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28. June 2017
The Little Darlings, Birdy and Rosa, head out to the rose garden while they wait for the next step with the Eiffel Tower model. So pretty!

19. October 2016
Well, the girls have already had several classes in the Schoolroom. The boys have been out on separate fieldtrips... (There is no gender divide here in Dolltown. But there are natural differences that we notice we are catering to. Just like when I put lego and blocks in front of my own girls as babies and toddlers. And gave dolls and stuffies to our boy... My kids just crawled across the room and settled in to the other toys. And our boy asked for Tonka trucks and Transformers. And our girls...

08. December 2015
That's Brian in the middle, a Chris Miller boy, from who-knows-where, who just arrived with two other boys.

06. December 2015
This Robin Woods doll, "Matthew", arrived with a couple of friends. We figure they are all from the early 90's. Matthew got a makeover to become Will, a doll with an interesting mix of technological savvy and a love of the outdoors and big machines...