Dolltown August 2016

Birthday Intermission...It's Arlen! with Birdy and Rosa

Tonner American Model Glamour Too, our Arlen, is joining Birdy and her friends for the birthday party.

And Birdy and Rosa have befriended the birthday birds.

How sweet! Birdy and Rosa invited the birds down for cupcakes...

Birdy's friends are ready!



Fill the Cupcake Plate!

Birdy's Birthday! Cupcakes! 

Dig in, girls!

The Little Darlings come and go!


Gifties For Birdy! And Here Come The Boys For Cupcakes!

Birdy gets a beautiful book for her birthday, one of my favorites!

Over in the meadow, in the sand, in the sun...

And that is a real lamp, with real light, so she can read the book in bed, after dark. Nice!

And the cutest bear that arrived from Carolyn Gebert!

I know Birdy will share!



And the boys arrive to celebrate Birdy's birthday and have some cupcakes...

The boys have a whole bucket of cupcakes!

Go for it, boys!



Tink and Xennia Pass Out the Last Cupcakes...

Guard One, seen below, is usually in the background at our Dolltown events.

Iple Lee hired him last year as a bodyguard for all the dolls, watching for possible harm and kidnappings.

(No kidding...look at the Monster High body snatchers and identity changers.)

Tink and Xennia invited Guard One for Birdy's birthday cupcakes.

And since he's such a big guy, they managed to find him...five!

In the end he had to share with one of the hungry birthday birds...

Then Tink and Xennia invited Chinese Dragon Horse to enjoy a cupcake.

They put it down low enough for him to reach...propping it on Birdy's birthday book? Girls!

And I don't know about giving sweets to animals!

But I do remember giving sugar cubes, on an open palm, to horses as a child...

Then the girls passed out cupcakes to some of the Dolltowners who were cheering on the birthday festivities.

Priscilla!! You WERE cheering on the festivities, right?

Clown Baby is thrilled.

Boneka is sharing with Sky and Valentine.

And Jester Jim is challenged by Don Quixote to toss his head and catch the cupcake in his mouth.

Oh yes, you can see that Jester Jim can't wait, so excited...

Okay! That is enough cupcake excitement for a whole year, I am sure!

Surely we have had enough!

Although we did notice that that there are some tempting mint chocolate mini cupcakes now.

No! Enough! 


Vera at the Pop Up

Little Vera accompanied me to the Pop Up Shop, and look what she loved! And wanted!

Now THAT'S more like it! After a couple of weeks of treats in Dolltown...Healthy fruit!

But, dear Vera...I'm sorry to say it is just an art piece.

All the fruit is stuck on that plate.

And cost as much as a filet mignon at Hy's Steakhouse.

How hard was it to say no to this cutie?!

How about we carry on to our favorite grocery store and find some REAL fruit, for REAL dolls!

Okay, she said, smiling. I love Vera!


Our Little Darlings and Chinese Year of the Horse...

Breyer's 1914 Chinese Year of the Horse!

He was there for Birdy's birthday cupcake celebration.

He even got a cupcake!

Chantal and the girls love him...

Jiyoon, Maggie, Faith and Conner show up, too.

And so does Guard One.

He's here to take the Horse back to the Dolltown Stables.

And Guard One tells the girls some exciting news...


Lula Star Home from Australia!

Lula Star left Dolltown last November for Melbourne, Australia...

My daughter Lani moved there with her Tasmanian BAE, but tucked Lula in her camera bag.


For several months, Lula traveled as well to New Zealand, Indonesia,

and explored interesting topography with Lani and Fin.


Now Lula is back!

Scout is first to greet her...old friends.

Scout came along on the trip to the city.

She couldn't wait to see Lula. But this time, Lula was packed away in a very large suitcase.

So we didn't get to see Lula until we got home!

Scout and Lula had a lot to share! Lula said, "Wait til you see who we brought back to Dolltown!"


But 10 months of wind and sun have taken their toll, on both Lani and Lula!


Lani said, "Lula needs some hair care!"


So after Lula changed from her winter season clothes into a cool sundress, it was time to address the hair situation...


While Lani soaks her own hair in warm water and conditioner, Lula's friends gather around Lula.

Zoey and Pearl welcome Lula home, and get to work on her wild mop of hair.

Okay, we had another Rose Monique wig ready for the switch.

How did we have exactly the same wig in Dolltown?

It's the only double we have! Lucky!

So now we get to take the plunge and treat the wind worn wig while Lula enjoys a head of silky hair again.


And what a warm welcome! Evie and Tink come for hugs!

Well, Lula is well liked by the Dolltowners. Always ready... to help, to initiate adventures, to learn new things!

And the dollies are excited because Lula brought her little New Zealand family with her.

They get to stay in Dolltown! Photos soon!

(Sneak peak, and Lula's Down Under adventures)



Xennia Takes a Nap

Xennia missed out on Lula's homecoming... She couldn't keep her eyes open!


No Wonder Xennia Wanted to Go to Bed! New Furniture!

In the attic we found some of our furniture made just for dolls.

This white set goes right back to my own childhood, when they were painted pink.

I loved it! My family was good at planning, making, and decorating furniture, full size and doll size.

For my own children I repainted this set white with a fireweed trim, a favorite wild flower of mine.

The Little Darlings discovered this set in the garden, fresh from a wash...

Okay girls, enough talk, time for Xennia to get that nap!


Pearl and Zoey find this table and chairs set, in our family for over 50 years.

They are talking about a tea party...

Fun!...but no cupcakes, girls! We've had enough for now.


The Dolltown Children!

In July, the children came early to the Ice Cream party....


Then off they went on field trips with the Dolltown Summer Day Camp.

Now they are back and we snapped some photos!


The girls gathered around to tell me of their exciting adventures:

  • wading in the creek
  • acting out "Toy Story" (a Dolltown favorite!)
  • picking apricots off the low branches

And running away from the boys who were throwing ripe plums!


"EWWWW!", they squealed.


And the girls told on the boys right away so they wouldn't get juice all over their summer clothes.

Shasta, Whoopi, and Oiya wanted to run home and change so they could throw plums too. 

Their caregivers had to do some fast talking... They know I am the clothes washer around here!!


Uley had to change out of his too-warm clothes...we found him a cool Tshirt! It's hot here now!

These girls want to do some gardening now!

They found some little pots. Now they want some flower seeds.

It's August, girls!

(But it would be fun!)



Our Little Darlings in Paris...Mystery Solved!

Warning! Long blog post of several parts. One story...


THEY WENT TO PARIS!! Without me!


Okay, so remember this photo I posted in my July 28th issue of the Dolltown.News?

We found this photo on April's Fashion Doll Stylist blog.


We thought...this looks like our Birdy! How cute!



And this is an Elie Saab Couture Fashion Show...IN PARIS!!


All month, Fashion Doll Stylist, April, was making cryptic comments about my dolls, and her fashion dolls. I was too distracted to ask what she meant.


And several of my girls were tossing about French phrases, "Bonjour" and "Merci", asking for gelato for their Ice Cream Party, and making unusual style choices, like Tink and Xennia's Ice Cream party wrapped-cloth napkins outfits...sounding all knowledgeable, talking about drape and design.


Recently, when I had a little time, we started to track down these mysteries. I had our Dolltown reporter, Miley, digging up clues, listening in on giggled conversations, and trying to trip up the easiest targets, like Tink and Xennia.

" do you know all this French?", she asked them?

"Chantal!", they said cleverly, since Chantal DOES know lots of French phrases.


But when Lula returned to Dolltown from Australia, we noticed even SHE was saying "Merci Madame"! And whispering words of endearment in French, to her little New Zealand family!

And then I heard Lula whisper, "Trumpette!" to Priscilla under her breath. I don't even know what that means! (Does Lula need a talking to?)


The story came out... Asa and Arlen called the Little Darlings together and brought out a splashy painting of the Eiffel Tower the girls had made after Birdy's Birthday party. And they told us about a remarkable adventure...


It's more than I dreamed of,

as the Agent for the Dolltown dolls!


(Okay, I am a little rattled by it all.)

Apparently, Asa and Arlen (and Willow below) knew all about it.... Knew all about it? They were on the trip!

Wait till you see the photos! 

"Would you do it again?", Arlen asked Asa.

"In a heartbeat.", Asa replied.

(You would tell me. Right Asa? Of course!)

"Did I look pretty in my dress?", she asked.

And did I walk like a real model?",  Priscilla said.

"Oh yes..."

Willow arrived with Lula. Willow was gathering the girls who went on the trip. She wanted a group photo,

now that the secret was out.


She was talking about the beautiful dress she got to wear. Excuse me, but...Priscilla?

"Thank you for taking me to Paris!", Priscilla said to Asa. 

How polite of Priscilla!


"You looked very pretty!", Arlen answered her.

"I love Paris!", Priscilla said.

"I think I will live there when I grow up!"

"Why does Priscilla look so cheerful? She usually looks so grumpy!", Lula wondered.

"It's the Asa effect, Lula!" Willow tells her. "Just watch when Asa leaves. It's the oddest thing!"

How did it all happen? The story unfolds...

Reporter Miley got Asa to agree to an exclusive interview while the girls had photos taken and shared their stories.


Miley reported to us later, that Asa said April, Fashion Doll Stylist, knew nothing about this Paris trip (at least at first). 


April always leaves a small contingent of fashion dolls in her Paris apartment and they heard that children were going to be a part of an Elie Saab couture show.



April's fashion dolls, experienced in the process, called Dolltown to invite a group of our girls to come to Paris to try out. 


 The Paris fashion dolls told them there is a special Dolly Express to get the Dolltown girls over there.

An airline for dolls? Miley had never heard of it!



And April's girls said, "Don't worry about funds! We'll send you some Doll Coin. We use it all the time!".


So Asa and Arlen chose the dolls, several Little Darlings, just the right size and age.


And apparently Priscilla overheard one of the phone calls. And she was heading to tell me what was happening behind my back. So she was quickly invited!



Our redhead, Arlen, took the call.

She got Asa in on the action.

"Could we? Should we?", Arlen wondered.


"How can we not?" Asa said to her. "It's a chance of a lifetime!"


Miley asked Asa, "Why didn't you or Arlen tell  You-Know-Who?"

"She was too busy! We thought, we'll tell her later..."


Then Asa said they had questions for April's Paris girls...

"Who should go? How do we get there?


What about expenses?"

Ellowyne Willow, with her fashion show experience, was asked to join them.  And very quietly, they all got ready.


"Pack your bags, girls! And don't breath a word of this. We'll make sure that You-Know-Who is busy with other dolls and photo shoots for a couple of days!"


As Miley reported all this to me, I thought about all the signs, all the clues I had overlooked!

But...several dolls literally MISSING for 3 days?  

Mind you, it was around Awards Day planning time. Yes, I was VERY busy!



That's why those OTHER dolls were insisting on more photo time. Just how many of them were in on this?

I may never know!

At the gathering, the girls chat about their Paris trip...

"See? Asa's gone, and Priscilla's frown is back.", Willow said to Lula.

Priscilla left to find Asa while the little girls recalled their Paris adventure.

"We got to wear Elie Saab dresses!", Birdy said.

"I got to meet Lula in Paris!", Faith said.

"She was in Australia when I arrived in Dolltown."

"You were very brave, Lula!" Birdy said to her.

The other girls chattered about

what a trip it must have been!


"Wait til you see my dress. It has flowers!", said Xennia.

Tink said, "I got to wear a red roxy wig with my gold dress,

so I could match Arlen! She was my mom on the catwalk."

Birdy said, "Some of us, like me and Xennia, Lula, and Priscilla paired up with April's dolls.

They were very nice and gave us lots of tips!

We got to wear lip gloss!"

"We loved Paris!", the girls agreed.

"But we didn't all make it onto the Elie Saab runway.

Some of us helped the others get dressed!"

The girls who had gone on the secret trip arrived,

one by one, for photos.

"Where are the fashion show photos?" Birdy asked.


"The most beautiful dresses in the world!",

the other girls chorused.

"Lula traveled by herself from Melbourne. Lani put her on the Dolly Express with her backpack full of her best clothes for Paris!", the girls exclaimed.

"I am a world Lani!", Lula said.

"And the Dolly Express was a lot of fun!

Even better than the Greyhound!"

"Asa was my mother on the catwalk", Chantal said.

"Willow was mine.", said Faith. 

"Because it was like moms and their daughters!"

"April's Paris dolls are called the Phat Sisters", said Scout.

"Which is pretty funny because they are not fat at all!

They are So In Style Barbies, and great runway models!"

"But all of us got to have sleepovers in April's apartment. And she didn't even know until we were gone!

Secrets!! So much fun!"

"We got to visit the doll museums.

The dolls there live at the museums and hundreds of people come to see them every day!"

"I loved the doll museums!"

"I loved the gelato!"

"I loved the crepes aux fraises!"

"J'aime le cinema!"

The babble of girls' voices included a charming mix of French and English...

Zut alors! So cute...  What does Merde! mean again?

Willow returned to send the girls off to bed.


The Little Darlings were very happy to finally share their story. 


And they were especially excited to finally share the beautiful photos of their experience on the runway of a Paris Fashion Show...


Goodnight girls!


We'll have a chat tomorrow about keeping secrets....


(I'm pretty impressed, but I don't want to tell them that!)



Here they are, photos of our Dolltowners on the Paris runways!

The girls went to a casting call for the Elie Saab Paris Fashion Show. Then, off for fittings!

April tells me it is VERY unusual for children to be included in a couture show like this!

Arlen fell in love with this dress, and  wanted to bring it back to Dolltown!

Talk to April, Arlen! Fashion Doll Stylist!

She's so good at replicating these fashions, she could probably make this in her sleep!

Tink looks so graceful! Well done, Tink!

Willow, an Ellowyne fashion doll, has had a little experience with fashion shows, but NOTHING like this.

She was as excited as the girls. And more nervous!

Faith looks like a little angel!

Asa has the perfect face for the runway, But she was the one who wanted to get back to Dolltown!

She takes her responsibilities here seriously.

And she is "The buck stops here!" doll, and knew she would have to answer to me for this Paris decision!

Chantal looks perfect in this little dress!

Xennia looks a little anxious here, but they say she hardly cried at all on the trip! Way to go, Xennia!

And your "mom" looks so beautiful!

Oh Priscilla! You are sooo cute. I almost fell off my chair when I saw this photo!


When April and I finally talked about this amazing trip, she told me a story her divas recounted to her...


When Priscilla arrived here in Paris for the fashion show, she told us she was NOT AT ALL INTERESTED!

But we knew deep down, that Priscilla could imagine stepping into the spotlight, and becoming a supermodel for one brief moment!


And when Priscilla 1st walked out on the catwalk, she maintained her signature grumpy face look. But when she got to the foot of the catwalk, she broke character and smiled for the audience.  Just for a brief moment.


And they jumped to their feet and cheered her on!

We've heard that Jean Paul Gaultier, noted for his outrageous antics, is considering Priscilla for his next show.  Do you think it could be true?


April tells me she chided her dolls for spreading unconfirmed rumours...


Yes, we saw that happy face on Priscilla earlier...with Asa.

It's gone again. But how cute she is anyway, in a pretty lace Elie Saab! 


Okay, no more trips without telling me. Okay?

Unless it's with Auntie April...or Lani, or Aunties Mischelle and Jackie...

Okay, okay. I obviously have feelings of ambivalence about the "secret".

Welcome to the human world.


Look at these two in their bird dresses!

Lula in her wild do! They say the stylists wanted to take a brush and some gel to Lula's mane. But she said, Take me or leave me!" And they let her go, with her own hair bow!

So, here is the original photo from April's blog,

with other designers included.

I can't tell you how truly excited I actually am

...for my dolls. 


I LOVE Elie Saab fashion! What are the chances?

(April tells me he is a Lebanese Couturier, whose house is based in Paris. And this is his Fall/Winter 2016 collection.)


How wonderful for my girls, all of them, to have this experience! How wonderful for my girls' portfolios!


So, in the end, I am sending out a big thanks to April

and her very hospitable Paris dolls!


We would like to invite you all, to Dolltown!

Bring your jeans...


Xennia asks...

Do you like our Eiffel Tower, Auntie April?

We are going to give it to you and your dolls.

It's a thank you.

It's for your Paris apartment.

(Your Phat girls and those funny dude guys will love it!)

Thanks to April, Fashion Doll Stylist, for the story, and the unforgettable photos of our Dolltowners with her divas on the catwalk in Paris!

Here is the original blog, where the Birdy photo was posted...


Tink! Time to change!

Here's Tink...our sweet and mischievous Tink.

We received this very cute froggy outfit in June from the infamous Maggie and Kate Create.

 Tink loves frogs, so she got to wear the outfit first.

But she has had it on ALL SUMMER!  And no one else has had a chance.

Tink has worn it for photo shoots, Awards Day, the Ice Cream Party, Birdy's Birthday party...

and now she says she is wearing it to the beach!


No Tink! I went out to the garden to find her...

It wasn't too hard because she was calling frogs.

I tracked down her little voice, "Here froggy, froggy." (Good luck, Tink.)

When she saw me she did her best to run away. I just walked behind her. herding her to the other girls...

Look at Tink! When all else fails...pick me up because I am so cute!

No, Tink...look at that sweater.

There's actually a stain on it!

Was it the plums? Oh no!

Oh ya..look all around, as if you'll find the stain somewhere else.

 Tink, you are in serious denial. What am I going to do?

Luckily Xennia stepped in and made Tink face up to the fact...

"Your sweater needs washing!"

Her whole outfit needs to be thrown in the washing machine!

(Okay, I'm handwashing. I do not want to wreck this cute M&K top.) 

"Come on, Tink!"

Xennia took Tink to get changed.


It's beach time!

Go find your beach wear!

The sooner you get ready, the sooner we can go!



Friendships switch up...and dolls do, too

In Dolltown, friendship is important.

Dolltown began because we decided to acquire friends for our vintage singletons!


Some of our vintage were pairs, so they already had friends...

  • two Dee an Cee Cindy dolls
  • two Dee an Cee Drink and Wet babies

But several did not....


  • one Terri Lee
  • one Barbie 
  • one Dee an Cee child...

I figured that all our dolls ought to have friends.

So as the Dolltown characters started to arrive, they each naturally paired up with like minded others, or others in the same scale.


And we have lots of friendships now in Dolltown!


But we recently had a shake up with the Little Darling BFF's.

Isn't that just like little girls!


Things just weren't working with some of the pairs. Something had to be done. And that meant I had to figure out what was wrong...take a step back and see what was causing it.

I realized something that had contributed to the friendship incongruencies...I set up most of the friendships before the actual dolls arrived.

Several of our dolls were ordered from artists. And while we waited for them to come, I used their model photos to pair up them up.

And when the they actually arrived in Dolltown, they buddied up.

It makes it easier to keep track of things.


Dolls really do have characters, that show up especially in their faces.

If the eyebrows are straight, or curved, if the eyes have a direct look, or a soft makes a difference in who they are. What they say.

And we had a couple of dolls who were showing a different character than their photos. And they needed different BFF's!

That took a shake up....


So, without showing all the changes, I'll talk about three.

Birdy's buddy was Rosa, Evie was hooked up with Conner, and of course, Lula and Scout were BFF's.


But, although I love Conner's black flip hair and her fabulous blue eyes, I just kept switching her up, trying to get her right. Her character was not jiving with Evie, who is quite a tomboy, and very active.

And when I took off Conner's wig, and Rosa's, I could see the problem. (They are both Geri Uribe's #1's)

Without their wigs, Conner has a soft, sweet look, with rounded eyebrows, and Rosa has a more intense look, with her big green eyes. 


So, I have made a 3-way change...

Lula is now hanging with Evie, both outdoorsy.

Rosa is cooking up serious stuff with Scout, both on a mission!

And Conner...we have tentatively switched her to a soft brown jojo wig and the name Coco.

And she is buddying up with Birdy.


Coco will make her appearance for our beach photo story.

And Conner will be "going on assignment".

We love you, Conner!


Lose a character, gain a character...

We'll see how it goes. Maybe Coco will just be visiting for now, just in case the change is not permanent.

Even her name is a maybe...

But so cute! Definitely like a new doll when they get switched up like this.





Ready for the Beach!

Beach Day!

We even have a lifeguard!

Look at Tink!

We posted photos of Tink wearing her froggy outfit a few days ago. Again. She didn't want to take it off...


Well, she felt that way about the Paris Elie Saab dress too. She walked out the door of the fitting room, still wearing it! There was a brief hubbub until our dolls were able to convince the people getting the dollies changed, that Tink is not capable of "stealing".  No intent! She just does not have the concept of "yours" and "mine" fully established. She shares her stuff easily and happily! Well, she also shares other's stuff easily, which causes a fuss sometimes...


But she turned up at the beach VERY happy, froggy outfit forgotten, because she is now wearing a yellow tube sock.

MY yellow tube sock, cut with scissors!

"Scout did it", Tink says, happy. And Scout shared with her.

SCOUT! Come here a minute!

Okay, we'll talk later.

Those tube tops they've made for the beach are just too cute!

The other girls arrive in groups!

Tink and Scout aren't the only ones with a made-up summer beach outfit!

Some creative outfits here! Recognize our summer dresses pantaloons?

And the Little Darling underwear tops? Shhhh. Swimwear!

Since we only have two real bathing suits. 

Scout and Lula! Such good buddies!

And Lula is wearing the cute bathing suit that she took to Australia!

And just wait until you see what she has learned how to do, partnering up with another Little Darling.

So fun!


The Sport of Dolly Synchronized Swimming!

Lula and Faith, water ballet...  Who knew?

Well, I did.

One of our favorite Doll Membership sites, Doll Observers has a monthly photo theme.

And August's is Rio Olympic Sports!


Now, what could we do for that?

That's easy, I thought... Races!

But Lula and Faith came to me and asked if they could wear our only two bathing suits and learn a routine.

What kind of routine? Synchronized swimming!


Well, how am I supposed to photograph that?

I'll think about it...


And while I was busy with other photo shoots, the two girls watched lots of Olympics. They kept turning the channel to find the swimming routines.


After hours of practice, they were ready to show us!

We decided to take the photos of the routine on the sand, at the beach. That way all the other dollies could see the whole thing, and not just doll legs sticking up out of the water.


Here we go! Enjoy!

This is the cute posing part, before the synchronised swimmers climb into the pool.

Our lifeguard is taking a nap, we think, behind her sunglasses. Okay for now, Beach Lady!

But you are missing the show!

Uh oh, Tink...

Don't distract the girls!

Oooookay then, but try to stay out of their way!

The other way, Tink!

The girls are so focussed! They just keep going!

Now Birdy too! It's getting crowded!

Evie is catching on to the routine!

Okay! We seem to have two routines going on!

Who are you going to join, Xennia?

Oh, here we go...even a little bird gets in on the action, landing on Xennia's head! Faith finally loses her focus!

Oh girls! Lula gives up. The routine comes to a messy end!

Lula and Faith...and Evie! You did very well!

And glad the rest of you...had fun!

We are all imagining some music...

And smiling faces! These girls are very serious!

Wow, you girls MUST have been practicing!

Faith and Lula!

Faith is pretty shy, so Lula must have encouraged her!

"Can I join them?", Tink asks.

Better not, dear. You don't know the routine anyway.

Legs down, now, Tink! Oh dear...

Now, here's Birdy and Evie.

And Evie just joins right in, too!

But Birdy and Tink seem to be making up their own!

And now Xennia is watching the fun....

Not sure who you are joining Xennia...

But I am impressed with the concentration of Lula and Faith with so much going on!

Oh Xennia! Now Lula can't continue! Only Evie left!

The girls decide to take their routine to the water...

Wake up, Beach Lady! You might be needed!

(Can she even swim? She looks like she's made of wax!)

So, now we have photos to post on Doll Observers!

But we have lots more beach photos to come.

And the last photos of Conner, at least for awhile.

And a new Little Darling friend in Dolltown?



Lula Star's New Zealand Family...

Here is a photo we received from Lula a couple of months ago. We couldn't wait to hear more about these cute little dollies with her!


Lula Star arrived home to Dolltown in early August, after months of traveling, and living in Australia. 

And we heard the story ...


At times, when she was gone, Lula was by herself...with only the noise of an air conditioner for company.

So, on one of their journey adventures , to New Zealand, Lani and Fin got her some companions, an international adoption! 

They were so little Lula had to look after them..her family, she called them.


How did she manage 7 little dollies?!


They were all tucked into Lani's suitcase, with Lula, for the trip home.

And you can imagine their surprise when they were taken out and found themselves in a very strange environment.

We have been acclimatising them, keeping them under wraps, and waiting for the right moment.


They are going to be VERY popular in Dolltown. The Little Darlings love babies, especially Xennia.


Lula decided that a hot Beach Day was the perfect time to introduce them to the other Little Darlings...

Well, Lula will have lots of help now to look after her little family!

Xennia wants one of the babies for herself! 

"I'll think about it", Lula said when Xennia asked.


Conner Leaves, Coco Arrives...

Conner leaves Dolltown to go on assignment.

Just as Coco arrives in Dolltown.

Sometimes these things happen...


Leau brings her blue eyed buddy, Coco, to the beach.

Evie takes Coco to meet the rest of the girls...


In a while Coco returns, with Birdy, Rosa and Scout.

It looks like Coco has made some friends in Dolltown!

Rosa and Scout


Coco and Birdy


The Children at the Beach!

Phoebe and Oiya arrive at the beach in their bathing suits. Lucky girls!


Most of the girls are wearing sundresses and pantaloons to the beach...

The qualifications of our lifeguard, Beach Lady was called into question, so it was decided she should have some help...


Oh yes, I'm sure Cupid Fairy is up to the task. 

The boys, Chris and Douglas, arrive and the little girls pack up ready to go home.

They pack Gabby into one of their buckets. Her legs have been wobbly since the spring...

Shasta and Whoopi hang around to gather shells, stones and driftwood to take home. Crafts!

"Can you guys bring the buckets?", they ask.

Heartstrings Beach Party Eva, our Phoebe, arrived in this little bathing suit outfit. 


We'd love to have swim trunks for the boys!

One of these days...