Will arrives, and it's like he has been here since he was born...

This Robin Woods doll, "Matthew",  arrived with a couple of friends. We figure they are all from the early 90's.


Matthew got a makeover to become Will,  a doll with an interesting mix of technological savvy and a love of the outdoors and big machines...

It's always risky to trim a doll wig. There is no going back. So I often go in stages.... MAYBE I'll take a little more off.


I used a non acetone nail polish remover to take off his blush, heavy lip paint, and to soften his freckles. I gently used a nail tool to scrape off the freckles one by one.

His eyes and eyebrows will take more work. And I'm not ready yet.

 I need to watch more how to videos.


We know he loves the look he ended up with. Great shirt, fitted pants, and I'm sure we'll find the long toe shiny dress shoes he has asked for.

(Oh sure, Will. We'll get right on it. Not! He doesn't know yet that half the dolls here are still sharing clothes and whatever-shoes-we-can-find.)

And I didn't want to tell him that he is NOT going to get those pants hemmed. Ever. Because they belong to one of the BJD's, who is right now pantless in the back room while this photo shoot takes place.

So I am glad he got called away to go ice fishing. The BJD will be glad to get his pants back. And Will is used to those green overalls. Hahahaha.

No Will, I am not laughing at you. I am not!

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