Little Darlings and presents...

Look! I found our electric guitar!

It's been lost for months.

Our laundry room flooded during a recent cold snap, and everything had to be lifted from the floor.


And there, tucked safely in a corner was our tiny guitar...


Lula was very upset to find it gone when she returned from her trip. She wanted to show what she had learned while in Australia....


And although the guitar technically belonged to all the girls, it was just Lula who made a fuss about its disappearance.


So, when I found it, I thought it would be nice to give it to Lula, as a Christmas present...


I thought she would be happy, or at least amused...


But instead she looked at me, with that look of hers, and walked off. In a huff?


Come on, Lula! You are acting as if it was my fault it was lost for months. Lots of things get lost in Dolltown.

I can't take all the responsibility! Right?


And you have the guitar! Officially yours, now!

(I know she'll share anyway. She is good at heart. The other girls love her. We all do!)

But who am I talking to? She's gone now anyways.



Okay, who's next for a pressie? I want some smiles! Hey, Rosa! Birdy!

Oh yes! Rosa loves her tiny bear, and Birdy loves her...bird.

A bear on a string and a bird in a cage!

No complaints here! These girls love gifts!


Now, next is a special gift that showed up in Dolltown before Christmas. It belonged to an old Grandma.

And I thought Chantal and Faith were the girls for this.

Girls with patience and an appreciation for the old days.

Stay tuned...


It's the Iple girls, and Miley, Arlen and Asa!

Just before the Little Darlings all disappear to play, color, and watch movies, Birdy spends a minute with Aira....


And then the Iple girls gather for a few photos, and gifts.


And Miley, Dolltown News reporter and Ballet Doll with her.


And then Tonner American Model Glamour Too (really? I have to type that every time?), our Arlen.


And Asa herself. Our Iple giant...24" of beauty and quiet.


Asa has discovered my jewels, my gems...and wears a coral garnet for Christmas adornment.


(Hey Tink. This is how it's done! No wait. Never mind. One doll wearing my gems is enough to keep track of!)

Asa has a gift! She's gone to try it on...


Xennia Finds the Paris Gifts...uh oh...Girls!

Little Xennia!

This is what she saw when she got up from her nap...


Xennia missed the parcel opening from Aunty April! She had been put to bed after the decorating,  but was still fast asleep when the others gathered for the gifts.


(It's not a good idea to wake Xennia too soon! She gets muddled and grumpy.)


And there in the Community Center she saw the gifts from Paris.


There were the chocolates and the picnic basket of French food...and she was hungry!

And what was on top? Baby bunnies!


Xennia likes babies, of any kind!

It's Tink! Just in time perhaps! She tracked Xennia here.

Xennia says, "Do you want to share?"

"Oh thank you!, Tink says. Oh well...

Evie and Scout arrive. They  have heard that there are treats in the CC, from April.

But they didn't expect such food chaos!

They send Xennia and Tink to separate corners to tidy the lovely chocolates they've spilt!

"What would Aunty April say?", Scout asked Xennia and Tink.

Tink said, "Enjoy all the treats, you cute little things! That's what she'd say!"

Xennia chimed in, "Yes! She'd say, Eat until your little tummies are full!"

"She would not!", Scout said to them crossly. "Now, clean up!"

And then Evie and Scout did a lovely job of helping their friends clean up.

And after giving the Sparkly Nutcracker a bowl full of broken candy, Xennia and Tink left, with the bunnies.

Say thank you to Evie and Scout , girls!

Are your tummies full?

And Evie and Scout sat down to explore the food from France, doing their bests to read the labels.

They have only taken a little French...just enough to say bonjour and au revoir to Chantal and their teacher.

And to tease the boys, making them think they know more than they do..."J'aime ton nez rouge."

Uh oh. Okay, I've got to go...

Scout has been known to raid our kitchen to take food to the foodbank.

I have to be sure she knows this is special food, all the way from France.

And it's just for dollies, for the Dolltown dollies...

What? Oh dear, I think I just heard Sparkly Nutcracker say, "I am a dolly, right? I like peas, and cheese."

"...les petit pois et le camembert..." 

Should I stay or should I go...


A Dolltown Interlude...Miracles Happen in Interludes!

So very tidy after the excitement and unboxing of the Paris gifts.

The girls have decorated even Sparkly Nutcracker, we see.

Where are the girls? And where is the 3D Eiffel Tower to color? For now, it's quiet...

Here are some photos up close, of a few things in our Christmas scene.

And who's watching, from a perch to the side?

Sky, and a little blond a grandmother and her grandbaby watching a Christmas Play together.

It's quiet, but not for long! We can hear Xennia calling out for the girls, "Where are you?"

Here she comes!

Stay tuned!


What's This? A Christmas Package from Auntie April!

April, talented Fashion Doll Stylist, sent us a package for Christmas.

She let me know that it was coming, that she had returned from Paris with a few things for the Little Darlings. She has become fond of them, as we are of her beautiful, and beautifully dressed, divas!


It seems far fetched, but a few of the Little Darlings snuck out of Dolltown last June, with some chaperones, of course, and headed for Paris, where April has an apartment.... But that's another story!


I didn't breathe a word to the girls about the package.


But here it is, and it wasn't long before several of the girls heard about it. 

And Priscilla too! She was with the Paris girls...


A parcel! With gifts from April! And from Paris!

We are so excited... Let's open it!

It's Christmas!

The girls are beside themselves! A box packed full...

There's postcards, of the Mona Lisa, and Paris itself.

And treats! For dolls and humans!

(Can we say friandises? We must learn more French!)

And two Eiffel Towers! 

A little one that Birdy gave to Priscilla to keep safe for them. (And to make her happy!)

And one that is a real 3D Eiffel Tower for the girls to color and assemble! Imagine!

So Dolltown can have its own French Quarter!

And there are tiny bunnies-stuffies for the girls!

And the loveliest note from April herself. With drawings!

Because that is just one of the things that April does as a part of being a world famous designer of doll couture.

Just saying that makes us all feel very lucky here, to have April and all her beautiful girls as Dolltown friends.

April! The Little Darlings and Priscilla say Merci Beaucoup!

The girls stopped long enough for a photo and a wave. Then ran off to tell the others. 

There's enough to share.

Because it's Christmas, and we are feeling blessed.

Can you pass the caramels, girls, before you go?

(Say caramels!)

And bring me some pencil crayons? Thank you, darlings...

And thank you, dear April. Merci!



Little Darlings! An Envelope Surprise!

Well, that got the girls up in a hurry!

We have packages arriving!

First is an envelope from Montreal...who can it be from?

Pachom! Our beloved dressmaker, momma of baby twins!


And the envelope is fat and soft, which can only mean...


Pachom has sent us surprises before...that's how our boys got pants! 


Rosa, our Christmas Darling, is delivering the envelope to the Community Center, and I have called Zoey and Pearl... The three are allowed to open the envelope and see what it is!

A small reward for their parts in the Christmas Tree Decorating story.


Zoey is wearing one of Pachom's perfect little dresses, from last Christmas!


Let's see what it is, girls!

Thank you, dear Pachom! From all of us in Dolltown!

That scarf set is going to fit quite a few of our dollies, so Pearl and Zoey are off to make a list.

Who gets to wear it first, (and why), who's next, for how long. And where to put it back for the next dolly.

Those girls are so organized!


There is also a big box, just arrived...another surprise for the Little Darlings!

 We've been tracking it for days.

We know who it is from!

And the Darlings are going to be thrilled. Tres heureux!

Now, when shall we tell them? We can't wait ourselves!

Stay tuned!


Vikka! A Lace Peplum and a Red Star!

Vikka, our set changer, prop mover, and general run-around-and-help girl showed up to help tidy up our Community Center after the Little Darling tree decorating event!


We left Rosa sitting on the floor, so tired she couldn't even put up one more ornament on the tree after the other girls had gone.


Vikka came to send her home for a nap, where the other girls were already snuggled!


Thanks Vikka...

Vikka, is that a...uh...peplum of lace around your waist? How sweet!

(Vikka is a usually a clothes minimalist, a black and white only girl, so we love to get her in adorable things, just for fun! Maybe she likes it, from the look of that peplum with her red ribbon...)


Relax now, Rosa! You've earned a rest!

Lovely, Vikka! A red star for our little tree angel!


Now all seems quiet, but we hear packages are arriving!

How exciting!


It's Birdy and Coco! And Chantal and Faith!

Rosa, Christmas Darling

MC's Pearl and Zoey

Birdy and Coco

Chantal and Faith

Zoey and Pearl are proud of Tink and Xennia.

They picked one ornament and put it up on the tree!

No shenanigans!


Is it Jiyoon's calming influence, do you think? 


Now, there are still ornaments, and more girls to put them up!


Who's next? Birdy! With Coco!

I bet Birdy chooses the sparkly bird ornament.

But what will little Coco choose?


And then it's Chantal and Faith...


You know, Pearl and Zoey will have almost the last choices.

Whatever is left Rosa will do!

Rosa is doing very well as Christmas Darling!


The End!

Well, all the Little Darlings are done at any rate.

You never know who might show up next!

But lots of our favorite ornaments are on the tree now...


Well done, Rosa!

From start to finish, everything went wonderfully!

Now, Vikka is on her way, so just rest until she gets here, dear!


Poor little Rosa...I think she's in a daze from all that excitement!



More Tree Decorating! It's Tink and friends!

It's Tink, Xennia, and Jiyoon!


The last trio of workers, Scout, Lula, and Evie left to sit on the sidelines and watch the rest of the story. They wouldn't miss Tink and Xennia, and little miss Jiyoon!


Rosa was admiring the tree. She noticed the yellow flowers leftover from the summer, and does a little Christmas magic, adding a red sparkle bow to camouflage the flowers. Nice idea, Rosa!


Pearl and Zoey come to check on the tree so far...nice!

But it needs...more!

So they are happy when Jiyoon is next. and brings her bright and cheery friends, Tink and Xennia.

Well, Xennia is cheery when things are going her way, or when she is not watching a sad movie, or listening to a baby cry.


Will decorating the tree keep her happy?

Tink helps her find an ornament that she knows Xennia will like.

Jiyoon has no trouble finding the one she likes!


Here we go! 



Well, that's it for this little group! An affectionate bunch!

A butterfly,  a stocking full of gifts, and a teddy bear are now dangling from the Christmas Tree!

Thanks Jiyoon, Tink and Xennia!

Now get yourself some snacks while more decorations are added by our next Little Darlings! 

Who's next? Stay tuned!



Little Darlings Decorate the Community Center Tree!

It's time to decorate the Community Center Christmas Tree, again!


The Little Darlings were promised, they have prepared and are all ribboned up, and now their story begins...


The bucket of tree decorations are ready. The garlands are piled high.

Rosa is waving her magic Christmas wand to clear the tree, ready for our festive adornments.


The Little Darlings get to choose their favorite to put on the little tree! 


Let's get started!



Thank you, Rosa! Well done! Your first act of Christmas magic!

Now here are our Christmas Tree Decorating Guides, Pearl and Zoey.

They will make sure the tree is decorated in an orderly fashion!

And that everyone has a turn...

What is in the big Christmas gift bag I wonder?

And with that introduction from Pearl and Zoey, the first girls arrive.

It's Scout, Evie, and Lula Star!

Oh good, because they are hardworking, get-it-done girls!

And the tree needs garlands and a tree angel before the ornaments go up.

And will they notice the big gift bag? Of course!


And with the last two decorations that Lula put on the tree, this trio was off, to clear the way for the next.

Lovely job, girls! Rosa is admiring all the decorating you did!


Now, who's next? 

Oh yes! A bright little group!

Stay tuned!


Before we go, just a note here, because this part of the story brings tears to my eyes...

I have three wonderful kids, Tasya in London (where Maggie is living now), Sol on the Island, and Lani in Melbourne.

As children, they would help me decorate. And when they moved away, they would bring me, or send me, Christmas ornaments they knew I would like...

Last year, Lula spent Christmas with my youngest in Melbourne.

So, in the story, Lula leaves the CC to find the funny long decorations that she knows came from Lani, years ago.

So just posting these photos with the Little Darlings is a memorable experience of past Christmases and my love for my family... 

And I feel thankful for my blessings. I hope you all have a blessed season also.

Now, on with the story...


Vikka Chooses Ribbons and Lace...

Vikka has scooted all the girls to the Community Center, now they are dressed up and ready.


She is drawn to the lace and ribbons, and takes a few minutes to choose a little red to accessorize her favorite black and whites...


Better hurry, Vikka!

You know you are always needed for the set changes, and lining up the girls!


It's so peaceful, no wonder she lingers...,,

And with that, the Dolltown Library was empty.

The bowl of lace was all tidied up, thanks to dear Vikka.

And what you didn't see was Vikka quickly taking a little piece of the pretty lace.

It was trailing behind her like a breath of snow as she flew off to the CC.

Vikka and lace? We'll see...


The Little Darlings Decorate Themselves First

Let's add some fun!


The Little Darlings arrived at the Dolltown Library two by two, and three by three to festive-up.

Jiyoon was waiting there with ribbons and...a bowl of lace from Aunty Maryann!

Jiyoon herself chose the red lace and fashioned it around her waist like a little peplum.  Then she added a Christmas candy waist band to finish off her outfit.


Jiyoon didn't feel she needed to add anything more, not even a hair ribbon.


And Birdy, and Chantal thought just a hair ribbon will do.


Scout, Lula, and Evie coordinated their ribbons! Good friends!


But some of the girls (Tink and Xennia) thought...more is better! Bring on the lace! The hair bands! The waist bands The ribbons! 


First, Scout helps Rosa find a Christmas wand, for her Christmas magic...

A red ribbon for Birdy, a green ribbon for Chantal, and Faith thought her dress was fancy enough!

And with that, all the Little Darlings, were ready for their next event...Christmas Tree decorating!

At the Community Center!


Get the Community Center Ready! Redecorate!

Rosa has been chosen to be our Christmas Little Darling this year... How could she not? With red cheeks and green eyes, she is the color of Christmas! And she has a December birthday!


Rosa is very excited and a little nervous. This is her first Christmas in Dolltown and the spotlight is on her!


Rosa will wield the magic in our Decorate the Tree story coming up.


Lula comes to calm her and tell her that being the star of a story is fun!


Zoey and Pearl are going to be the emcees, so are here to check the acoustics.


And Birdy and Coco come to check the set...

Not quite ready!

The set looks pretty good. But every time we look something is different as we decide how to set up!

But it's time for Coco to change and get ready for the story.

Birdy helps her....

And Vikka arrives to tell the girls to get going over to the Dolltown Library.

It's time to decorate themselves! They have to take the ribbons and hair ties!

We hear there is a bowl of lace!

Stay tuned for the Little Darlings...getting festive for the Christmas stories!


The Little Girls...Presents! A Silent Photo Story...

Look at these excited girls!


They are gathering for a special Christmas present opening...with something for all the little girls!


Oiya and Lilac Moon were here early.


Then they are joined by Gabby and Vera.

And this sparkly bag shows up....


They wait patiently for Shasta to arrive, and out come the Christmas gifties and decorations!


Guard One brings little Phoebe, Kish, and Fancy Nancy...


And Silent Sam comes to take over for Guard One, who has to get back to his security duties.

Babysitting is not really a part of Guard One's job duties,

but he does find himself in charge of the children sometimes, as he watches over Dolltown.

Now Sam is Caregiver extraordinaire, ever since he arrived in Dolltown, and is often looking after the little ones.

He spends lots of time at Dolltown Daycare where all the children come and go.

And he is very happy to be a part of the Christmas festivities again this year!


The Little Girls and the Big Girls...

Look at you girls all dressed up for Christmas!


The McCall girls are excited for Christmas! A Barbara, a Betsy, and a little Linda. Our Pamela, Nellie, and Vera.


And a Heartstrings Eva, a Madame Alexander Fancy Nancy,  a Helen Kish, a Heidi Plusczok, and a Berdine Creedy. Such a great way to explore different doll designers!


We are going to post lots of photos because the girls all look so lovely and we haven't seen them for a while...




Here's the Heartstrings, our Phoebe, and a little Madame Alexander Fancy Nancy, and a ballet Helen Kish, our Kish.

Now a Linette Heidi Plusczok, our Oiya. Love her face!

And with her is Berdine Creedy's Lolly-Pop, our Lilac Moon. 

Sweeties, both of them!

These two little girls, Oiya and Lilac Moon, are showing up in the next post.

With their friends Vera and Gabby...Gabby!

Stay tuned my friends.

Christmas cuteness...



The Little Darlings Wait at the Dolltown Library...

While the Dolltowners are enjoying some Christmas time together in the Community Centre, the Little Darlings are arriving at the Dolltown Library.


Jiyoon is already here. She is bringing out Christmas decorations, and Little Darling ribbons and bows.


The little girls are getting ready to decorate the Community Centre as soon as some more of the children are done. They are using the Dolltown Library until it's ready.


Shhh. Quiet, girls!



Zoey and Pearl are already ribboned up, since they are the first to go to the Community Center when it is time.

They know they are going to lead the decorating at the CC.

So they noticed that the Dolltown Library could use more decorations.

And they got busy, with Jiyoon...

Done, girls?

Better head over to see when the Community Center will be free!

Jiyoon, you won't be alone for long!

I can hear some of the other Little Darlings arriving for some personal festooning!

Ribbons ready? Sparkles here?


Dolltowners by the Dozen...

The Dolltowners are arriving in droves for some Christmas fun! 


The boys have gone back to their clubhouse but the word is out and look who's here!


Disney Toddler Princesses in their Etsy outfits, Kim lasher's Miley keeping an on things, and a variety of Christmas characters...


Who else? Scroll to see!