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05. October 2016
Throwback Thursday! Random Iplehouse bjd photos from last October... Some photos that are NOT Little Darlings! They got ALL the attention this week. A couple of these were used in stories. Most didn't make it on to the site!

06. September 2016
It was a fun morning with her friends... And then the Iples arrived. Arlen stayed since she spends most of her time with the Iples... Work and play! And little Vikka has taken to spending most of her time with Asa. She wants to learn everything she can from Asa, a martial arts master... Daniel arrived without a shirt. Asa objected! He had to go and find one from Will...

04. May 2016
Asa takes time for reflection and when she emerges she gathers her family around her. This is her tribe-bjd's from around the world. The girls Mercy, Simmin, and Terra. The boys Spiro and Bo. And Airus, our ghostly presence. Or he wishes.

20. April 2016
This is Asa's Room at Dolltown Abbey, where the Iples live. The Iplehouse BJD's like living on the big estate across the meadow from Dolltown. It gives them both privacy and perspective. The Juniors are on patrol while Asa hosts her Open House, keeping an eye on the perimeter, making sure Dolltown is safe. Lee is on hand to take over the Open House for Asa while she rests. In case any dollies show up. But what WE know is the boys have been held up at the bridge....

31. October 2015
Miley, our Dolltown.News Dolltown correspondent has come to The Fall Tree to catch all the action. Lee thinks Miley should have a Halloween costume. Miley gets to wear a genuine Iplehouse Dark Cape. She is beyond thrilled. And she thinks she looks good! What do you think?

29. October 2015
Lee and Cat are making plans. Skeleton is keeping watch for the dolly arrivals. Little Witch Xenny arrives and then redhead Pearl. And she you know who she sees? Lee hears her wondering....

29. October 2015
Lee is spending a fond moment with Skeleton, Raven Bird, and Polka Cat when Chantal shows up at The Fall Tree. "Where are the other kids, Lee?" Chantal asks. "You're early!" Lee says to her. Skeleton gives her a bony hug... Now, isn't an orange dress with a black cobweb design the perfect Halloween dress?

29. October 2015
Here's Lee, and Vikka has happily come to his bidding. Adventure! Little Ling shows up, and the strong lad, Bo is summoned. There's something up. Some story here...

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