Doll Collecting

The best advice I have been given is to be sure you love the dolls you pursue, or enjoy the process, or both.

Doll lovers all have particular reasons why they gather these little (and not so little) replicas of humans and creatures.

For some collectors the value is important. For some it is "vintage", or "modern" that is important. For some it is the dolls by particular doll designers they pursue. For some it is the motivation to express a skill-such as sewing, knitting, repainting, or photography.

Doll collecting can be the way to a career, a method of supporting a family, a legacy for your children, a reason for social interaction, or a simple hobby.

Whatever is the reason we do it, doll collecting offers a promise of some kind of satisfaction.

And if we are good at it or enjoy it, the promise is fulfilled...


On Doll Collections-Care and Storage

Doll Collection

On Doll Collections...

Doll Collections create a space challenge. And questions of doll protection...

Do you keep your dolls in their boxes? in glass cases? in darkened rooms?


No matter how careful you choose to be here are a few good tips:

*Keep your dolls out of direct sunlight

*Keep pets away from the areas you use to store your dolls, or use your dolls.

*Prevent small children from unsupervised play with dolls you choose to preserve (keep crayons in a separate room!) If you choose, bring the dolls out for special times to develop respectful use of certain dolls. Great teaching time! 


*Be sure your hands are clean when you handle your dolls.


For more careful handling:

Use cotton gloves to handle dolls if you have fragile vintage dolls, or any doll you want kept in pristine condition.

*Cover dolls with a soft cloth or keep them in enclosed shelves to keep dust off.

There are a lot of creative, attractive and unique ways to store or display your doll collections.

Check out my Pinterest Board for ideas. Doll Collections

And check this link I just found with some great photos of doll collection displays that add to a home's features. Doll Collection Home Design Photos, on Houzz