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Little Darlings Christmas Dress Up!

Ready for Christmas Company...

Tink wears the little Eiffel Tower necklace that came from Fifi from France with this bright sweater dress.


Merci, Fifi!


I'll add sources for these cute Christmas and holiday outfits, on our Doll Fashion page.


Dresses from Fifi, Pachom, Calico Closet, Special Delivery, TKCTCrafts, Randonne...

And boots and shoes from BSS Kid, and Dotti Gesford.

The other dolls are hoping to get in on some Christmas fun... Stay tuned for more photos and stories!

Xenny (with Angel Bear), then Tink, then Scout, then Chantal, then Pearl, then Eve, and last, Zoey...

Sky arrives to read the girls a story...

The Little Darlings are excited to get dressed up for company...

AND it's the first time they have been together in Dolltown for the Christmas season.

They discover there are a lot of holiday toys!


They are having fun getting to know Angel Bear, Big Sequin Nutcracker and Small SN, and Christmas Jester.

And they have heard there is an almost vintage Porcelain who is just getting her hair brushed, and face washed so she can join the party.


Meanwhile, the girls just have fun amidst the Christmas sparkles...


The BJD's 1st Christmas, exciting!

The older dolls, the BJD's, want to get in on the Christmas action too.

So they got their coats on the day the little ones came down to the park for a winter shoot.

And then a migration towards the living room filled with Christmas decorations.

Why are Tania's arms in that funny position? Because unless you buy from the Iplehouse company itself, the 1/4 scale  size that is supposed to fit these 17" dollies JUST DOESN'T.  Just sayin... So, it's easier to pretend it's a warm winter day than to try to do up the buttons.


The BJD's were behind the acquisition of two clear skull heads, to use for decorations.

How did I ever agree to that?

It's that indulgent Aunt Jacalyn, catering to the whims of the dolls. For Christmas I said?

Just fill them with red and green colored water, she said.

Oh, a craft project with my dolls!

As if I don't have enough to do.

Keep an eye out for the photo.


Will arrives, and it's like he has been here since he was born...

This Robin Woods doll, "Matthew",  arrived with a couple of friends. We figure they are all from the early 90's.


Matthew got a makeover to become Will,  a doll with an interesting mix of technological savvy and a love of the outdoors and big machines...

It's always risky to trim a doll wig. There is no going back. So I often go in stages.... MAYBE I'll take a little more off.


I used a non acetone nail polish remover to take off his blush, heavy lip paint, and to soften his freckles. I gently used a nail tool to scrape off the freckles one by one.

His eyes and eyebrows will take more work. And I'm not ready yet.

 I need to watch more how to videos.


We know he loves the look he ended up with. Great shirt, fitted pants, and I'm sure we'll find the long toe shiny dress shoes he has asked for.

(Oh sure, Will. We'll get right on it. Not! He doesn't know yet that half the dolls here are still sharing clothes and whatever-shoes-we-can-find.)

And I didn't want to tell him that he is NOT going to get those pants hemmed. Ever. Because they belong to one of the BJD's, who is right now pantless in the back room while this photo shoot takes place.

So I am glad he got called away to go ice fishing. The BJD will be glad to get his pants back. And Will is used to those green overalls. Hahahaha.

No Will, I am not laughing at you. I am not!


"Brian" takes a shine to Scout...

That's Brian in the middle, a Chris Miller boy, from who-knows-where, who just arrived with two other boys.

After a few photos, the three new boys were popped into the wooden chest with the Little Darlings.


What you didn't see, but I did, was how this boy ended up in very close proximity to our long haired redhead, Scout.


She seemed to pay him no attention, but he couldn't take his eyes off her. Well, off her hair, which his face was practically buried in, the two dolls were so close. And he couldn't quit smiling. I mentioned to G that Scout might have a new admirer...


I guess Scout was paying some attention though. She must have noticed he arrived with holes in his socks (which we discovered when we took off his fireman boots).

This boy hasn't had new clothes for a while it seems...



Christmas with Tania, so lovely

Tania  says she'll read me a bedtime story, or two. She is fond of the series of books by Sister Wendy Beckett, whose art critic program comes up here on the BBC. Tania notices Sister Wendy's descriptive and appreciative comments on the works of well known and beloved artists of all kinds. 

Tania feels the themes of these little books are just right for the Christmas season. Inspiring. Relax, she says to me...

After reading for a while, Tania pauses as she sees my eyes dropping in contentment. When I look over, I see she is bathed in an angelic light.

It's not the 1st time I have seen this light around Tania. 

A feeling of peace fills me...


More, she asks? Yes, I nod...

"If love exists under all circumstances, then so do the objects of love.

There is always beauty to be found."

Yes, I've noticed that myself...


The Children at Christmas

A classic Betsy McCall! We call her Pamela and she came with her friend and a little Linda, pictured here.

Pamela looks a little older so she got to wear this fancy grown up looking sequined dress. She was the envy of the other little girls...

This is Linda, our Vera. She is as cute as a button as they say.

She has a wonky hip and has a little trouble standing...

Look who gets to wear this beautiful Tonner Patience coat! I don't have a Patience and this coat's arms were much too slender for our other little dollies. 

Lucky Agnes Dreary, our Vikka, is over the moon wearing a sweet white velvet coat with pink rosebuds! Haha

Two of our Paola Reina's. Our Undine is on a visit, so only Dasha, our Quilla and Liu, our Ling were here to dress up for Christmas.

These dolls have such cute faces...

Betsy's friend, Barbara, our Nellie. Nellie and her little sister below, arrived on the same day as Pearl. Three dollies sporting the same blond bubble style hair.  It's a style and color I love. 

The McCalls have beautiful clothes. But this dress is from TKCT, one of my favorites!

Recognize Gabby? She is wearing a lovely mohair wig. This little Tonner Patsy came with a straight, long platinum blonde wig...


This is another outfit from TKCT crafts. Thanks Kathy!

One of Heidi Pluscok's adorable girls!

Our Oiya is a ball joint doll and poses so nicely. She stands! She sits!

Here they are in warm winter coats. Quilla is wearing the beautiful brown coat she came in. And Ling borrows a Betsy McCall coat that suits her!


Dickens gets a change of clothes...

This new Robin Woods boy, Dickens,  is ready for a change, much as he loved his green velvet, purple ruffled outfit.


We found him a brown pair of trousers, a button up shirt, and he agreed to switch shoes with Will...



But he's still vacillating about cutting his hair. What do you think?

Will is really happy with his own makeover so he was very helpful in helping Dickens find a new look. 


And he figures Dickens black boots are a step up from the brown leathers he arrived in. A little closer to those long toe shiny black shoes he asked for.


And, well, the brown shoes look good on Dickens, right?


Tink wants to go Christmas caroling with Chantal and some other willing dolls. 


She wants to pass a hat, make some money, and go see the new Christmas movie at the Cinema with all her friends....


She's hoping the new boys will join them.

Jingle Bells anyone? 


Books for Christmas...with dolls!

Fancy Nancy and the Splendiferous Christmas

by Jane O'Connor


Fancy Nancy is a beloved character in a series of books. The character has been made into a real doll, available from small to big.


Of course, Fancy Nancy is here in Dolltown!

Hardcover... $13.84

This book is available in Kindle too... $9.81


In this sweet and colorful book,  Nancy has bought her own tree topper...

"What could be fancier than Christmas?

Presents with elegant wrapping paper, festive decorations, Christmas cookies with sprinkles—and who could forget the tree? After all, there is no such thing as too much tinsel. Ooh la la! This year, Nancy is especially excited about decorating the Christmas tree. She bought a brand-new sparkly tree topper with her own money and has been waiting for Christmas to come. But when things don't turn out the way Nancy planned, will Christmas still be splendiferous?"

Keep an eye out for Fancy Nancy doll photos in our Gallery!

Ana's Alphabet Book A to Z is my own creation. It teaches the alphabet through 26 dolls. Each doll's name starts with a different letter of the alphabet.


Ana's Alphabet Book A to Z is an eBook. It can be read on a Kindle, a computer with Kindle program downloaded, or with a Smart Phone or a Tablet with the Kindle App.


Available for $3.01


The book has a pop up feature on every other page, one for each letter of the alphabet. It has over 54 pages with 26 dolls. 


There are three very popular Little Darlings, including Ana herself. But there are also Barbies, a Patsy, an Ellowyne fashion doll, a tiny Madame Alexander, a Kidz n Cats boy, Harry Potter, and, of course, a Disney Princess...


It's a book for girls and boys!

The Dolls Christmas

by Tasha Tudor


Available from Kindle at $12.60

Also in Hardcover and Paperback


This book by a favorite author, is the story of two dolls who, every Christmas, invite their friends to an elegant dinner party and marionette show.

The Christmas Doll

by Elvira Woodruff


This book tells the story of two orphaned sisters whose lives are changed forever by a magical doll.


Not available on Kindle, but new and used hardcovers and paperbacks, at a variety of prices.

The Story of Holly and Ivy by Rumer Godden,

another favorite author.


Kindle $3.30

Hardcover $16.19



This book is about a couple who want their own orphan child, a child who wants a family, and a doll....


Ivy, Holly, and Mr. and Mrs. Jones all have one Christmas wish. Ivy, an orphan, wishes for a real home and sets out in search of the grandmother she's sure she can find. Holly, a doll, wishes for a child to bring her to life. And the Joneses wish more than anything for a son or daughter to share their holiday. Can all three wishes come true? This festive tale is perfectly complemented by beloved Barbara Cooney's luminous illustrations, filled with the warm glow of the Christmas spirit.


It is the day before Christmas and the toys in Mr Blossom's shop know it is their last chance to be sold. Holly, a little doll dressed especially for Christmas, wishes hard for her own special child to come and buy her. But the day ends and Holly is left in the window.

Early on Christmas morning, a little lost girl finds herself outside the toyshop. Ivy has never had a doll to love. Or a family to love her. When she sees Holly...


Lula Star has her own Instagram page!

Yes, really! At Lula.Star
You MUST visit her page!
Of course, here at Dolltown, we are Followers!
Lula, who has been communicating quietly with us since she left in November, has splashed out big with her own page on Instagram.
Photos, stories...just like in Dolltown!
Lula, one of the Little Darlings, is in Australia on an adventure with our Lani, a geologist and photographer.
The two of them packed their swim suits, donned their backpacks, and hopped the Greyhound bus on the first leg of their journey. Then they flew out mid November after a night of revelry in Vancouver with Lani's friends. Loved those photos! But I had to remind Lani that Lula is underage and needed an early bedtime! 
We received photos from a short Hollywood tour, and a hangout at Venice Beach, on an overnight in Los Angeles. Then silence for a while as they both reached their new home, in Melbourne, joining Finnigan Johnson, the famous Tasmanian hydrogeologist and puppeteer.
Lani had to up her SPF cream and drape Lula often to keep them both from sunburn. Do dollies melt at above 43 Celsius? Lani didn't want to find out so on some days Lula was left in the air conditioned room when Lani was out for errands.

The first few photos here are on the way to Australia...

And now, Lula is telling her own stories at


We are all over the moon here in Dolltown.
Lula in Australia!
Photos arrived this week showing Lula prepped for the next adventure...a road trip around Tasmania, with Fin and Lani, her new humans. Then Christmas at the relatives. 

The first photos show Lula out in the field with Finnigan,  at work. Lula thinks it's the outback. Still learning.

Back at her laptop, Lula researches the road trip she is about to embark on. And studies her map of Australia.

Scout, all this happiness and you are scowling?
Yes, there are foodbanks in Australia. 
Okay I'll tell her...
 Scout says it's not all fun and games and outback adventures, you know...
There are dolls AND humans out there in need at Christmas.
Too true, Scout. Miley says she needs a new outfit.
What? That doesn't count?
Okay then...I'll get out some more canned peas.
And I am sure Lula will do the same.
Lula, can you find a foodbank there?
Take some quinoa? peas? Please?


 Oh my gosh. We love you Lula, AND your spirit human.

And her boy, er, man, Mr. Fin.
And you know Scout loves  you even though she sounds, uh, snippy. She's just...busy. (You go, Scout)


Scout recruits Brian...I mean Badger


Scout is missing Lula. They had a plan to gather food from the kitchen and drop it off at the Foodbank before Christmas. 

Twice they had snuck into the kitchen, before Lula left for Australia, to hide food for their venture.

I thought I bought olives, G said.

Zoey and Pearl are busy so they can't help Scout, but they have a good idea...

Third and last!

G will be wondering where a lot of his groceries have been going, not just olives....

What is going to happen when he reaches into the cupboard to get the tin of cranberries for Christmas dinner?

But who can fault a doll who does such good works...


Scout has put the good idea into action.

She has grabbed the new boy, Brian, and is getting on with a makeover, especially a hair cut so he can see. He needs to see for the job she has for him.

Does Brian mind?

No! Scout is definitely his favorite girl, er, doll here in Dolltown...

See "Brian" Takes a Shine To Scout

What has happened here?
Why is Brian wearing Will's cast offs?
The other new boys, Will and Dickens, are looking good in their new clothes, if you have been following the makeovers over the last couple of weeks. New pants, fitted shirts, skull caps or a new haircut...
Well, Brian here got his too-long hair cut all right. But the haircut was cut short as soon as Scout decided that Brian could see well enough. They had to get busy. She found Brian an outfit. BUT it was the clothes that Will came in, a green farmer's outfit.
We like green, Scout said to him. He smiled in agreement.
And Scout brought him a pair of boots to wear that she found in the dolly dress up discard pile. Too small for those well dressed BJD's.
(Scout, they are huge on this boy! They'll do, Scout said.)
Brian feels good.
But it isn't because he looks that good! He is just ready for work.
Now, Scout has gotten him to pack up cans and jars of food, and then take them to the door for the Foodbank. 
There are dolls and humans less fortunate than us here in Dolltown, she said to her new helper.
And she changed his name to Badger.
Scout calls him Badge.



Christmas Mittens, Shopping, and Hot Tea...

The girls are excited about their Christmas outing to town. They get to look after all the last minute shopping for all the dollies here in Dolltown. 



And they have been collecting mittens for the Mitten Tree, where scarves, hats and mittens are collected for all those who are chilly at Christmas, and don't have enough winter clothes. So between the food for the Foodbank (thanks Scout and, uhh, Badger) and all the mittens knitted by the old gramma dolls like Terri Lee and Queeny, the dolls have that good feeling that comes when we contribute.


And there is definitely a good feeling for these girls who get to stop in for a hot sweet tea and Christmas cookies at the Bailey House when they are done their shopping fun... 

Uptown, downtown...


Good Read Doll Books...

The Doll People

by Ann M Martin

A 250 page book for 8-12 year olds....

$6.00 Paperback


Annabelle Doll is eight years old-she has been for more than a hundred years. Not a lot has happened to her, cooped up in the dollhouse, with the same doll family, day after day, year after year. . . until one day the Funcrafts move in.


The old dolls are porcelains and the new neighbours are plastic...

The Meanest Doll in the World is the sequel to the Doll People

by Ann M Martin

Over 300 pages of fun and adventure

$7.99 Paperback


Annabelle Doll and Tiffany Funcraft are two dolls who have been best friends since they met in Kate Palmer's house at 26 Wetherby Lane. In this sequel to The Doll People, they hitch a ride in Kate's backpack and find themselves in the biggest adventure of their lives, a day at school! But when an attempt to return home lands them in the wrong house, they're in far deeper trouble than they imagined.


Terri Lees in the Winter Park

Ballet Terri Lee, Oralee, is meeting her friend at the park.

Oralee wants to see Inside Out.

Winter Terri Lee, Tamla, wants Oralee to go with her to a movie.


She wants to see Toy Story again, or one of its sequels. Dolls love those!

We'll decide when we get there!


Happy New Year, Everyone!