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Little Darlings · 31. October 2019
Two Little Darlings got to sleep over in the big house. They are so cute in their Halloween garb! Witch hats and spider web dresses!

Little Darlings · 30. October 2019
Halloween Party! The Little Darlings are all dressed up for their school party. Candy and witch hats!

Little Darlings · 30. October 2019
The Little Darlings decorate their schoolroom for Halloween. What is more fun than a school party! The girls are so excited!

Little Darlings · 09. November 2018
Before the Halloween clothes were put away, all the Dolltown Little Darlings got to see themselves as a little witch!

Little Darlings · 31. October 2018
Halloween 2018 in Dolltown. The little witches are hanging out on the Dark Path. Pumpkins, fall leaves, skeletons...

bjd · 26. October 2018
The girls think they have seen the black raven again. Well, we followed a raven-like shadow to the Dark Tree, and sure enough, just as we thought...Raven!

12. November 2016
So, this is where the boys have been! We haven't seen them outside of school time for ages. Well, boys, nice clubhouse! Chris is here, and young Uley. And Dixon has a big yellow bag, full of treats.. Badger and Owen show up and the boys' Halloween starts. This's where half our treats and the Halloween cookies went! The girls are about to make an appearance.... Ready?

12. November 2016
Okay, we are straggling here. There is a follow up Halloween story. All the Dolltowners were surprised when the boys didn't show up at the Iple's Halloween party. But it wasn't long before the girls discovered where they had gone.... The Little Darlings were on an outing in the forest, looking for art ideas for school projects.

31. October 2016
These characters want to come to the Moon Arch Party! Clown is wondering why he is one of the scary ones this Halloween!

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