Little Darling Witches!

The Dolltown Little Darlings loved getting dressed up for Halloween!

But only two could wear witch hats...because that's all we have!

We have twice as many as other years because we chose one new Halloween outfit this year. 

Indira here is wearing that outfit, made by Bev Beese,

who lives only a couple of hundred kilometres from us here in Dolltown.

Thanks Bev! So cute!

And silver haired Em is wearing our other witch outfit that came on a pretty little Paola Reina Amigas. Two little witches!

Skeleton loves witches!

So, before the Halloween dress ups were put away for the year, all the rest of our girls pulled on Bev's new hat, a very well made fine-wale corduroy witch hat.

Oh yes girls, you all look fine!

(Not scary though, too cute!)

Evie Stevie Sinclair adopted her two extra names.

Stevie for a likable character on TV (likable to some),

and Sinclair for the famous Canadian soccer player, Christine Sinclair...


Pretty Chantal, never scary.

Always heard humming or singing, right now it's "Season of the Witch".

Now that's an old 60's song some of you will remember.

You've been digging through our old song books, eh Chantal?

Scout can be a little scary...

Everybody snaps to when Scout asks for something, even me!

How does that even work?!

Oh, you want to send the extra Halloween treats to needy children, Scout? Okay, we'll get right on it.

Lula Star doesn't believe in witches, but still loves to dress up!

Lula is too scientific to believe in witches.

She does make exceptions for witch characters passing through Dolltown, thank goodness.

But I think she's just being polite.

Anna Zoey here researched witches on Google, along with study buddy Pearl.

And she has been sharing some stories.

She tells us, "There are witches in all cultures. They are just called different names." Who knew!

Bright Pearl! Half dressed for school. She can't wait!

And Uley! What are you doing here, Uley? A boy witch!

(He likes to be where the action is!)

Brown eyed Maggie says she believes Tasya's cat is a witch. A bad witch.

Maggie had to be put on a top shelf while living in London in a flat with witch cat Lhasa.

(Maggie says, "I would meow at Lhasa, when Tasya went to work. Lhasa would screech like a witch, but couldn't reach me.")

Jiyoon looks good in black with her glossy bob.

She really knows how to put an outfit together. 

Living in the boonies of BC doesn't hold her back!

"You can be creative wherever you are!", she says.

Fig thinks we should start a TV show (well, she says a You Tube show. Kids these days!) about kids with special powers, like witches have.... What would your special power be, Fig? 

Besides being a change up artist...

(Your periwinkle eyes always give you away, Fig.)

It's possible that Rosa is a witch, we hope a good witch.

Funny things happen when she is around. And she makes potions...

Dear Birdy...she could persuade bad little witches to be good. 

(Maybe that's why Birdy is bff's with little possible-witch Rosa!)


With the witch hat on, Xennia ran around shouting "Boo" at all the dolls.

Then the babies showed up, and she changed her tune...

"Don't scare the babies!" she whispered.

Tink loves dressing up!

But she also loves to share...

So, Tink called Violet Raven over, who had been watching the Little Darlings from the sidelines.

We might just leave the action here. Violet said she'd like to keep the hat for a while. (Why?)


And with that, our Halloween fun was over!

Come on girls! School time!

I have been calling that cheerfully since September. 

Will my call work this time? Stay tuned....

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