with their heads off!

No dolls were harmed during this process. I am happy to say that the procedure worked well, although I had to use a firm hand to get those heads off! And back on! Tense moments...

In the end I did use a hair dryer to warm and soften the necks. The girls were tired of me waiting for me to find the heating pad. They were missing out on the action in Dolltown. Just in time for the winter shoot and the business trip to The City!

Notice the boots! (No other way to see the change...)

 2016 Winter...

Bandy is wearing the cute black cord jacket this year. Noddy is wearing a woolen trench from the bjd boys. Cute!

And you can see the boots on each- Noddy's flat round toed lace ups, and Bandy is now wearing the animal print high heels.

The girls are both happy!


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