Christmas Mittens, Shopping, and Hot Tea...

The girls are excited about their Christmas outing to town. They get to look after all the last minute shopping for all the dollies here in Dolltown. 



And they have been collecting mittens for the Mitten Tree, where scarves, hats and mittens are collected for all those who are chilly at Christmas, and don't have enough winter clothes. So between the food for the Foodbank (thanks Scout and, uhh, Badger) and all the mittens knitted by the old gramma dolls like Terri Lee and Queeny, the dolls have that good feeling that comes when we contribute.


And there is definitely a good feeling for these girls who get to stop in for a hot sweet tea and Christmas cookies at the Bailey House when they are done their shopping fun... 

Uptown, downtown...


Scout recruits Brian...I mean Badger


Scout is missing Lula. They had a plan to gather food from the kitchen and drop it off at the Foodbank before Christmas. 

Twice they had snuck into the kitchen, before Lula left for Australia, to hide food for their venture.

I thought I bought olives, G said.

Zoey and Pearl are busy so they can't help Scout, but they have a good idea...

Third and last!

G will be wondering where a lot of his groceries have been going, not just olives....

What is going to happen when he reaches into the cupboard to get the tin of cranberries for Christmas dinner?

But who can fault a doll who does such good works...


Scout has put the good idea into action.

She has grabbed the new boy, Brian, and is getting on with a makeover, especially a hair cut so he can see. He needs to see for the job she has for him.

Does Brian mind?

No! Scout is definitely his favorite girl, er, doll here in Dolltown...

See "Brian" Takes a Shine To Scout

What has happened here?
Why is Brian wearing Will's cast offs?
The other new boys, Will and Dickens, are looking good in their new clothes, if you have been following the makeovers over the last couple of weeks. New pants, fitted shirts, skull caps or a new haircut...
Well, Brian here got his too-long hair cut all right. But the haircut was cut short as soon as Scout decided that Brian could see well enough. They had to get busy. She found Brian an outfit. BUT it was the clothes that Will came in, a green farmer's outfit.
We like green, Scout said to him. He smiled in agreement.
And Scout brought him a pair of boots to wear that she found in the dolly dress up discard pile. Too small for those well dressed BJD's.
(Scout, they are huge on this boy! They'll do, Scout said.)
Brian feels good.
But it isn't because he looks that good! He is just ready for work.
Now, Scout has gotten him to pack up cans and jars of food, and then take them to the door for the Foodbank. 
There are dolls and humans less fortunate than us here in Dolltown, she said to her new helper.
And she changed his name to Badger.
Scout calls him Badge.



Lula Star has her own Instagram page!

Yes, really! At Lula.Star
You MUST visit her page!
Of course, here at Dolltown, we are Followers!
Lula, who has been communicating quietly with us since she left in November, has splashed out big with her own page on Instagram.
Photos, stories...just like in Dolltown!
Lula, one of the Little Darlings, is in Australia on an adventure with our Lani, a geologist and photographer.
The two of them packed their swim suits, donned their backpacks, and hopped the Greyhound bus on the first leg of their journey. Then they flew out mid November after a night of revelry in Vancouver with Lani's friends. Loved those photos! But I had to remind Lani that Lula is underage and needed an early bedtime! 
We received photos from a short Hollywood tour, and a hangout at Venice Beach, on an overnight in Los Angeles. Then silence for a while as they both reached their new home, in Melbourne, joining Finnigan Johnson, the famous Tasmanian hydrogeologist and puppeteer.
Lani had to up her SPF cream and drape Lula often to keep them both from sunburn. Do dollies melt at above 43 Celsius? Lani didn't want to find out so on some days Lula was left in the air conditioned room when Lani was out for errands.

The first few photos here are on the way to Australia...

And now, Lula is telling her own stories at


We are all over the moon here in Dolltown.
Lula in Australia!
Photos arrived this week showing Lula prepped for the next adventure...a road trip around Tasmania, with Fin and Lani, her new humans. Then Christmas at the relatives. 

The first photos show Lula out in the field with Finnigan,  at work. Lula thinks it's the outback. Still learning.

Back at her laptop, Lula researches the road trip she is about to embark on. And studies her map of Australia.

Scout, all this happiness and you are scowling?
Yes, there are foodbanks in Australia. 
Okay I'll tell her...
 Scout says it's not all fun and games and outback adventures, you know...
There are dolls AND humans out there in need at Christmas.
Too true, Scout. Miley says she needs a new outfit.
What? That doesn't count?
Okay then...I'll get out some more canned peas.
And I am sure Lula will do the same.
Lula, can you find a foodbank there?
Take some quinoa? peas? Please?


 Oh my gosh. We love you Lula, AND your spirit human.

And her boy, er, man, Mr. Fin.
And you know Scout loves  you even though she sounds, uh, snippy. She's just...busy. (You go, Scout)


"Brian" takes a shine to Scout...

That's Brian in the middle, a Chris Miller boy, from who-knows-where, who just arrived with two other boys.

After a few photos, the three new boys were popped into the wooden chest with the Little Darlings.


What you didn't see, but I did, was how this boy ended up in very close proximity to our long haired redhead, Scout.


She seemed to pay him no attention, but he couldn't take his eyes off her. Well, off her hair, which his face was practically buried in, the two dolls were so close. And he couldn't quit smiling. I mentioned to G that Scout might have a new admirer...


I guess Scout was paying some attention though. She must have noticed he arrived with holes in his socks (which we discovered when we took off his fireman boots).

This boy hasn't had new clothes for a while it seems...



Little Darlings Christmas Dress Up!

Ready for Christmas Company...

Tink wears the little Eiffel Tower necklace that came from Fifi from France with this bright sweater dress.


Merci, Fifi!


I'll add sources for these cute Christmas and holiday outfits, on our Doll Fashion page.


Dresses from Fifi, Pachom, Calico Closet, Special Delivery, TKCTCrafts, Randonne...

And boots and shoes from BSS Kid, and Dotti Gesford.

The other dolls are hoping to get in on some Christmas fun... Stay tuned for more photos and stories!

Xenny (with Angel Bear), then Tink, then Scout, then Chantal, then Pearl, then Eve, and last, Zoey...

Sky arrives to read the girls a story...

The Little Darlings are excited to get dressed up for company...

AND it's the first time they have been together in Dolltown for the Christmas season.

They discover there are a lot of holiday toys!


They are having fun getting to know Angel Bear, Big Sequin Nutcracker and Small SN, and Christmas Jester.

And they have heard there is an almost vintage Porcelain who is just getting her hair brushed, and face washed so she can join the party.


Meanwhile, the girls just have fun amidst the Christmas sparkles...


Doll Dressmakers

A new-to-us dolly dressmaker, Kalen, has been added to our Favorites List of fashion choices.


 These two warm jumper outfits arrived  from her the other day, just before I changed my Little Darlings into their Christmas dresses. 


It was hard to take these adorable clothes off and switch them out for some red and greens, holly and snowflake themed clothes. And I lOVE Christmas dresses.


But it's a long winter here so the fine wale purple corduroy and the brushed cotton plaid jumpers will be in use again when the holidays are over.


Kalen's eBay store, kalendesigns, was the source for these jumpers. The little tshirt, puffed sleeve blouse, stylish hat and handy cream stockings were a part of the sets. I was happy with the price and combined shipping!


Thanks, Kalen!

As soon as I cash in my Stevia soda cans I'll be back to Kalen's shop!

0 Comments Eve


As herself- Ana, the UFDC Shared Passions 2014 Convention doll.

She was my 1st Little Darling and I just love her. But once Zoey arrived, Ana's prototype, it freed me up to experiment.

Ana was the star of my new eBook, published on Amazon in late September:

Ana's Alphabet Book A to Z

Ana's gone...for now.

Ana has changed into's a makeover!!

So, a "new" doll has arrived.

 For now, Eve has just slipped comfortably into the photo scenes.


Dolltown's story is that Ana is away on an Assignment.

But Ana was pretty popular and the girls will miss her.

And then Lula moved to Melbourne. That's two dolls gone in one week!

Call in the counsellors!


Thanks to Sharon From Spain's advice, I added extra eyelashes and filled in and softened her eyebrows.

I gently pried off her glued on wig and popped on a soft Jojo wig, then trimmed it to a blunt bob. 

I used sharpened watercolor pencils as Sharon suggested, for eyelashes and eyebrows. A little change makes a big difference!

And I will order some Judikins Diamond Glaze soon, for Ana/Eve's eyes...

More After...

I  love this different look.

I call this little character Eve.

She'll stay for a while so keep an eye out for her!

And she can switch back to Ana with just a wig change so stay alert!


Winter Clothes...and World Events

Well, we have had our first snow here and it was time to get some warm clothes on...

The girls met at the park for a walk in the new snow.

Even little Gabby got to come along!


Scout and Eve are wearing two new and very cute knit dresses from a doll dressmaker from France.

After the flurry of Lula and Lani's departure, I noticed a little bonus gift tucked in with the dresses. A tiny Eiffel tower necklace.

I sad about the events in Paris.

And a little reminder even in the doll world...

I love Little Darling sweater dresses.


Lula is off to Australia...

Well, Lula convinced Lani to take her to Australia...

It all started back in October, on the infamous trip to Vancouver, when Lani was packing up her apartment ready to move to Australia to be with her Tasmanian, Fin.  And Lula was there to help.

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Today we remember...

It's November 11 today.


We stop and think about all the people, creatures, land...past and present...involved in conflict.


And peace.


Take care of each other...


What a comfort dolls are to little children during scary times. Dolls help...


Christmas play...what?!

Tink, Tink, Tink...

What are we going to do with you?


You got to wear Alison's fabulous Fall outfit first.

Someone said you looked like an elf.

Then someone said we should have elves in the Christmas play. 

And here you are, ready.


You are going back to school to study Time, Calendars, and the concept of Waiting.


And change into your school clothes so another dolly can try on that outfit!


Thank you Alison Austin! We love this mix of felt, cotton, leather, beads, and decorative metal closures!


You make. We play!

One of Tink's favorite pastimes...




Ana and Tink on a Trip to Salt Spring Island

How lucky are these two dollies!

They were invited on a trip to Salt Spring Island, off the coast of beautiful BC. Aunt Jacalyn was on a jaunt and decided she could handle a troop of dollies. Well, four. Barbie and Matt got to go too. But that's another story!

It was very exciting for Ana and Tink. They saw sights like the Pacific Ocean for the first time....

And they met lots of Auntie Jackie's relatives who treated them to cakes, sodas, and hot dogs.

No wonder they look so happy in Aunty's photos! 

And the capper was a plane ride at the Abbotsford Airport.  The girls loved it so much they begged Auntie for an airplane to bring home to Dolltown!  What!! 

Aunt Jacalyn used her negotiating skills and got a plane for a song when she convinced the owner they didn't need the pilot. The dolls figured out how to fly it themselves.

Turn this knob, pull this lever...

You can imagine that was a big hit when they returned to Dolltown! Dolltown has its own plane now.

 Now THAT is a successful doll trip!


Ana and Tink fly their own plane!


Fashion in Dolltown...

Doll collecting!

For some, that means once you have a doll, pristine and new (or even second hand), that means all you have to do is find a dark space with no dust.

No dress changes.

No accommodating seasonal weather.

No photo adventure shoots requiring jeans and a Tshirt....


But for some of us, collecting dolls means that almost every doll gets clothes, clothes for spring, summer, fall, and winter.

At least for those of us in four season climates.


And the dolls need some special outfits, like for Halloween or party time, or exploring or traveling!


The Doll Fashion Pages are dedicated to the clothing and accessories that make the Dolls here in Dolltown action ready. And there's a whole page of a fashion shoot showing Montreal's Pachom's versatile and pretty basics.

And the wigs! Part of fashion, for sure!

There's some catching up to do. I have to research my sources. And we have already had many photo shoots.


But a few favorites have been featured already. And I will include photos of outfits to help me focus my searches....


If you are a dolly dressmaker, especially those of you who sell on eBay and Etsy,

and you see an outfit here, unidentified, and you know it's yours, drop me a line!




Zoey Gets to Dress Up as The Witch!

The Characters

Miley, our column writer, has a unique perspective that allows her to comment on the goings-on in Dolltown. First, she's a singleton, being the only Kim Lasher doll we have, so she tends to be impartial. Second, she is trusted by everybody, so she gets the best stories.

And third, she is trained as an Observer, but allows herself opinions and conjecture...

So her "Miley's Musing" column is a big hit with the other dolls, and the Hiya Dolly subscribers....

Ling is a Paola Reina Les Amigas, so she fits right in with the Little Darlings. They can share clothes! Yay!

But Ling may settle in with The Others in Dollton Abbey.

She has that look. And they have an amazing playroom...

Zoey is the well traveled Ana prototype, settling in to day to day life in Dolltown. The other dolls tend to listen to Zoey, even though she is just arrived, as she has a natural authority, as well as her natural kindness...

And Skeleton, playing a bit part here, as a part of the Halloween setting. He is amused...

Dollies are sharing the Paola Reina witch outfit.

Ling has the hat and Zoey asks to use it for a while.

Ling likes wearing the hat but knows she has to share.

Miley likes being involved, in her Dark Cape!


Xenny arrives...

Lee and Cat are making plans.

Skeleton is keeping watch for the dolly arrivals.


Little Witch Xenny arrives and then redhead Pearl. 

And she you know who she sees?

Lee hears her wondering....

Jack, when you spot him, looks a little ghostly...

More of Jack, Lee, and the other bjd's.


The Children Gather at The Tree for Halloween...

Lee is spending a fond moment with Skeleton, Raven Bird, and Polka Cat when Chantal shows up at The Fall Tree.


"Where are the other kids, Lee?" Chantal asks.

"You're early!" Lee says to her.


Skeleton gives her a bony hug...


Now, isn't an orange dress with a black cobweb design the perfect Halloween dress?



Little Darlings in The Library for Class Photos

The school kids have been invited to Dolltown Abbey for a fieldtrip to get their school photos done.


So, Lee's usually quiet Library has been busy today, with his business meetings, Cat there hiding from the doll snatchers, the boys looking  for noises and in hidden drawers, Hal and Buddy playing, and then the girls arriving for photos!


It's been a whirlwind of Dolly action!


Xenny will be sorry she missed seeing The Library, but she is on a Halloween mission for costumes and Dolly props...


Halloween is almost here!

This is a 17 page story!

And this time I remembered to add "The End"!

School Photos in The Library


Rain or Gold

The girls are on a trip to the city.

They are amusing themselves while they wait to go out.

The Characters


Says "Let's move on."

Aligns with the outgoing, the useful.

Lula Star

Says, "Look at this!"

Aligns with the adventurous, the kind.

"What is the value of that gold ring?"








Let's go out...

It's a 12 photo loop....



Once I had packed for myself, it was time to turn my attention to the dolls, the ones who were coming with me to the city.


Make sure they've got a change of clothes. Jeans, maybe. And shoes that won't fall off easily.


Lula definitely, and Scout. Good picks for this trip. Ready for some work, some city exploring. Good friends...


The photos started even before we entered the city limits, with my human companion making suggestions...Be sure you get a dolly photo in front of this old house. And with a monkey tree!


All the city adventures had to wait until some work got done, getting my geologist daughter ready for a travel adventure of her own, crossing the Pacific soon to go down under.


Unfortunately, fate stepped in and changed all the plans for getting out and about. And the dolls ended up having to explore just books, maps, stones, clinometers, and binoculars before they were all packed up, instead of the Art Gallery, the park, the Seawall, and Denman Street's possibilities.


City exploring...maybe next time.



Ana's Alphabet Book A to Z

Ana's Alphabet Book A to Z live on Amazon

It's live! ...on Amazon


The process is full of steps but , one by one, I took the steps and uploaded the children's learning book I was working on.

Now, I think it still needs a few tweaks but completing a process was important so I could see what one has to do....


I used a free Amazon program called Kindle Kid's Book Creator, that promises an easy process to publishing. And I used the Comic Life program to create the individual pages. The photo shoot was fun, with some additions and deletions to complete all the pages I wanted. 


Now begins an Amazon book experience I have never been through. And I'll add it to the circle of online interactions and upkeep that keep my thoughts focused on positive and creative endeavors.


And still...allow in the fun and joy that comes from being surrounded by hilarious dolls. The conversations that go on in my head as I think how to set up the next story are lots of fun. Like hearing Lula figure out a way to be in the next book, even though she doesn't belong in it. Creative impatience.


I suppose every thing I hear the dolls say is a part of who I am. So does creative impatience apply to me?

G would say so as he reads the little published book, and sees something that needs changing.

But it does get things done, out, ready for reviewing by others, who will offer more opinions.


So, dear readers, at $3 or $4 a pop, you have a chance to read this little photo story and give YOUR opinion.

Of course I am looking for good ones! Of course! Good reviews!

I want the quiet excitement I feel at having published my first ebook to continue for a while.


But I am also open to constructive criticism that will help make my work better...really! 


Here are 3 pages from the book.... 

I find Gabby to be VERY funny. But here she is doing just what she's told. A good little worker.

It was Xenny that surprised me. She seemed so concerned about her name being pronounced wrong.

Who gave her that name anyway? Oh, me. Especially for my book. Thanks, Xenny! Live with it....

(Say Ksenny like the x in fox, foks. Then she'll be happy.)

Ana's Alphabet Book A to Z

Learn the Sounds of the Alphabet Level One

on Amazon now!


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eBay Rescues...

Interesting concept...rescuing a doll from eBay.

I heard this term, eBay Rescues, from one of the members of a lovely Little Darling site. 


I consider this wild haired dolly my one eBay Rescue.


Now and then, several of the Little Darling artists auction a Little Darling on eBay. Since I wanted to get my stories going here on Hiya Dolly, after I ordered a couple of Little Darlings that would take a year to get to me, I started to look on ebay for LD's posted by the artists. 

 Now, as I tell this, I understand it won't make any sense, except to doll people-doll lovers, collectors, and especially perhaps, Little Darling collectors....


This dolly, a Geri Uribe Tiffany, was up for auction by a seller. I noticed her, but carried on looking for LD artists' postings.  Also, "Tiffany" was not a choice I would have made from the list of cute dollies on Geri Uribe's page at "The Doll Studio".


BUT! as I kept looking, I noticed this Little Darling got no bids by the end of the auction period. Nada.

I, uh, felt, uh, sorry for this dolly who had been passed by, by all the avid LD fans out there. I realized I didn't want her to feel left out, like a child who is passed over when teams are being picked for a game on a playground. So I bought her myself when she was relisted. I didn't want it to happen to her a second time. An eBay rescue....


And I LOVE her.  I called her Lula Star, after Someone I Know, and I love her intrepid, kind, and adventurous spirit. I am so glad she's here with us in Dolltown. I don't know what we would do without her...


But I did learn a valuable eBay lesson. Since this experience I have not bid on a doll just because it isn't chosen the first time around. eBay sellers are patient, and eventually these Little Darlings find a home. They don't all come home to Dolltown (I wish!).


And maybe Lula herself had something to do with it!

What lively Little Darling wouldn't want to be here with all the doll friends and adventures they get up to! 

Perhaps she heard about Dolltown and started sending out "Rescue me!" thoughts on our air waves.

Knowing Lula, she probably would have loved a helicopter rescue, with a couple of our bjd boys shooting energy zaps at all the people who passed her auction by, and scooping her up in the helicopter, while it is still hovering, using ropes and pulleys. And then all arriving here, with the rest of our dollies gathered, cheering her arrival. Medals for the boys. And a band, and hugs all around. And cupcakes and smoothies for all, while everyone listens to her story....


One way, or another, that's an eBay rescue.



Dianna Effner Little Darlings...

It's time to talk about the Little Darlings.

These pretty dolls are sculpted by the oh-so-talented doll designer Dianna Effner. Dianna has sculpted many dolls, in porcelain and cloth, and vinyl. The Little Darlings are a 13" vinyl doll with 5 points of articulation. They have painted eyes and brushed bodies.

Dianna has several artists working with her, or who have trained with her, to paint these dollies for the many doll lovers who have discovered the Little Darlings, and want one. Or more.

The dolls can be ordered, and with each artist the wait time varies from a few months to about two years (for a Little Darling painted by Dianna herself).

Also, one can purchase a Little Darling on eBay, from one of the artists themselves occasionally, or when an owner decides to pass one along. Or decides they need a little cash for life's many demands.

The Little Darlings come in 3 sculpts, for a little variety. But the eye color and face paint, the hair color and style, and the wonderful clothing made for the Little Darlings provide a lot of variety.

Dolltown is lucky enough to be home to several Little Darlings. They form the core of all the action here. Whether they are in a story (the focus or bit players) or not, our choices for what happens next here revolves in some way around the LD's. 

There are stories here featuring the Little Darlings, on The Children page. The stories may move around, now that the LD's  have their own page...


Also, I have my  Little Darlings in a Flickr Album, and on a Pinterest Board. As well as scattered throughout the site here, and in my own Photo Gallery...


My Chantal, by Dianna herself...


Prototype Ana arrives...

UFDC 2014 Ana cloned from this original...

Last year Dianna Effner created a Little Darling doll to honor the First Nations. The theme was "Shared Passions". The factory paint doll is still available on the UFDC (United Federation of Doll Clubs) website.

This dolly was shipped back and forth from China until the company, who made a number of the dolls in a limited edition,  had all the details right, to Dianna's satisfaction.

Ana is a lovely doll and this original is a beauty. She looks a lot like "Zoe" from Dianna's page on her site "The Doll Studio".

The last photo is of both this Ana and her clone...


Wishes for bows...

In Dolltown, the little children have opportunities that real little humans can only imagine. Like having a Barbie around, with wings, and wish fulfillment talents....

Just ask!

8 photo loop...just click the pic or arrows...


Pachom Fashion Shoot...

I love these clothes!

Pachom Suesuwan is a doll clothes designer and dressmaker. I have included here several of her fashions, and also several dolls of different sizes and shapes in the same clothes, showing their versatility.  Good stuff!

Just click on the middle arrow to autoplay the 32 slides.

Or click on the right arrow to go at your own pace. Thanks!

I ordered a few basics from Pachom on eBay. She had a variety of styles and sizes, for tiny dolls and tall dolls, skinny dolls and wide.

And great prices!

My favorite dress is this yellow flowered white one, because not only does it fit about 5 different dolls, it fits my 17" busty bjd!

That's like a miracle...

So of course, I want more!!

Where's Pachom?

I found Pachom on her eBay shop-Pachom10.

She also has an Etsy store, Pachom....

I'll go back again when I have saved my pennies. 

(That's just an expression now. We don't have pennies any more in Canada. Even penny candies are a nickel these days.)

I would do a verbal commentary as these slides go by, but I don't know how!

There are 32 slide photos, this group shot at the beginning, and the white and pink nightie at the end. Just so you know where to start and finish. (It's a loop.)


I have included 9 pieces of clothing from Pachom (well, 2 pants sets) and most of them on different dolls to show their versatility. My modern dolls and my hard-to-find-clothes-for vintage dolls. Very cute! 


One to go, a tiny green dress for those really skinny dolls.

 I'm off to find one to take some photos!

I did it! 2 photos of the little green dress on 2 different dollies. AND a photo of my vintage Cindy in that pretty flowered dress...

Click here for more photos of Pachom's fashions, on my dollys...(yup I know...spelling. Thanks)


My dress has pretty flowers...

Gabby is learning to dress herself. Her doll friends are proud of her. And sometimes offer guidance...

(Click the right arrow on the photo for the next panel. 6 Panel story.)

Characters in order of appearance...

Gabby, a Little Tonner Patsy. We keep an eye on her. She has a curious mind, and few boundaries...

Xenny, a handpainted Little Darling by Helen Skinner. Sweet...

It's a loop right now! Imagine "The End" at the end of the 6th panel. Thanks!

6 Panel Story...then it loops!


Dolls are like pets, sort of...

Except you don't have to feed them, or put out water all the time for them, or clean up after them with cute little bags you buy at the pet store....


Dolls are a lot quieter. And they stay where you put them.


But on the similar side...

You feel good when you look at them. 

They rely on you to look after them.

Sometimes they need to be fixed.

They look cute in clothes that they don't actually need.

And they have personality...each one is different.


Pets seem to communicate telepathically too, like dolls do. (See my last post.) People are always talking about what their pets are saying to them. Humans have conversations with their pets all the time.


If you are around when a pet owner is having one of these "discussions", there can be some ambiguity, in your mind. You yourself might have thought that pet was saying something else. Conversations and expressions in pets are open to more interpretation than human language and facial expression. I've noticed that on Facebook.

 This is my interpretation of what my daughter's cat is saying to her. To Tas, her beloved kitty is saying something like...Oh mommy, don't you want to spend some quality time with me before you get down to your boring work? Look, I'm so cute and cuddly. 

For humans there are actually books for our babies about common facial expressions, and what they mean. Lots of common expressions-happy, mad,  sad, surprised-in the human world.  


But with pets, and out.

Think of making a book with pet or doll expressions.

The debates would start!

I think you gotta know them...


My friend thinks my doll Ana is sad. No way! That's not a sad look. She's peaceful! Sheesh!


How am I ever going to do stories with dolls with wild interpretations like that!

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Ode to Tomi Jane, doll dressmaker extraordinaire

My Ode to Tomi Jane...
...who designs and sews clothes for dolls, and especially Dianna Effner Little Darlings.

Tomi Jane's dresses are on my Wish List.
Looking on Flickr, I can see photo after photo of Tomi Jane's exquisite clothes for our Little Darlings.

When I need a break, I have fun deciding which dress I would choose for Chantal, Ana Stevie, Pearl.... It's a game I would play with my sister when we were young, "Which would you choose...". Perhaps we had the Sears catalogue open on our laps, or we would think up another name for an imaginary horse for our imaginary ranch...

I imagine... that Tomi Jane herself looks at my dolls - and chooses, because I love the perfection of TJ's choices for her own dolly models, and the perfection of each doll/dress/photo.
I tend to be a little more casual, but I always admire the attention to details...

Now...Tomi Jane does not list her dresses on eBay or Etsy at the moment, from what I understand.
But many do, and the other names of sewers, smockers, knitters, bonnet makers, who do provide beautiful clothes for LD's to choose from, and are now also on my Wish List, are beginning to get check marks as I find a pretty dress or outfits, shoes or wigs to clothe my beauties.
So, so far, thanks to Dotti G, Erin Green, Helen Skinner, Janice Mundy, Kathy Groulx! And others from eBay who go by code names, still to be deciphered! lol My gratitude! 

And I want to ask Claudia if she sells her little dolly bonnets.

It's a slow process: life demands that light bills are paid and food is put on the table.
However the Wish List waits....and if I switch up a tenderloin for a little mac and cheese...
...Hello, Tomi Jane?

No answer yet...back to her Flickr page for a little more wishing...


Dolls are going on my 72 hour survival pack list. Seriously.


Speaking of car rides...I carry a 72 hour bag in the car, which sounds super organized, but it is probably missing a few things a few things, things I would be sorry weren't there. If we were in a pinch...


Lately I have caught myself thinking that there ought to be a doll in that bag. But which one? Who gets to live in the 72 hour bag?

It's a dilemma because I don't have any volunteers.

Okay, I haven't actually asked.

(Excuse me?)


I can't, off the top of my head, think of one of my dolls that I would want to stick in that tight spot. Maybe Hugh, because he seems a little grumpy and snobby, which I couldn't tell from his picture when I ordered him. (Seems so hard for them to make a great Ken doll!)


But would I pack his girlfriend too? Then I am two down. Should I just put all my Barbies in there? There aren't many and they don't get a lot of photo action anyway.

Whoops, no, I got a fast answer on that one. Not Moana, my vintage, so not her buddies Liz or Butler. Imagine Liz Taylor in a stuffy bag! Not likely.

My reasoning for having a doll in my 72 hour bag is because I think my dolls are good, good for me, like medicine. 

But also because I seriously love my dolls (seriously?) and I would not want to lose them all in a disaster. So, water, food, medicine, bandaids, dolls...Try putting that list on a survival site. Ouch. I can see the comments now....


Kids would understand, but only a small number of grown ups would get it. 

That's it! I'll say it's for the children! Genius. (What children? ....Well, any children!)


Okay, I can see that if I just put a little time and attention on this matter I might come up with something. But I am not going to "ask" because what will I do if Lula volunteers to go in the bag, because she thinks it would be an adventure, or Scout, who likes to be useful, or Hal, who is just so nice he would sacrifice himself...

And I can't bear the thought of not having them around every day.

As...dolls, of course.




Is it just me, or do your dolls ask to go along on car rides?

Just as I am leaving to embark on a road trip, or even pop down to the post office, if I pass a dolly by, I get the request...


I keep a couple of doll travel bags handy,  pretty pink silk and sturdy black corduroy, but my dolls are not picky. A cloth grocery bag will do. Actually, I do have one doll who prefers the pink drawstring....

(Get a grip on yourself! Seriously? ...I'd rather not answer. I don't like your tone.)


When I admitted to a friend, a close friend, that a doll usually goes with me everywhere, she said I needed a doll car seat. I looked at her closely to see if she was mocking me.

(She is not a convert yet, only asking me to get a particularly cute doll for her granddaughter. But since she added it was so they could have fun spending time playing together, I am hopeful.) 


I asked her if the car seat idea was to keep the doll safe? What's the matter with being tucked into my tote? That's pretty safe. But she replied that it was so the dolls could see better on their ride!  How nice!

(She's mocking you.)


If only I had the courage. 

But if I keep reading those Facebook posts long enough, the ones that say go ahead and be your crazy self and never mind the haters, maybe I'll start looking for a little car seat. A really high one.


My dollies would love it!

At least, that's what I think they'd feel.

If they could, I mean.