Catrine Demew is at Dolltown Abbey...

Catrine DeMew, a Monster High dolly, is in Lee's Library at Dolltown Abbey.

Lee has allowed her to stay a while AND use his laptop.

Cat is contacting her friends to let them know she is safe.


She asks if any of her friends have been snatched by the scary identity thieves, scooping MH dolls to wipe off their faces and turn them into ordinary dollies.


Heaven Forbid! Cat says... I am purrrfect the way I am!

Dolltown is friendly. Dolltown Abbey has lots of rooms to hide in. And outside? Husky barn Cats.... Friendly too!

Lee, dressed here as business man Louie Fisher, has just completed his business meeting and tells Cat to go ahead and use his laptop. She seems to know what she is doing.

Maybe Cat would make a good assistant?

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