Ana and Tink on a Trip to Salt Spring Island

How lucky are these two dollies!

They were invited on a trip to Salt Spring Island, off the coast of beautiful BC. Aunt Jacalyn was on a jaunt and decided she could handle a troop of dollies. Well, four. Barbie and Matt got to go too. But that's another story!

It was very exciting for Ana and Tink. They saw sights like the Pacific Ocean for the first time....

And they met lots of Auntie Jackie's relatives who treated them to cakes, sodas, and hot dogs.

No wonder they look so happy in Aunty's photos! 

And the capper was a plane ride at the Abbotsford Airport.  The girls loved it so much they begged Auntie for an airplane to bring home to Dolltown!  What!! 

Aunt Jacalyn used her negotiating skills and got a plane for a song when she convinced the owner they didn't need the pilot. The dolls figured out how to fly it themselves.

Turn this knob, pull this lever...

You can imagine that was a big hit when they returned to Dolltown! Dolltown has its own plane now.

 Now THAT is a successful doll trip!


Ana and Tink fly their own plane!

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    Jano (Tuesday, 10 November 2015 20:27)

    Thank you, Sharon! It felt great when my good friend said she would take a dolly along on her trip-and take photos. So fun! And one dolly needs a friend, right? And a few days in she texted me photos of some great props she found at a good thrift store! We went for the plane, a rocking horse, and a really cute school desk. So the dollies returned with fun for everyone...

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    Sharon in Spain (Tuesday, 10 November 2015 14:37)

    Another great post, it's super that the girls got the chance to go on such an adventurous trip!
    And how brilliant to come home on their own mode of transport, a aeroplane no less! Lucky lucky girls!