Dolltown July 2018

Little Girls at the Beach, with Priscilla!


Hey, Priscilla and the little girls!


What a picture of camaraderie! The girls really do get along... We do our best to keep them so busy they don't have time for spats. And of course we model kind words and generosity. We do!


The girls see Priscilla as a fun companion, despite her always-there grumpy look (and let's face it, seriously pessimistic and judgmental attitude). Kudos to the children!


And Priscilla was the one who offered to look after the kids' safety so they could come to the beach. 

I was a little busy...

First, we'll set the scene.

We said we wanted a little sun....and look who showed up! Hey thanks, Sunny!

A chair for Priscilla, so she doesn't walk away in a huff (like she often does).

And Priscilla arrives with...a ring buoy! Way to go, Priscilla! I guess she noticed the Ellowyne lifeguards did NOT bring the "proper" safety devices. That's probably why she offered! Teach those Ellowyne girls a lesson! I want to say, "Whatever." At least she is here.

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Lifeguard Ellowynes Off Duty

Hey girls! 

It's the Ellowyne girls. Well, three of them!


And I was wondering to April, Fashion Doll Stylist, what was in Bandy's bling bag by her side.


Well, now the girls have finished their lifeguard duties, they are back by the seashore in their chairs. 


And, sure enough, they did bring refreshments! Lucky the little girls are gone! That's not lemonade!

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Little Darlings at the Beach

Here they are! All the Dolltown Darlings this summer.

We headed to this ocean beach late in the afternoon. The lifeguards are on hand, even though there will be no swimming. The tides...

We came in sundresses and sandals to get the point across. And we made sure Tink didn't sneak on a bathing suit underneath. And, to make it easier to stay out of the water, I promised we would go to the swimming hole near Dolltown. Soon. Okay, tomorrow. :)

The sandals came off for the most part, but that's understandable.

Back: Evie, Lula, Scout

Centre: Indira, Anna Zoey, Pearl, Birdy, Rosa, Chantal, Fig

Front: Jiyoon, Maggie, Tink, Xennia


I brought them to the beach to play, and for sundress photos, in two's and threes, so they it would be easy to keep an eye on them...

(Although, all of us know that Little Darlings are generally well behaved.)

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Ellowynes as Lifeguards!

These Dolltown Ellowynes offered to oversee the children at the beach.



And they said they would come prepared. But brushes? combs? Of course! They are fashion dolls! 

We were thinking sun screen, life-jackets, and ring buoys, girls! But, thanks! Glad you are here.

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