Dolltown November 2018

Little Darlings at School, Part Two!

School in the Magic Library!

How lucky are the Dolltown children!

Read how the day started, with Sky and her helpers setting up the room.

And the Little Darlings arriving for their learning in two's and three's...


Now, let's see where we left off. With Xennia and Tink ready to go for recess!

And who arrives?

Rosa and Birdy! 

They ask their friends what they have been learning about.

"6's and 7's", Tink replies!

"I want to learn about herbs and flowers, and where to find them." Rosa tells them.

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Little Darlings at School 2018!

The Dolltown Little Darlings and friends, made it to school! Okay, it's almost December, but better late than never. The girls are reading, counting, studying the maps. And chatting about the world itself...


Sky is there to greet them, with Trusty Bell.

And first to arrive is Indira.

What a lovely girl she is, so thoughtful and caring.

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The Boys Are Following the Girls to School! Yay!

Off to school, boys!


The boys figure, if the girls are finally going to school, they will too. Why not?


Nothing wrong with learning fractions and geography, right? Always useful to divvy up piles of candy, and pour over maps at their clubhouse!


And they can hang out with the Little Darlings, where the action is! 


Badger, Chris, and Douglas watch the girls make their way up the Forest Path, to the Magic Library...

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The Little Darlings Are Finally on Their Way to School!

We did it! Look at Lula, Evie, and Scout!

All the Little Darlings are dressed for school days. And they are on the Forest Path, making their way to the schoolroom!


We gathered school clothes and laid them out for all to choose. Plaids, pleats, button shirts, corduroy, cardigans...I felt positively nostalgic! Not a pair of jeans in sight!


But my cooing over the classic outfits encouraged some of the girls to reach way back in time for school clothes. One might say western settler school wear...


Scroll down and you'll see what I mean. Xennia, you look adorable, but a nice flare skirt and t-shirt would have been fine!

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Little Darling Witches!

The Dolltown Little Darlings loved getting dressed up for Halloween!

But only two could wear witch hats...because that's all we have!

We have twice as many as other years because we chose one new Halloween outfit this year. 

Indira here is wearing that outfit, made by Bev Beese,

who lives only a couple of hundred kilometres from us here in Dolltown.

Thanks Bev! So cute!

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